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Man of her Dreams...Suzzana C Ryan...Rebel Ink Press

The Man of her Dreams; someone to love
            Karen Spencer was a habitual daydreamer. At night her dreams where filled with the image of a man and a creature. A large magnificent tiger roamed the wilderness searching for something.
            Karen wanted love-the earth shattering kind of love. But Karen wasn’t your average young single woman; she was a bit cat-like. That’s because she was a shape shifter, a sleek black panther.
            Now how can a woman like Karen find love? Victor Cummings might fit her image, tall, dark, handsome, rich and not at all human. He lurked in the shadows of humanity, concealing deep dark secrets. Vampire? Shape Shifter?
            Love comes to those who wait, to those who give of themselves freely, willing to be what nature intended them to be. Yet, one night, another deadly creature, will seek revenge and take what belongs to the dark beautiful shape shifter
             Karen Spencer will find the nemesis and be willing to fight to the death to save the love of her life. Love, the most powerful emotion known to man, woman and creatures alike, will it be her strength? Is the man of her dreams worth perhaps the greatest sacrifice of all, her life? Karen will forfeit all, for someone to love.

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Eden Glenn - Wagon's Ho!

If you've followed me today, I thank you. I feel like a great explorer in this adventure of life and writing erotic fiction. Perhaps somewhat of a pioneer in some regards.

Now onward to the future. I think of Captain Piccard on the bridge of the enterprise standing regal and proud he points his two fingers forward and says in that marvelous accent says "Engage"

That is where I feel like I am. I wish I could pull it off as well as Captain Piccard does.

I hope you will be with me for future releases of The Amethyst Desire Collection. I can promise you many happy endings. Some contemporary, some paranormal. Some F/F, some M/M, Some menage either M/F/M or M/M/F or F/M/F or F/F/M. A whole collection of alphabet soup! LOL.

And I am not finished with the dragon world where the fae reside that we've glimpsed in Dar'kind Promises and Dragon's Unbound. Remember to Leave Your Safe World Behind.

So, until we have our next chat, look me up on FB and my website. Where you'll find Romance So Hot It Burns Off The Page.

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Ronan's Woman now available - Ronan's Life coming March 17

Book one of my new Ronan series is out from Rebel Ink Press.  Ronan’s Woman is first of an ongoing series about my wild Irishman, Ronan O’Neill and his life on the 1850’s frontier.  Ronan’s Life will be out on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, perfect for an Irishman don’t you think and Ronan’s Bride is well underway!


Ronan’s Woman

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Rebel Ink Press

Jan 17 2013

ISBN# RIP 00117


6913 words

Romance/historical romance




After surviving the Irish famines, Ronan O’Neill’s spent his time since arriving in America fighting to earn his keep.  His bare knuckles, no holds bar style may put food into his belly but a fight in a tiny Ozarks settlement brings more than he expected.  Not only is he injured, he meets a woman, Jane, who offers to tend his wounds and brings him home.  Bleeding, aching, and with no place else to go, Ronan agrees to the pretty woman’s request.  Although she proves to be an outcast, she’s also a widow with a few fey ways and a connection to him he can’t begin to understand.  As he heals, he realizes he might – after so long – find his way home.





With his feet planted on the thick green grass heavy with clover, Ronan O’Neill balled his hands into tight fists and prepared to take on his opponent.  Murmurs from the gathered crowd echoed in his ears but beyond the noise he heard birds singing in the trees at the edge of the grounds.  Overhead the noon sun shone down over the gathering. Somewhere Ronan caught the sweet scent of honeysuckle still in blossom in early September, stronger than his own rank stench of sweat and anxiety.  No matter how many times he fought or how well he put up a mask of bravado Ronan always tasted fear until the first punch.  Then blood lust, battle instinct, rose up and he thought about nothing else.

            Just as the first contender stepped forward, Ronan saw the woman.  She stood apart from the others with a worn shawl across her shoulders and her feet bare.  He noticed her dark hair was tamed into a heavy braid descending past her knees. When her dark eyes met his, he noted her pretty face.  Few women graced the throng with their presence and those who did kept close to their men, but this one stood alone. And unlike the others, she didn’t wear a sunbonnet or hat of any kind.  He thought she smiled at him, a sweet brief expression, and he inclined his head in a brief nod to acknowledge it. 








