Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feeling Love Every Day...

I'm a simple girl. Really, I am. LOL I don't need expensive jewelry or bouquets of flowers. And, I know it'll make some people gasp and call me unnatural, but I don't like chocolate enough to have an entire box. I end up giving it to the kids.

To be honest, the gifts that made me feel the most loved didn't cost a thing. And often don't happen on Valentine's Day. Here are are my top five.

1) Anything made by my kids. That's a no-brainer--I'm a mom. :-D I've had handmade cards, drawings, clay pots, tissue paper flowers, and yummy treats. And we can't forget the value of a good ol' hug.

2) "I love you" written on the bathroom mirror in eyeliner. I mean, come on... And I didn't wash that mirror for a while. LOL

3) My husband's response when I considered giving up my day job to write full time: "Do it." Just that simple, unhesitating support... *dreamy sigh* Yeah, he's a keeper.

4) The hubs or kids cleaning or cooking dinner when I'm writing like a fiend. Now, I realize this is very likely self-preservation on their part, but they could just as easily pester me until I break.

5) An out-of-the-blue "I love you" text. I will admit this one often has me wondering what the sender has done that they're trying to soften me up. LOL But sometimes it is just a simple I love you... at least as far as I know.

Now, I'm not saying gifts don't have their place, or that I'd refuse them. I would appreciate and love them, of course. But the little things that happen or are given throughout the year, not just on a Valentine's Day, those are the things I know I'll remember and treasure.

Here's to finding love in simple, everyday things and recognizing them for what they are. Happy Valentine's Day.

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doxymom said...

You're very lucky.

(I end up giving my chocolate to the kids too.)

doxisrcool at

hotcha12 said...

lots of chocolates everyone!

Virginia said...

I agree you can find love in every day things you just have to look. Some people just aren't good about showing love. My son is this way. Will not give a hug for nothing. When he was young he would but not now. Where did I go wrong


Gabby said...

My youngest brother is like that with my mom she usually has to ask for a hug or I have to remind him, for some reason I don't usually have to ask for a hug the times I do are very rare.

Sometimes he'll hug me for no reason at all, I guess that says a little something about our relationship.


Annette said...

those are the best! hubby cleaned our toilet. I didn't have to! and he did the dishes first thing this morning because I looked at them last night sighed and covered them with a dish towel so I wouldn't have to look at them.

Miranda Grissom said...

I'm with you there I can never eat a whole box of chocolates. I absolutely love getting cards. I'm like you get me a card and I'm a happy camper. I don't know it just means something more to have someone go and try to pick out the card that says the right thing.

Elie said...

Very sweet post. I have to agree about items made by the kids. They are like magical treasures.

Devon Rhodes said...

Lovely post! Thanks for making me smile, and I agree with so many of them!

Jess Jarman said...

I know how lucky I am. LOL And these are the things I try to think of when I'm annoyed or frustrated...LOL

ah the that the oldest kids are hitting teen years, the hugs aren't given as freely as they used to be, but at least I don't have to beg for them...yet. And I know to appreciate the ones I do get!

@Annette - he cleaned the toilet!? And dishes? Definitely a keeper there!

@Miranda - I have a box with all the cards I've gotten from my husband and kids. Nothing like knowing someone you love took the time to find or make the right one for you.

@Elie - aren't they the best? I've got quite the collection of crafts and gifts (we have four kids, so it adds up!) and wouldn't give them up for anything.

LuAnn said...

This is a great list of gifts. There are so many things that can be given that don't cost money, just a little time, and truly demonstrate how much a person cares.

reading_frenzy at yahoo dot com

Cindy L said...

I completely agree Jess! It's the little things that melt my heart!


Jess Jarman said...

I'm glad I'm not alone in my thinking! And today showed me again how much I love the little things. The kids worked together and cleaned the kitchen - even cleaned out the fridge! wooot I did get some chocolates, but they included some lovely handmade cards that made me smile. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!