Sunday, February 13, 2011

Best Valentine

By Emly Forrest

Okay, forget the hearts and flowers. Sometimes, what we really want is something that truly comes from the heart. I’m thinking of one year in particular that He Who Shares My Space really came through. It had been a horrible winter for us leading up to Valentine’s Day. We’d just moved to a new place, had no friends or family there, had new jobs we were unsure about and had a new house that didn’t really feel like home yet.

The day before Valentine’s Day, we came home from work to find that someone had broken into our home and stolen everything that had any value at all (and some stuff that had value only to us). My husband insisted that we both call in sick the next day (bold move for two newbies on the job). He greeted me in bed (before I was fully awake) with mimosas and croissants, a new compact DVD player, and three of our favorite romantic movies. We spent the day getting sloshed, staying in bed and watching the movies. It helped us forget the loss of our stuff. And confirmed to me that the man I’d chosen to spend my life with was always going to make me feel loved and protected.

That was years ago. I don’t even remember what we lost in the break-in. But I do remember how wonderful that Valentine’s Day was. And how much I loved my husband. And still do

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Virginia said...

What a sweet story, although I wouldn't want my house to be broke into.


heavy hedonist said...

What a lovely story-- thank you for sharing. Sounds like you have what is known as a "catch."
May you always be caught!

Chicks of Characterization said...

Wow, how horrible for you. :O( But what a nice thing your husband did for you!!! Hope this valentines day is just as special!!

Love the cover of Irish Ice!!! Very nice!


heidi330 said...

That's a valentine's day to remember..

he is a keeper!!!


Amber Scott Books said...

Irish Ice? Uh, yum!!!
Love the cover and title.

Emly Forrest said...

Thanks for the positive comments on the cover of Irish Ice. I love this cover too. Lyrical Press does fabulous work.

Cindy L said...

What a way to turn around a horrible situation! Kudos to your hubby!


Jean P said...

What a lovely story, a horrible situation was turned into a lovely memory.

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