Eden Glenn- There be Dragons

I didn't want to promise anything outside that aggressive schedule with the Amethyst Desire Collections. However, there were two men at the end of Dar'kind Promises that were screaming for their story to be told. Haydn and Rhys. I had to give them their happy ending.

They are dragon shifters and undeniably very outspoken. Their story has been contracted with Rebel Ink Press for a release perhaps in May. Carl will no doubt work his magic on the cover design.

Here is

Dragon's Unbound

Blurb Draft:
Haydn’s found refuge on the earth side of the barrier in the home of the healer, Isobeau. Trapped in the shadows of his past he works to demonstrate his gratitude through service to her cause. He denies himself comfort and pleasures offered by his freedom from the abuse of the Telihedran, a warrior class of dragon shifters from his home dimension WyrmArach.

Rhys is immediately attracted to Haydn. He desires to help the younger man embrace his new life. Unfortunately, Haydn seems stuck, unable to grasp the happiness he craves. Rhys fears Haydn’s continued self-loathing will prevent any possibility of their future together.

They are rejected as an abomination by the head 'Watcher' on the Earth Dimension side of the veil.Drastic measures may be necessary to convince Haydn of his worth and Rhys unconditional love for him.

Events in their world are spinning out of control with the emergence of a human as Dragon Guardian. When they both discover they share a secret that may tear apart the leadership of their society. It will take a miracle to overcome the obstacles between them. Haydn must face the choice to remain trapped by his past or to let go and accept all Rhys offers.

Excerpt 2 A Slower Lower Leap and the GIVEAWAY!

“What’s wrong?” Logan asked, polishing off his second chicken leg.

“I’m not as hungry as I thought I was. And I have a touch of a headache.” Lizzy stood and picked up her plate. “Would you mind keeping an eye on Colby for just two seconds while I go get some Tylenol? I left my purse in the car.”

“Sure. He’s not a problem at all.” He furrowed his brow as if he knew she wasn’t telling the whole truth.

The entire truth it might not be, but her head did throb as a result of not drinking enough that day coupled with an immense amount of stress. It wasn’t unusual for her to have headaches three or four times a week.

“Thanks, I’ll just be a minute.”

She tossed her plate in the nearest trash can, regretful of the food she’d wasted, and made her way to her vehicle rubbing her temples on the way. After digging in her bag for several minutes then opting to dump the entire contents on the seat in search of the bottle of pain reliever she knew had to be in there somewhere, Lizzy found what she was looking for. She popped the lid, tossed a couple of capsules in her palm, and reached for her cup which she’d put on the roof of the car. When she didn’t find it, she stood all the way up and spinning around she nearly jumped out of her skin.

“Jesus Christ,” she squeaked and grabbed the base of her throat. “Do you always sneak up on people like that? And where’s Colby?” Looking around Logan’s shoulder, she discovered her son was nowhere in sight.

“I didn’t mean to scare you.” He handed her the cup she’d been looking for. “And Colby’s with Mom. He’s safe. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt that little guy. I wanted to talk to you, away from all those little rows of corn.”

“About what?” Lizzy popped the capsules in her mouth and chased them with a healthy swallow of tea.

“You must be joking. About what? About whatever it is I feel when I’m within spitting distance of you. And you just admitted you feel it, too.” Slowly inching toward her, Logan backed her into the door frame until she had nowhere left to go.

“Feeling things and doing something about those things are two different things,” she said, her heart rattling in her chest as her eyes landed on his lips.
“Oh, believe me, woman, I’m aware of the difference.” With his blue eyes blazing, he curled one hand around her nape and descended on her mouth before she could protest.

Thanks for spending a few realmantic moments with me today...Lila Munro

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A Vamp to Marry........coming Rebel Ink Press 3/17/2013

A Vamp to Marry
By Suzzana C Ryan

Elliot found his fairy and the love of his immortal life. Tawny was everything he ever desired in a mate. Fairies were exquisite and she was no exception. Evil never stood a chance with him and now with his good and golden fairy, together they’d be invincible. Or so he thought.
His lovely sister, Jessica, was coming home with her mate for life, his best friend Ralph. Two white warriors, feeding off the blood of evil, another invincible pair. Or was there stronger evil lurking in the shadows.
Tawny was all a tither with making plans for her joining with Elliot. He sated every need, desire and fantasy she ever had. Sex, was Elliot’s middle name along with his talent, multiple orgasms. 
But their happiness is short lived for out of her past comes an enemy from childhood.  A dark Gothic fairy and her constituents are ready to pounce on the innocent. She tried to harm Tawny years before because her beauty was far too perfect.
Jealousy is an evil thing and it can fester for years. Tawny’s wedding is days away, will she ever see her dreams fulfilled? Will the marred beauty marry the vampire of her dreams? Only Elliot, a white warrior, can save their love and their future. Goodness must reign over evil so they may live, in peace for eternity.

