Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kisses in the Shadows

First kisses... Who doesn't remember their first kiss? And all the feelings that come along with it? I know I do. While most of my characters had their first kisses long before the story begins, that first kiss between hero and heroine is just as important...and nerve-wracking to write! LOL That first smooch "on stage" - whether a passionate, wrapped-around-each-other kiss or a closed-mouth, quick meeting of the mouth - is a hint of the relationship to come and sets the mood for the story.

I thought I'd share the first kisses in my Into the Shadows series. Three very different kisses - the uncertain kiss between the human and the vampire she fears, the first kiss in years between former lovers, and the forbidden kiss between hunter and hunted - and three very emotionally charged moments for the characters.

Sarah’s lips trembled. She stared into his eyes, as if searching. Unable to resist, Fen closed the space between them. Flicking his tongue over her lips, he relished her quick intake of breath before capturing her mouth.

He drank it all in. He could easily become addicted to the taste of this human. He cupped her face and traced the bottom edge of her lip before adding pressure to open her further to his exploring tongue. She gripped his forearms and slowly slid her tongue around his in an intoxicating dance.

Everything about her assaulted his senses—the softness of her skin, the sweet taste of her mouth, the tangy citrus scent of her hair, the little noises she made in the back of her throat… She was inside him now, winding her way into his very being.

As much as he wanted to, he didn’t stop her when she pulled away. She pushed lightly on his chest and he accommodated her by taking a step back and releasing her. She lifted her hand and touched her mouth.

“I want to believe you,” she whispered, “but I can’t.”


“You just can’t wait to get away from me, can you?” she whispered, then cringed. Why did she just say that?

Jae spun around and took a step forward. Without thinking, she backed up. Again, he moved forward. Again and again. Until she was against the wall and he was pressed to her front.

“Kind of a role reversal, isn’t it, Rina? Last time around, you couldn’t wait to get away from me.”

Before she had a chance to respond, his mouth was on hers. It was nothing like the kisses she remembered. There was no coaxing, no tenderness, no teasing. He simply demanded. He took.

He thrust his tongue into her mouth, and she groaned as his taste invaded her senses. Gripping her hips, he lifted her slightly and wedged his leg between hers. Rina pushed her hands beneath his leather coat and flattened her palms against his hard back. The yearning to touch him, to feel his skin against hers overwhelmed her. Gods, she wanted him more than she realised, more than she remembered.


“Brielle?” His sleepy voice danced along her spine.

“I’m right here.” She leant forward and, again giving into some deep urge, brushed the hair back from his forehead. “It’s okay now, go back to sleep.”

He caught her by the wrist and opened his sleepy blue eyes. He lifted his hand and cupped the back of her head, then he rose up and pressed his mouth to hers. Brielle froze in shock. Seth parted his lips, and his tongue darted out and traced her bottom lip. Her eyes slid shut as heat pooled between her legs. Oh gods. She opened to him before she realised what she was doing. Then she just didn’t care whether she should or shouldn’t as his tongue twined around hers. His flavour teased her senses—bold, almost peppery and definitely appealing, beneath the faint beer taste.

And as quickly as it began, it ended. His head dropped onto the pillow, his hands released her, and his eyes drifted closed.

“Tasted as good as I thought you would. Damn you,” he murmured.

Thanks to the fab LASR/WC and Goddess Fish for having this Valentine's shindig. I know I'm having a blast reading all the posts! Happy Valentine's Day to all. Here's to all those first smooches, may we always remember! ;-)

Real Women, Irresistible Men, Endless Possibilities!


Sherry Gloag said...

Thanks for sharing these great excerpts.

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Great excerpts!

Kelli Scott said...

Hot covers! Sexy smooches.

Cindy L said...

Wow! This series sounds great Jess! I've added to my wish list. Also following your blog now.


Devon Rhodes said...

Whew, is it hot in here or is it just me?? *fans self*

Jess Jarman said...

Glad you liked the excerpts -thanks for taking the time to read through them. :)

I had fun (though a difficult time!) choosing which stories to pull first kisses from. :)

@Cindy Thanks for the follow and I hope you enjoy the books!