Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sex VS. Kids

Ah the age old question! I have six so for me my sex life mainly lives at midnight, or random meeting in a walk-in closet with me and the hubby locked securely in trying to hold our hands over each others mouths so no kids will hear. The funny thing for me is how creative you can become when you are married and have a houseful. Hey, they had to get her some way so why not make that part of the marriage fun. Sneaking around even behind your kids backs makes it enthralling.

Not to long ago, This story makes me laugh even thinking about it, but we were caught, total blindsided by a kid. The husband and I were watching T.V. and it was a night were we put a movie on downstairs for the kiddies and decided to sneak off because we really didn't think they would notice. So we snuck off to our room and started messing around under the covers. Needless to say things got hot and heavy and I stared to giggle. he however was the culprit and was enticing me more. Again the kids are watching a movie. So under the covers we continue to play until I hear in a high pitch munchkin voice, "Mommy and daddy are Makin!" Key word here "Makin" it means naked to my 4 year son. I started cracking up laughing at the shout and then little feet running down the stars. Right there we knew we were caught. Red faced and stomach hurting from all the laughing at this sentence. We rushed and put our clothes on faster then I have ever done anything, we did it just in time to welcome to my ten year old standing behind me in the door way. She says, "mom what are you guys doing Antonio says your makin?" Boy what do I say now. I said, "you know your brother he likes to make something out of nothing." but she didn't think so and lectured her mom about how we need to be careful cause there are kids around. "Hello what do you think you are." Needless to say I tried to get her attention on something else. And me and the hubby's make-out session was quickly put out..

So the funny thing is, is when your a parent things like this will happen and when they do its how you make something funny out of it, to not let it scare you from the passion of love even after children have now come into your home and catch you doin the dead. You learn how to ignore your children's comments and make sure they have no idea whats going on. For now they know mommy an daddy love to wrestle and mommy giggles a lot when shes alone with daddy. My ten year old knows the basics about sex which I had to tell her very young because another girl her age decided to pollute her ears. So I spent a night talking to her and telling her right from wrong. It was a bittersweet moment for me cause of her age. But in our house we are very open about these issue. The first thing she told me after I was don't with the talk was, "I hope I meet a man just like daddy and fall in love and have what you two have." This was very sweet for me to hear because at that moment I realized that I did something right with her... And on a final note you all, "Be careful and remember sex can be fun and mysterious especially when you are sneaking around your kids backs."

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