Read A Vampire for her Birthday.....Book one...........

Beautiful fairy Tawny Mac Namara is turning thirty. Her werewolf boyfriend has walked out on her leaving her alone and despondent and ready to swallow enough pain killers to put down an elephant. It seems to be the story of the beautiful fairy’s life--one ill fainted romance after another.
Elliot is a gorgeous and quite promiscuous vampire who belongs to an elite species that battle evil. And Elliot has a special talent as well, he's a master at giving his prey multiple orgasms. Somehow Tawny’s despondent email shows up in Elliot‘s inbox and Elliot knows he must go to her and stop her from her foolishness. He's pleased when he sees the beautiful young woman and finds out Tawny is a fairy. No vampire can resist the love of such a woman. And Tawny finds that even though Elliot sees her flaw, he's still willing to fall in love with her.

Rebel Ink Press

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Eden Glenn - Goals and Focus

Along about this time in my author career with Rebel Ink Press, I knew I needed a plan, some goals and focus. I'd created The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp, Raynia's Magic and Dar'kind Promises. 

I'd began my career with RIP in 2011 and here it was Fall of 2012 coming into 2013 and I'd only those releases on my resume.

My editor again challenged me to figure out a plan for more frequent releases. So, I revisited my thoughts on Raynia's Magic. When the story ended I knew there were potentially more stories with the necklace featured as a key element.

I created a proposal that outlined about 7 to 9 stories that would release almost every other month. Another, what was I thinking moment in the making.

The first story in the Amethyst Desire Collection goes back to that anchor. The second volume is due to release April 17, 2013.

My what if-ing went to work again. Each what if led to the next. Raynia returns the stone to the shop at the end of her story. That's what opened the door for continued stories. Nothing came to mind when I finished her story but I knew the doorway existed.

I thought what if the clerk at Salynne's Crystals and Thyme accidently put the gem in her pocket in a thoughtless moment and ended up taking it home. And what if she'd always had a crush on her neighbor but didn't know what to do about it. She's a little shy perhaps. And what if once she discovered she had the necklace in her pocket, she tried it on in a carefree moment. And what if that necklace clasp wouldn't come undone once she had it on?

The result?

Beverly's Secret TBR 04/17/13
Carl Franklin produced another outstanding cover.

Beverly Carter, clerk at Salynne’s Crystal’s and Thyme, could have sworn she placed the amethyst necklace in the display cabinet. How did the gem end up in her pocket? She’d have to take it back to work in the morning and explain her mistake to the shop owner.
Trying the necklace on for just a moment couldn’t hurt anything, right? When the clasp won’t release, she has to call on her next-door neighbor, Makala Reynaud, for help. Makala’s a woman Beverly is very attracted to but hasn’t had the courage to approach. She hasn’t figured out how to confess her interest without outing herself prematurely. Bev’s pretty sure the woman is a lesbian, too. But what if she’s wrong? So Beverly’s stuck, just as stuck as the damn necklace.
Makala’s red lips were just too tempting, too perfect, too close. Stealing a kiss could open a door to disaster instead of the closet on her sexual preference. Yet, the way Makala accepted the kiss and returned it with unabashed enthusiasm blew that door off its hinges.
When the two women spend the night talking and exploring sex every way and everywhere possible in Makala’s small apartment, Beverly has to wonder if the rumors about the necklace are true. Was this some kind of spell that might only last the night? Or could this be the beginning of something magical?

