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Blissful First Kisses...Um, How About A Do-Over

By Devon Rhodes

Everyone loves reading about those perfect first kisses. Miraculous. Memorable. Magical...

Mmm... maybe in a fairy tale. :) Here are a few great couples (or in one case a trio) that didn't quite get off to the "perfect" start.


Nothing less sexy than a first kiss when you've been crying. Right?

Excerpt from Winter's Thaw (MF Contemp):
Kissers: Maggie and Nick
First Kiss Setting: Her living room, the day of her ex-husband's death
Relationship Status: Strangers who sat next to one another on the plane.

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” she challenged, her voice falling well short of the heat she’d intended.
“Not a thing,” he replied with sincerity, and she raised her eyes to lock on him, so close to hers. She was fully aware of what a disaster she must look, and very thankful she hadn’t taken the time to put on any makeup. At least she was spared the streaks down her face. But puffy and red likely wasn’t much better.
And yet she couldn’t look away, trapped by the concern and warmth in his gaze.
“I’m a mess,” she murmured.
“You’re beautiful,” he countered. Her eyes dropped to his lips as he spoke and the sudden urge to kiss him both spooked and enticed her.
What are you thinking? But her inner voice was more curious than chiding. She knew this was a bad idea. A really, really bad idea. But God help her, she wanted his touch right now, his strength, and she knew instinctively he wanted her too.
His lips were dry and warm against hers, gentle pressure as they glanced tentatively against one another. The contact shocked her into sanity and she pulled back with reluctance.
“Sorry about that,” she apologized. For what, she wasn’t certain.
“I’m not.”
The husky answer sent a tendril of want coiling back through her, which she ruthlessly suppressed. Standing, she distanced herself from him, then fought back a yawn.
He stood as well. “You’re tired. I should go.”
“No.” The automatic response surprised both of them.


Occasionally neither person is expecting...or ready for...a kiss to happen.

Excerpts from The Swap (MM Contemp):
Kissers: Tommy and Jim
First Kiss Setting: Employee Bathroom, on the job
Relationship Status: Co-workers and friends

The words barely penetrated the haze of panic, but when they did, Tommy's hand clenched on Jim’s arm.
“Your job is safe,” Jim repeated.
“Safe. You’re sure?”
“Positive.” Jim’s eyes were steady on his, reassuring. Tommy tried to force himself to calm down. Jim said he was safe. He wouldn’t lose the house.
But the adrenaline rush had left him shaky and humming and needing comfort. At least that’s what he would tell himself later. Now—in this moment—there was nothing he needed more than to be grounded, and he found himself leaning forward and pressing his lips to Jim’s.
For a moment they were pliant but still under his. Full, warm.
For a moment, it seemed as if he’d made the right choice—taken a risk and had unexpectedly come out a winner. All this flew through Tommy’s head in a heady instant. His lips opened, brushing
against beard stubble for the first time in his life. He’d waited so long for this…
Then the moment was over. Jim pulled away so suddenly, Tommy once again found himself struggling for balance.

Poor Tommy. Jim just wasn't ready for that, and the workplace probably wasn't the best place to go for it. Never fear. Jim made it up to Tommy later that night...

Tommy went beet red, and Jim knew he was remembering the kiss. The uncertainty in his eyes almost killed Jim as he finally looked up.
“Is it because of what I did? I don’t know why I did that, but it won’t happen again…”
“…you don’t have to worry about me. Shit, not that you’re worried, I mean, you’ve got at least thirty pounds on me. So you wouldn’t…”
“…be in danger of me, not that I’d force myself on you or anything but, oh God, this just isn’t coming out right…”
Finally getting Tommy’s attention, those huge blue eyes squarely focused on him as he paused, lips parted as if just waiting for the opportunity to go off again.
Restraint broken, Jim lunged, slamming down on those inviting lips.


Ever had one of those tongue-tied moments where you just can't spit out what you want to say?

Excerpts from Wet Your Whistle (Futuristic Menage):
Kissers: Rhea and Jolan

First Kiss Setting: Spaceport
Relationship Status: Owner and guest

“Uh,” she managed. Oh brilliant, Rhea, you sound like an idiot. “I was wondering…” She trailed off again as she caught herself reaching for his muscular leg pressing against hers. Stopping the motion, she couldn’t quite figure out where to put her hand. It really wanted to glue itself to his rock-hard thigh. It hung there for a second, and he made the decision for her as he enclosed her small hand in his, lacing their fingers together and dropping the joined hands to his thigh. Oh yeah, it’s firm. She couldn’t resist running just the tip of her pinky along his leg under their hands.
“Yes?” he said.

Yes? she wondered. Oh yeah, the question. Not yes, do with me what you will, baby. Yes, like, yes, spit it out already, spacey. Wow, she was on a roll. She really needed to pull herself together. But, damn, he was distracting.
She met his luminous green eyes, and the desire she read there caused a catch in her throat.
Seriously, Rhea, why fight it? Time to give up and give in. She swayed forward and pressed her mouth gently against his parted lips, holding her breath for some reason, until she remembered to breathe and exhaled with a gush. He had been completely still, watching her, but this seemed to be the signal he was waiting for and he seized control of the kiss, deepening the contact with a sleek tangling of tongues.
Jolan pressed Rhea back into the cushions, never losing contact with her mouth as he plucked and teased, keeping her fully engaged in the moment. She soared as the thought
he wants me, he wants me beat through her in time with the rapid beating of her heart. She alternately accepted his kiss and kissed back with fervor, taking advantage of his closeness to finally touch his hard physique, trailing her palms and fingers over his firm chest and wide back, tracing the outlines of each muscle in his arms.
He disengaged from the kiss, and she gasped, “Wow,” prompting a sexy chuckle from Jolan as he scooped her into his arms and effortlessly carried her towards the hot springs pool in the corner.

