Saturday, February 12, 2011

A First Kiss by Clare Austin

A first kiss.

Hot Flash by Clare Austin

The hero in my novel Hot Flash is Bran Sullivan. He’s Irish, wears his emotions shamelessly and is demonstrably affectionate to family and friends. He’s often inclined to give a hug and kiss on the cheek. He’s a man who loves being in love.

Kate, whom Bran insists on calling Katie, is facing her fiftieth birthday, suffering hormonal hot flashes and has recently been ingloriously dumped by her philandering husband. To discourage her mother from “fixing her up” with a distant cousin, Kate lies and claims she is engaged to Bran Sullivan, her riding instructor.

But when she is caught in her deception and must confess to Bran to get his cooperation, he takes the opportunity to “seal it with a kiss.”

Excerpt from Hot Flash by Clare Austin, The Wild Rose Press

“Katie, if it will make you happy, I’d be honored, but I think we need to seal the deal.” He pulled her to him, encircled her slender waist with one arm and slipped his other hand into her hair at the back of her neck, coaxing her to look up at him. “You asked me to do this last night…I told you I wanted you sober. Are you sober, Katie?”

“As a judge.” But she couldn’t breathe, her heart failed to pump enough blood to her brain and a sensation of heat that started at the place where his hand touched her back spread to her neck, trickled down her spine, across her belly and landed, softly, low in the cradle of her pelvis. She was certain that the source of this heat had nothing to do with waning hormones.

“Do something for me, Katie.” His breath came in soft gasps against her ear. “Believe, even if it’s only for now, when I tell you that you are the most beautiful woman who walks the earth.” He brushed her lips with his. “Believe me,” he whispered and kissed her again, his mouth soft, warm, moist and wanting.

And for that moment Kate did believe, while he tasted her, teased her with his tongue and lips. Kate Aiello, for the first time in half a century, made the conscious decision to believe that she was, for this unequivocal moment, the most beautiful woman on the planet.

Hot Flash is available in paperback and electronic formats from major book sellers and from The Wild Rose Press. Please go to my website for more excerpts and information about my other novels.  or my blog  


Amy S. said...

Great excerpt

elizabeth noble said...

Fantastic. I love the cover art.


Caffey said...

Nice meeting you Clare! I don't think I ever heard the name of Bran used in a book in so long, so it was neat to read that name! And he does a beautiful kiss!

Jean P said...

I have read this book, and really enjoyed it.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Elie said...

Gotta love an Irishman. thanks for sharing.

Cindy L said...

Wow...Katie is one lucky lady!


Kasey said...

This sounds like a good read. I'll be sure to check it out.

mysticmother said...

He knows all the right things to say, doesn't he? Very romantic.

Clare Austin said...

Hi everyone. I am late responding as I had a horse emergency to deal with yesterday. How much does it take to choke a horse? Old I have the answer...Not much! She's okay now, but it was a frightening experience.
So, Thank you all so much for your comments. Hot Flash was a blast to write. It is my only published novel where I get to use my equestrian experiences as background.
I hope you will pick up a copy of Hot Flash and learn more about Kate and Bran. They have quite an adventure together.

Chicks of Characterization said...

Wow, this sounds like a great read! Loved the excerpt! Who can resist and irishman?? I can't!!!

And boy can I relate to the HOT FLASHES- sigh*

Thanks for sharing!


Clare Austin said...

Thanks to everyone who came by the party. Hope you all had a beautiful Valentine's Day. Remember, every day can, and should, be a special day for love in your life.