Maxwell's Desire...Suzzana C Ryan...Rebel Ink Press

Max’s Desire

Suzzana C. Ryan

            In a time when women wanted equality and control, a man like Maxwell Brogan could only snarl. Women in his mind were still just that, women, there primarily for a man’s pleasure. At least the women that Max was used to, they were usually the ones he paid for.
            Max had traveled the globe fighting terrorism for his country as a former Navy Seal and Special Forces Captain. Max was forced to retire because of his injuries; he was finding that there was a very different world on the home front. He was able to fulfill his large sexual needs easily with an array of young women that worked for the same company as him.
            Max was an imposing man; he was six foot two and a mass of muscle and sinew. His military training left him with the constant need to keep his body fit and lean. He pushed himself, even at forty-seven for perfection. He had been in the military for over twenty years, letting go of that kind of regimentation was almost impossible. His past credits as a retired Captain in the Special Forces landed him a job as head of security for billionaire Arthur Thompson. It was a windfall; it gave Max financial security and comfort.
            Max found life downright fucking boring his sexual escapades kept him entertained. Then the shit hit the fan, Jenny Thompson, the wife of his billionaire boss was kidnapped. Max was called to action to do what he did best, snuff out terrorist. What he found when he found the beautiful wife of Arthur Thompson, angered him and pushed buttons in Max, that he never knew he had? Her old and powerful husband had abused her for so many years that Jenny had no idea how a woman should act around a man. All Jenny knew was that her attraction to Maxwell Brogan was strong and she did what came naturally, she acted on it.  Her innocence and aggressive nature took Max by surprise. He had never met a woman like Jenny; he never knew that women like her still existed. In spite of her abusive treatment from her husband Jenny felt a desire so intense that she could not control her actions, she gave into them, body and soul. Maxwell Brogan struck a deal with her, her body until he sated his desire for her. In return he would then help her disappear, start a new life where her monster of a husband could not find her. Jenny agreed her cold approach to his request concerned Max. Did the women feel emotion? Had her husband striped her of her dignity and self-worth.
             For a man like Maxwell Brogan, love was never an issue, he never figured on finding it. The love he finds with Jenny is the kind of love that all men dream about. She is beautiful, sexy, accommodating and fearless in his bed. Max falls head over heels in love with the lovely Jenny Thompson, vowing to free her from the demented clutches of her billionaire husband. To his surprise, the beauty falls for him, her love pure and true, seeing the man under the hard shell. He will have her, take her and risk everything to keep her. Jenny Thompson is Maxwell’s one desire.

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I’m From Slower Lower…Where? And the GIVEAWAY!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Lila Munro, multi-faceted romance author. I’m probably most known for my steamy BDSM and ménage pieces, but what most people probably haven’t picked up on yet is that my career didn’t begin there. It actually began with more sensual, contemporary roots.

My first two works, The Executive Officer’s Wife and Bound by Trust, were both contemporary military reads and had been out some weeks when I made the decision to pull A Slower, Lower Love—which was under contract at the time but not officially published—and revise it based on what I had learned from my editor at the time. I knew based on what I’d learned it needed some hard core work in order to be truly ready for the viewing public. I also knew that eventually the other two works would be released and come back to me and they would undergo the revisions they so desperately needed as well. The Executive Officer’s Wife received its treatment last summer and Bound by Trust will later this year.
Once I was done picking apart A Slower, Lower Love I turned it over to the capable hands of the editing staff at Rebel Ink Press and prepared to find out what else I was sure I knew but really didn’t. When I received word from E they were finished with it and we needed to talk, well, let me tell you my heart stopped. But, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the thing we needed to discuss was turning A Slower, Lower Love into a series. I agreed to take on this task and thus I was forever the incidental series writer. Who knew?
A Slower, Lower Love started the rounds on the review circuit and I began writing book two, A Slower, Lower Life. About mid-way through that project, the reviews began pouring in…and they weren’t half bad, but a recurring criticism was that the romance was neither slower nor lower.
Well, of course it wasn’t…that’s not at all what slower, lower means. And although the meaning of that phrase is referenced more than once in both works, somehow it escaped notice.
My husband is from Sussex County Delaware, which is the southern most of the three counties in Delaware and is part of the peninsula comprised of the tips of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. It’s beautiful country. Lazy, rolling, green. Farmland and colonial homes grace the landscape…and when you ask someone from that part of the country where they’re from the answer is almost always, “I’m from slower lower.”
You see, slower lower is a description, it just doesn’t apply to the couples’ love affairs in the Slower, Lower series. It describes a way of life, a place, and the people who live there. Life in slower lower is marked by Sussex County Standard Time. No one rushes, everyone stops to appreciate, people breathe and notice what’s on the air…freshly turned soil, the Nanticoke River, the ocean. Pizza cooking at Grottos. People use their front porches and they say y’all.
So, don’t be shocked when you read any or all of the books in this series, the latest of which released February 17, A Slower, Lower Leap, and the romance is smoking because the reviewers were right in one thing…love on the eastern shore is definitely not slow.