Ah , but Rhea isn't done trying to say the right thing to a guy. And she has another first kiss coming. Did I mention this is a menage?

Kissers: Rhea and Bryce

Bryce reached out and pulled her back flush against his long body. Every nerve ending went on alert. After wallowing in the unfamiliar feelings of doubts and regret all day for her cruelty to Jolan the night before, she had a visceral reaction to the restraint, wanting to strike out at the warmth and strength. She paradoxically found herself relaxing back against him. He was so tall, his hands like manacles on her arms.
“Last time, Rhea. Thought what?” he rumbled low in her ear.
Somehow, it was immeasurably easier to answer honestly when she didn’t have to look at him. “I thought that maybe you were interested in me,” she tossed off as casually as she could. She winced as she waited for the ridicule to start.
He went completely still against her, the only movement she felt was a prodding against the small of her back. It took her half a moment to realize what that meant, and her heart began to trip faster as she gave herself over to the moment.
The hands on her arms abruptly released and moved like lightning, one crossing her chest to weigh her full breast. The other slid straight down her abdomen and cupped her, pressing hard against her sex, sending her bucking back against him with a gasp. Her head fell back against his broad chest as her eyes sought his, and he fiercely claimed her mouth from behind in a wanton and lush kiss.

The unrestrained kiss rocked Rhea to the core, and she eagerly tasted and sipped at his mouth as she responded. Just as suddenly as he had begun, Bryce released her then spun her around. She gasped as he picked her up and slung her over his shoulder. “Your quarters,” he prompted impatiently, and she managed to point in the right direction.
It wasn’t only the blood rushing to her head making her dizzy as she watched his firm backside and long, endless legs from her vantage point. The hand across the back of her thigh caressed and tickled, making her shift restlessly. She yelped as he smacked her ass, the tingle spreading warmth and causing her to shiver with sensation.


And sometimes things get heated up without even a pause for a first kiss, to at least one participant's regret.

Excerpts from Remarkable Restraint (MM BDSM):
Kissers: Chaz and Justin
First Kiss Setting: Rented beach house
Relationship Status: Best friends and roommates

“Chaz, don’t go.” Justin ran his hands up and down his arms soothingly. “Tell me what’s bothering you. What we did was….”
“A mistake,” Chaz finished with gritted teeth.
Justin froze. “You don’t mean that.” He pierced him with a searching look, and his hands stilled on his arms.
Chaz turned away unimpeded as Justin’s hands fell. He raised the phone to his ear. “Okay, I’m back. Can you come pick me up?”
“Of course, sweetie. Is that Justin I hear kissing your butt? I take it something went to crap?”
“Yeah. I’ve gotta get out of here. I never should’ve come.” He looked back at Justin, his gaze landing on those lips.
We never even kissed. The thought made him unbearably sad.
“We’re on our way. Hope you don’t mind Hugo tagging along.”
“Thanks a million, Andy. No, I don’t mind if Hugo is with us. The more, the merrier; that’s what I hear, anyway,” he joked flatly.
He didn’t spare another look at the still form of his roommate, who appeared rooted to the floor as Chaz brushed past him out the door.
I’m not even worth trying to stop. He walked down the stairs and through the house to the front door, barely drawing a glance from the other guys. He felt like a ghost, unseen and irrelevant, as he started walking toward the highway, his heart missing from his chest, left on the floor at Justin’s feet.

Two months later, Justin finally got it right, and Chaz got what he'd been longing for.

“What were you doing in my room, Charlie?” This time Chaz could definitely hear the humor in Justin’s voice, and he relaxed.
“Just fooling around,” he teased back.
“Well, if you want to fool around, go back to my room.”
“How do you know I’m not still in it?” Chaz challenged.
“Because I am.”
Chaz dropped the phone from his nerveless fingers as the call disconnected. Two months of waiting and wondering had just come to an abrupt end. Suddenly not able to wait a moment longer to see Justin, he turned and strode down the hall, stopping in the bedroom doorway.
Justin stood by his bed, looking tanned and fit and darkly handsome, like a fallen angel. The uncertain look in his eyes took Chaz’s breath away, and he didn’t hesitate, but took the last couple steps right
into Justin’s arms, holding him tight as if he would never let go. Justin’s arms came around him and pulled him along as he fell backwards into the bed. Their eyes sought each other’s, and Chaz felt warmth and relief flow over him at the love and desire he saw, knowing that it was reflected in his own eyes. His gaze, as always, dropped next to Justin’s mouth, and he flushed a bit as he murmured, “We’ve never kissed.”
Justin smiled tenderly. “We have a lot of things to look forward to. Right?” A small measure of the earlier uncertainty returned, tugging at his heart, and Chaz dropped his mouth to Justin’s, rubbing lightly, then parting to invite a deeper kiss. He couldn’t believe he finally had those beautiful lips under his own...


Even without being perfect, all those dicey first kisses can certainly still be hot and special in their own way. And the reality is, having everything perfect in a story is...perfectly boring. Give me a real, gritty relationship with all the bumps along the way. I've always loved rollercoasters...

Happy Valentine's Day!! Love ~Dev

Devon Rhodes--Humor, Heat, and Happy Endings


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