Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello world!

I realized that out of all my blogs I've posted and my comments. I don't think I have let any of you amazing people know who I am. So here it goes. I just celebrated my seventh anniversary with an wonderful man on the 3rd. we have 6 beautiful kids together who keep me sane beyond any measure. I am a substitute teacher who writes paranormal romance novels and contemporary romance novels and am actually looking forward to doing a collaboration with another amazing author and friend clare Dargin. I have lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for most of my life, since I was about 7 years old. Most of the stories that I write are always centered here. It is an amazing place to be, even outside of the gambling. I am young still so am looking forward to getting as much advice from everyone and anyone that I can. while looking at all these blogs I have realized that there is so many great books and authors out there that will be trying to connect with.
A few of my favorite authors who I look up to and no not because of their age or experience but because they write such beautiful things are; JR Ward, Geno Showalter, Kinberely Adkins, Sandy Sullivan, P.C. Cast. and Clare Dargin ;) Just to name a few. I read about 15 novels a month and read fast. I also do reviews for a few websites and long giving feedback on all the amazing stories I read. I am with Secret Cravings publishing and to me they are like family, right along with all the amazing authors that are housed there. So now that you have background on me and I have shared a couple stories with you over the day. I truly hope that you will also become one of my fans, and we will be together throughout the years!


doxymom said...

You amaze me.

6 kids and you can find time to write, and time to read 15 books a month? There've been years in which I didn't have time to read 15 books and I read fast too, and have only 3 kids.

You need to do a post on how you find time to do it all. LOL.

You have big things ahead of you!

doxisrcool at

Virginia said...

Thanks for all the great info, helps us get to know you.


Mindi said...

It people like you Doxymom that makes me feel amazing.. My life is simple and very organized. Hey maybe I should write my own how to raise six kids a husband and tolerate the world, with a pinch of lupus and RA. lol wouldn't that be a cry!

Greta said...

Oh my Gosh...I bow down to your time management skills! Congrats on the anniversary! (

heavy hedonist said...

You do have laudable management skills, and I know-- I come from a family of six!
Congrats on your successes, and I wish you well on your coming collab with Clare Dargin. As a writer and songwriter, I have found enormous satisfaction collaborating with others-- my current side project at has me writing songs with people from around the globe-- and it's been an enriching experience all around.

Jean P said...

Thanks for telling us a bit about you and your life. Look forward to reading your books.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

desitheblonde said...

that great i go to school full time and read u p 3 week and then do the blog your lucky to still hav e the kids around

Mindi said...

Yes they are a big help with me and my kids are my rcok and keep me sane. We all need that something in our life that give us an outing and break and they do that for me.