Lila Munro
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Some men are great fathers, some are great husbands and some are the complete package. Thomas O’Keefe was such a man. He was a decorated New York City police officer and a man who loved his job. He was a husband, a lover and a man whose kids adored him.

He loved his wife, he loved his kids and he loved his life. But sometimes life ends.

On September 11, 2001, Thomas O’Keefe loses his battle for life to a fatal heart attack. He leaves behind an impressive legacy. Both sons are City cops, following their father’s example and his daughters are strong amazing woman. But the apple of his eye, Hope, who just recently found love, will lose it, as will so many others on this day.

Do you believe that love can conquer all and that a father’s love can make all the difference in the world to one young woman?

Hope O’Keefe Palmeri does and will always be grateful to her father for letting her life begin.

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Eden Glenn - Funny thing about the Cat!

Some of the inspiration for Dar'kind Promises came in the form of visual images.

Yes, Funny thing about the Cat in Dar'kind Promises. I own the little orange tabby that makes it appearance as Zelia's Earth Dimension form. So, in a way my little kitty inspired aspects of this story.

She, and a bit of art that was a dark fairy.  I considered that we always think of the light as the fair and good.  In my world the dark fae folk are the good

Those images of the kitten, the dark fairy and a predatory cat started the story. This is a Caracal cat. This inspired Zelia's predatory cat personna.  However, I wanted it to be unique.

Image, for inspiration only

So I, with the assistance of my oldest daughter. Lynne Marcello Photography, she made my Caracal cat, Clouded Leopard combination come to life. Spotted but with tufts on the ears and cheeks.

The fruits of all this labor can be seen in the book trailer. All my stories have book trailers I created. You can find them at my website, or on my amazon page.

So that's a little behind the scenes tid bit for that story.

Remembrance....Suzzana C Ryan...Rebel Ink Press

Some men are great fathers, some are great husbands and some are the complete package. Thomas O’Keefe was such a man. He was a decorated New York City police officer and a man who loved his job. He was a husband, a lover and a man whose kids adored him.

He loved his wife, he loved his kids and he loved his life. But sometimes life ends.

On September 11, 2001, Thomas O’Keefe loses his battle for life to a fatal heart attack. He leaves behind an impressive legacy. Both sons are City cops, following their father’s example and his daughters are strong amazing woman. But the apple of his eye, Hope, who just recently found love, will lose it, as will so many others on this day.

Do you believe that love can conquer all and that a father’s love can make all the difference in the world to one young woman?

Hope O’Keefe Palmeri does and will always be grateful to her father for letting her life begin.

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Captive Heart

Juliet Hamilton had the world by the balls. Married to millionaire, Andrew Hamilton was the most successful Hollywood producer of the twenty-first century. But Juliet's world tumbles when her husband leaves the United States for Central America to buy himself a kidney. Unknown to Juliet, her millionaire husband has gotten himself involved with the drug trafficking cartels in South America and with their help, he's procured an illegal body part.

When Andrew's transplant goes array with the donor dying alongside her husband, the Nicaraguan government confiscates her passport, threatening Juliet with imprisonment. Detained and held captive in her hotel, Juliet believes she’ll never leave Nicaragua alive. 
Handsome, Afro-American Colonel Terrance James Whitingham and his Special Forces team are called upon to rescue the attractive Juliet Hamilton and he knows he’ll have to take her by force from the crooked Managua Police. 

Considering Juliet nothing more than a over-indulged, spoiled, white prima donna, Terrance soon finds he can’t fight his growing attraction to her. And for the first time in his life, he takes a women, ravishes her, and then loses his heart to what he has always considered forbidden territory. 

Juliet falls head over heels in love with Terrance only to have her heart and her will broken countless times. Once back on U.S. soil, the Colonel walks away, pushing their weeks together behind him. At least he tries. 
Love is a powerful emotion that transcends all barriers which Juliet and Terrance will find out, learning to trust, love and desire as none before them ever has.

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Excerpt 1 from A Slower, Lower Leap and the GIVEAWAY!

“What about his daddy?” Logan hooked his thumbs in his front pockets and watched Colby darting along the grass with the other kids. As far as he could tell he had no more idea he was different than the man in the moon and neither did the other kids.

