Sunday, February 13, 2011

FIRST KISS BY Kathleen Ann Gallagher

MadelineYoung will always treasure the first time Nat Griffin kissed her.  It forever remains in her heart.  I'd like to share an unedited excerpt from Echoes at Dawn.  I'm sure you remember a special first kiss.  It's a moment in time where two hearts become one.  During the season for love, we reflect upon the passion we once shared.  Let's keep it alive!


          “Come inside for awhile, it’s still early?” Nat said, in an optimistic tone.
            I smiled, and could not resist the temptation.  The look in his eyes was one of desire.  
            “I can stay for a bit.”  I said.  As I accepted his invitation, I gave him a flirtatious smile.  Nat made his way over to my side,  and I quickly searched for a mint deep down in my purse.   I popped it in my mouth while he opened the car door.  He led the way inside.
            “Make yourself comfortable,” Nat said.
           "This is a beautiful place."  I said. 
            "Thanks, it was a mess when I bought it.  It's getting there."
             He turned on the stereo.  “Is there anything special you’d like to listen to?”
            I joined him next to the entertainment center.  There were rows of all types of music neatly stacked.  I bent down to look at the ones on the bottom.  When I grabbed a handful, I brushed up against him.  The excitement mounted inside of me when my body touched his.   As I looked into his eyes, I handed him a piece of light piano music.  My hands shook slightly when he took my selection.  I moved over to the sofa and sat down, realizing where what might happen next.
            “This is one of my favorites,” Nat said, in a soft seductive tone. He turned on the music and sat down beside me.
            The day was ending and so far, it was unbelievable.  I felt at ease, and relaxed in Nat’s company.  As I closed my eyes, I sunk into the plush velvety sofa.  I let my thoughts drift, while I listened to the music.  A warm sense of familiarity enabled me to enjoy the moment. Nat got up to dim the lights and placed a few candles on the mantle. The sensual aroma of bergamot and musk filled the air. 
           The fireplace had gorgeous gold details around the marble, which added an extra hint of drama to the room.  Nat returned and moved closer to me.  He looked into my eyes provocatively and gently placed his arms around me.  Before I could react, he pulled me up against his chest.  Our lips met in a kiss that sparked all the desires of a lifetime.  It seemed to last forever as we embraced.  I gave in to the temptation.  While we remained in each others arms, I felt his heart racing. The warmth of his body heat tantalized my senses.  I could concede now that we were two people predestined for each other.  Nat placed my head on his shoulder, keeping his arms around me. The sound of our breathing meshed together as one.  It seemed as if time stood still, yet an hour had passed.                                                
             He whispered to me softly.  “Let’s go to the second level balcony.  There’s an something I want you to see.”
             Nat took my hand, put out the candles and slowly led me upstairs.  He told me to close my eyes and guided me outside to a balcony.
 “Okay, open your eyes now.”  He turned me around by gently moving my shoulders.
             In front of me was a picturesque scene, with trees as far as the eye could see.  It's amazing,' I said.   The stars sparkling in the sky above us, and the vintage lamp posts in the corners gave an ambience of romance.  Leaves with auburn tips surrounded by tones of yellow, and brown, covered the area.  Tiny lights sparkled in between the winding trails.  The peaceful sound of a fountain trickled gracefully in the background.  It was a magical garden.    

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terri.forehand said...

The story sounds too good to be true, romance found so easily. Can't wait to read a copy.


Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

Dreams do come true! Thanks so much, Terri!

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