Sunday, February 13, 2011

Falling In Love With A Book Cover???!!!

I am actually a publisher as well as an author, although the writing came first. Being a bit impatient and not being great at rejection, I opted to self-publish my first books. During that journey, I was approached by other authors with the same dreams of getting their works into the hands of readers thus TreasureLine Publishing was born. Although we are pretty much at capacity between new books coming from our current authors as well as a handful of up and coming authors, I was fortunate enough to have had people helping me along the way and am always happy to pass on my knowledge on the art of self-publishing.

When I decided to release “Arms of an Angel” I got a good dose of what the process feels like from the author’s seat (remember, I self-published my others so I called all the shots). I had to go through editing, rewrites, beta-readers, more rewrites… There’s a point there where an author does not want to see their own words anymore!

During that time, we were working on a cover as well. We have a fantastic cover creator (Jaimey Grant – Regency Romance Author and cover designer). When she returned the mock up cover, I was immediately in love! I drove my FaceBook family nuts with constant reminders of how much I loved that cover!!! I just wanted to sit and stare at it…and yet, there was more work to be done. The book had to be formatted for print and ebook and those had to be checked over…all things that take time! In the end, I still love my cover and the book is receiving great reviews from readers making me glad I decided to take the plunge and slide back into the author’s seat.


Bianca Sommerland said...

I could relate to everything in this post--well, except for the self-publishing stuff, but I knw some amazing self pubbed authors and I see all the hard work that goes into getting your book out there alone.

And covers. Nothing compaires to the feeling of getting that perfect cover.

Yours is beautiful. Great post :)

Elie said...

I love this cover too, it is beautiful. I am bad about this, but I will pick up and buy a book just for its cover. I often keep books that weren' spectacular becuase I love the pretty cover and it looks great on my shelf. Sounds superficial huh?

Chicks of Characterization said...

This is a gorgeous cover! I would buy it based on that alone! congratulations!!


Linda said...

I love to stand in the bookstore and just see which covers catch my attention. I will also buy because of a cover so when creating a cover or having one created for me (I do both - as a former graphic designer, I still like to dabble a bit)I want something that goes beyond just a picture and name on the front. It has to be an overall package. I wanted to design Angel's cover myself but simply could not get the image in my head. I sent the idea to Jaimey and the proof she sent back was perfect and I truly do love this cover!!! I'm so glad others do too :)