“No one knows who he is. He’s completely uninvolved. Although I’ve always had a pretty good idea,” Bryce said just as Cait came over with Riley cradled in his sling across her middle.

“And just what are you two doing?” she asked, with one hand fisted at her hip and the other hand supporting Riley.

“Watching the kids. What are you doing?” Bryce leaned in and kissed Riley’s cheek. Logan’s heart twisted when Bryce smiled and ran his fingertips gently over the peach fuzz on top of the boy’s head.

“Liar,” Cait said flatly. She reached out with the hand she’d had at her hip and grabbed Logan by the collar pulling him nearly nose to nose with her. “You listen and listen well. If you hurt Lizzy you’ll have me and half dozen other women to deal with. And none of us feel very chipper as of late. You got me?”

Logan and Bryce turned their heads in tandem to see Deidre and their three sisters lined up, all as pregnant as could be and hormonal attitude stamped all over their faces. And lo and damn behold, Nana and their mother flanked them.

“Tell Cait what you’ve learned, baby brother,” Bryce said, smiling and waving to the women.

“I’ve learned this isn’t about getting someone to the altar as fast as I can get old Eldon to marry us. That theory may have been concocted in haste. It’s about putting someone above yourself until you draw your last breath,” Logan said. He poured his beer on the ground and shoved the empty cup into Bryce’s hand. “I reckon I need to make sure that little fella likes me before I go asking his mama out to dinner. If he don’t like me what’s the point? Seems to me he don’t need any more disruptions in his life than he’s already got and be damned if I throw him off kilter or hinder forward progress by just being the greedy bastard that likes tits.”
With that Logan gave the female line-up a mock salute and ambled off toward the kids. If there was one thing he could say for himself, he’d spent enough time at the kiddy table over the years he at least knew how to talk to them.

Happy reading! Lila~~

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Eden Glenn - Trust of Promise (R)

I'd always considered myself a paranormal erotic romance writer. Yet my first work was a m/m historic erotic romance and my send was a contemporary menage erotic romance. Not too much paranormal going on in my career thus far. LOL. The menage story of course had that little hint that maybe the amethyst was magical. I left that up to the reader to decide in the end was it? wasn't it? One of the characters... a clerk in Salynne's Crystals and Thyme said the magic was in the woman not the stone.

Now this next story was a F/F Paranormal Erotic Romance. That's a little off the beaten path for me. I'd not considered writing a Female Female erotic story. My editor at Rebel Ink Press challenged me to write this story. She said some really kind flattering things about my writing. I gushed, danced and spun around at least twice upon reading her words in the email she'd sent back with the revisions for The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp. In part she suggested that I try my pen at a Female Female romance. Oh dear! I'd agreed before I knew what I was getting myself into. I pitched a loose proposal for the story and went to work.

My life underwent some dramatic changes and in moments I wondered if I would ever finish this story.

So along the way I had a lot of time to reflect on promises and the sacred trust that a promise should be. I always remember the phrase, "A promise is a promise and a deal's a deal." I don't even know where that came from. Buried in my brain from childhood.

Anyway, I created a race of fae folk where their promise was irrevocable. Naturally they didn't make promises lightly since they were such a sacred bond. "Dar'kind Promises" was born.

Darkind Fairy Maura comes to the human dimension on a search and rescue mission for one of her race. The success of the mission rests on her wits and the skilled aid of her feline tracker, Zelia. Unfortunately, Zelia is experiencing unpredictable shifts between feline and human forms.
Distracted by the sultry woman in her bed, Maura struggles to stay focused on their quest. If they’re unable to figure out how to gain control of Zelia’s shifting, all hope for success of their mission as well as any possibility of their future together will be lost.
Worse yet, an ancient evil targets Zelia and Maura in a bid for power and control of their magic.
Zelia is willing to risk becoming trapped in feline form and losing the love she’s found if it means she can save Maura from the evil hunting them. Meanwhile, Maura searches for the strength to abandon the quest for her lost ‘sister’ if doing so will save Zelia’s life and stabilize her shifting abilities.

Carl Frankin Graphic God at work again.

(Zelia learns that Maura is her mate)

This? This Dar’kind Fae person was her Divalent? The one she would bond with on a metaphysical level? Zelia always thought eventually a strong enough warrior would trigger this response somewhat hoping all along the overpowering mate bond wouldn’t happen for her. The responsibility was intimidating and she resisted it. Balls.

The warrior Imal slept with her on and off for months. He probably hoped screwing her would trigger the process, thereby increasing his power and status in the community. She’d settled for him after a fashion. Why this Fae person? Why now? Were the fates so cruel to make her destined mate a Dar’kind Fairy? And a female one at that? The two of them weren’t even the same species.

Maura murmured in her sleep again and rustled the covers with twitching legs. The spiciness of her scent drove the message home. Without question this delicate looking, tough as iron Dar’kind Fairy was the one she had waited for, yet dreaded all her life. A life mate to bind with for all her days until Goddess took her breath back. Zelia remained mesmerized and repulsed all at the same time.

She didn’t smell like someone to dread. She smelled delicious, warm, and sexy. But one of the Fae folk? Fricken disaster looking for a place to land. Apparently, right in her lap was the choice of the day.

Zelia wanted to explore the soft curls at the juncture of the Fairy’s thighs and slide her fingers between the folds of delicate skin to stroke the woman to climax. She’d been in the desert too long in predator form. She’d neglected the needs of her human flesh. Restless hunger and need rode her. No, Zelia was not going to allow herself to have sex with one of those people. This Fae person was an assignment, nothing more.

Prepare to leave your safe world behind. my social networking links are here on my website for FB, Twitter, Amazon and more. Check out my book trailers, blog and news.

History? How about some Dust Bowl Dreams?


            If I shut my eyes, I can transport myself back to my grandmother’s kitchen.  I can smell the sweet sachet powder she liked to wear, inhale the aroma of strong coffee kept warm on the back of the huge gas stove, and catch a whiff of the Mule Team Borax powder she used to wash dishes.  I can imagine her in one of her favorite housedresses, maybe the yellow and brown plaid or perhaps one with a paisley print, with a clean apron tied around her waist.  She always wore an apron unless she went out of the house and to town.  Although she lived in an urban neighborhood, she always called her trips to the store or downtown ‘going to town’. 

            Granny handled my care while my parents both worked and so, by some curious sort of almost magic, I grew up with my head in the 1930’s, my physical body in the 1960’s.  My grandparents ‘kept me’, as Granny called it, from the age of two months until shortly before I began school so their influence on me proved significant.  Although I went home each evening and slept, most of the time, in my own bed in my parents’ house, my grandparents raised me the same way they raised their own children, back in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  I ended up with a different view than many of my own generation and listening to tales about the Depression years were something I absorbed along with my Little Golden Books.

            My latest release, out September 17 from Rebel Ink Press, is set in the 1930’s era.  Dust Bowl Dreams is a love story but it’s also a portrait of the times.  It’s set in Oklahoma and it owes a little homage to Charley Floyd, my favorite outlaw.  Here’s the blurb and an excerpt:


Life’s never easy for a good-hearted man who decides crime is the answer to his troubles.


No rain in the summer of 1933 is bad news for Oklahoma farmer Henry Mink. The local banker wants the mortgage on the farm paid and unless Henry comes up with the dough, his widowed mother and four young siblings won’t have a home.  Jobs are scarce so he decides to rob a bank.   His sweetheart, school teacher Mamie Logan, doesn’t like the idea and neither does Henry’s kid brother Eddie but Henry’s out of options.


He leaves home and robs a bank at nearby Ponca City. When he returns home, he pays off the mortgage but new troubles show up. Mamie is his greatest joy and they become engaged but by fall, Henry has no options left but to rob another bank.  If he can pull off one another big job, he figures he’ll be set until the hard times are over but few things in life go as planned.  His desperate efforts will either secure his future or destroy it forever.


If Henry’s family survives and Mamie’s love endures, he’ll need a miracle.


            With any luck he’d hit the farm just after dinner time.  There’d be plenty of time for hugs and greetings, a chance for Mama to make over the groceries, and time to take the whole bunch to town for a hamburger out and maybe the picture show.  Henry would head over to Mamie’s and invite her along.  He spun daydreams about the moment he’d see his girl again and imagined what everyone would do and say when he showed up with full pockets.  It’d be like the prodigal son, he figured, but in reverse – they wouldn’t kill a fatted calf for him, but by God, he’d provide something similar.

            Sunday morning he’d be proud to escort his family to church and sit in a pew with Mamie at his side.  Come Monday he’d be at the bank when it opened and pay the remaining sum on the mortgage.   Imagining Richardson’s face when he delivered the cash gave him pleasure and he chuckled out loud.  Henry couldn’t recall when he’d been so happy, probably not since before his daddy died, the rain quit, and the economy went to hell in a hand basket.

            As he drove, he admired the wide blue sky sweeping from one horizon to the other like a giant bowl and the way the prairies stretched out in every direction.  He did his best to ignore the foreclosure signs tacked up on some farms, the dry clouds of dust wafting across the empty fields when the wind blew, and the sad eyed children hanging around broken gates at some farms.

            Until Henry rolled down the lane to his home, he’d forgotten how stark the farm looked.  What paint once covered the boards of the farmhouse vanished long ago under the relentless assault of Oklahoma weather and he noticed the barn seemed to lean left as if it might collapse into a heap.  Dobbin stood in the makeshift corral, head down as if he hadn’t been fed or wanted water.  He expected the kids to run outside when they heard the car, but no one came and when he parked in the bare yard, he heard nothing but the whir of the windmill, the grinding of the worn blades.

            Henry stepped out and called out, but no answer came. He reached into the car and honked the horn several times, sharp and loud.   Although he waited, Mama didn’t emerge from the back door drying her hands on her worn apron, Eddie didn’t bolt out of the barn, and the gals didn’t come from the shade at the far edges of the yard.   Unease crept into his pleasant mood and he wondered where his family might have gone.  Henry couldn’t figure out how they left either, not with the horse present and the car in his possession.

            He carried the wooden boxes of groceries into the house and left them on the kitchen table.  Henry removed his bandanas from the inside of his overall legs and reached up for the old Eight O’Clock coffee can Mama kept on a high shelf.   When there was money in the house, she stashed it there so he put some money into it.  The remainder he carried into the bedroom and stuck beneath the worn mattress.   He made sure his wallet had plenty and went outside.

            “Hello?” he shouted again. 

Even if they were down at the river, they should’ve heard the car horn.  He smoked a tailor made cigarette, the tobacco smooth and rich against his tongue.  He’d been certain something must be wrong, but he refused to believe it.  They’d gone off to visit Uncle Ed or something, he decided.  There’d be a reason and it wouldn’t be anything bad. When he finished the smoke, he decided he’d head over to the Logan farm.  Maybe Mamie would know where his folks were and he wanted to see her anyway.

            Before he could bring the Ford to a full stop, Mamie flew out of the house and ran toward him, black curls flying.  Her beauty smote him until he forgot everything else but Mamie.  Henry stopped and got out to meet her.  He swept her into his arms, marveling at the sweet line of her pink lips, the way her small snub nose wrinkled with joy, and how her eyes sparkled like morning dew.  

            “Henry, you came home, you’re back,” Mamie cried as she hugged him tight. 

He inhaled the sweet fragrance of some simple sachet powder she wore.  Her body against his evoked both a tenderness and a sensual interest so strong he couldn’t even put it into words.  All Henry knew was how much he desired her.   Her starched blue calico dress rustled against him, the full skirt sweeping against his legs and manhood.   He couldn’t have resisted if he tried, so he kissed her, tempted to pull the pins from her hair to set it free.

            Her mouth tasted sweet and full, more intoxicating than Muscat wine.  Sensation flooded his senses, a physical delight making every nerve ending in his body light up with electricity and emotional connection.  The heady mix flared up until he all but lost his head, kissing his girl until they both gasped for air.   When they broke apart, Mamie hugged him again and he put an arm around her shoulders as they strolled toward the house.  Maybe she’d have some fresh lemonade, Henry hoped, or maybe a tasty little biscuit or something.  He didn’t bother stopping for lunch and now his stomach ached with hunger.

            He’d meant to eat something at home because he figured Mama would have something around to eat even if it wasn’t any more than cold cornbread.  But he didn’t get to eat because no one’d been home and reminded, he turned to Mamie.

            “Say, honey, you wouldn’t happen to know where my folks went, would you?” he asked.

            Her brilliant smile wilted and some of the sparkle faded out of her eyes.  Anxiety replaced joy and Henry held his breath.   His first impression nailed it – something must be wrong, some awful thing must’ve happened.

            “I forgot you wouldn’t know,” Mamie said, her voice dropping lower the way people did when they delivered bad news.  He remembered the tone too well from when his daddy died back three years ago.

            “What is it?” he demanded. “What happened? Just tell me.”

            She looked down, eyelashes brushing her cheek.  “It’s Eddie.”


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