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How About Series?

Most readers like series. I'm a great fan of Michael Connolly with his LA detective Harry Bosch and Lee Childs with Jack Reacher, a loner who is impossible to describe.
So, back in 2009, I took a look at all the series I'd conceived and never finished the first book in and made a New Year's Resolution that I couldn't create any mor e series until I finished the first book in any series I felt was still viable. This left me still able to write any non-series story I came up with, but would force me to also do those first books. I figured I could zip through those first books in no time.
Started with Darkness of Dragons Trilogy. Devine Destinies liked the firat book, Dragon's Pearl, but then immediately wanted the other two. Dumb me hadn't counted that in. So I finished that trilogy.
Next was Dangerous Darkness, a four book series. Finished the first, Shadow On The Floor, and Red Rose Publishing then wanted the rest. Just finished the third. One more to go.
Champagne Books brought the first of my Dagon House Trilogy , Taken In, out on New Year's Day. Two more of those to write.
Eternal Press has the first two books of the Underworld Sereis, Unwise and Unwanted and I'm writing the third. Three more to go there.
I have four more series to write the first book in, but have cut myself some slack until I get a bit more caught up here. Nice to have sales, but sometimes I feel I've created an endless monster.

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Natasha Blackthorne's Winner

My winner is debby236 at gmail dot com

Please email me at n (dot) blackthorne @ yahoo (dot) com and let me know which novella you would like to receive.

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Avril Ashton's Winner

A big thanks to everyone for having me at the release party. I regret my ailments made me bail early, but I've picked my winner for a pdf copy of In Wicked Chains.

DEBBY!!! ( debby236 at gmail dot com )

Hi Debby, please email me at and I'll send along your prize.


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Gale Stanley: Goodnight!

I had a great time here today!
Thanks for letting me post. And thank you all for stopping by.
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Happy Reading!

Time to say goodnight!

Well it is been a blast! Hope you enjoyed the excerpts of my currently I hope I answered all of your questions. If not feel free to contact me offline. Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!



Hey everyone,

It's been great blogging at Goddess Fish Party Pavilion! Unfortunately, all the good things end and tomorrow is Monday. Major Ugh!

But there has to be something good about Monday's, right? What's your favorite thing about the start of the week? Mine is all the Monday posts with good looking hunks that pop up on several blogs, including mine, hehehe. They sure make Monday a little easier to navigate through.

Have a great evening! Keep in touch! and remember that I'm giving away a copy of "The Uncertain list".
Tristan's job is to investigate those people on Santa's Uncertain List and determine whether they're truly Naughty or Nice. His last mission of the year is Amy, a sweet girl with a kinky streak that will make his job harder than expected.

Just leave a comment with your email. I'll announce the winner tomorrow at my blog.

Elyzabeth M. VaLey!/ElyzabethVaLey

Why Wolves? Comment to Win

Whenever I discuss my latest book, Sloane Wolf, people often ask me, Why Wolves? And I have to say, why not? Wolves are fantastic creatures that mate for life and are truly faithful to their mates (from what I've read), and we humans could learn a lot from them.

As it pertains to my book, however, it was rather serendipitous that I ended up writing about wolves. I didn't intentionally set out to do so, but a series of events conspired to make it happen. The first event came in the form of a book that was ultimately made into a movie that got me to thinking - and anybody who knows me can tell you that when I get to thinking, things begin to a writing sense that is! I can turn the smallest nugget of an idea into a story, if motivated enough to do so, and that is how this story started out, as just a nugget. So there I was, inspired by this other book/movie enough that certain scenes kept kicking up in my head (ahem, fight scene), but content just to imagine it in my head.

Until event number two happened. That would be a contest that an electronic publishing company was running with the theme of - you guessed it - wolves. And so I thought, why not? I had some interesting scenes kicking around in my head, the contest was for a novella length story, so I had enough to accomplish that. And with the help of event number three - discovering an article about gray wolves returning to Massachusetts after a100-plus year absence - a true story began to formulate with legends of wolves and why they "reappeared" in the state after such a long absence. Wow, I thought, this was really going to be something, if I could get it all together in time.

Trouble was, once I started writing, I just kept on writing and I over-shot the word count. One thing I forgot when I set out to enter this contest: I have never been able to write short. I keep trying, but I usually have so much to say, it doesn't conform well to short stories or novellas. Not wanting to cut anything to fit the guidelines, I simply finished the book for me. And by the time I was finished with it, I knew that I had to try to get it published anyway, I felt that strong about it. And after several fits and starts, I finally found the right publisher for it in Muse it Up Publishing.

So there you have it. The serendipitous events that led to the birth of Sloane Wolf.

Now for the Giveaway:

Comment on this post with an email (so I can contact you) and you will be entered to win an electronic copy of Sloane Wolf. You can also comment on either one of my previous posts here on Goddess Fish Pavilion, come back here and tell me you did, and get an extra entry.

Excerpt: ABRA CADAVER, dark paranormal romance

My newest release is ABRA CADAVER, a dark paranormal romance from The Wild Rose Press. What happens when a Celtic warrior is cursed with the abra cadaver?


Holly Brimmer never expected to be brought back from the dead. After a fatal car crash, a mysterious stranger gives her a second chance at life—but it comes with a price. To stay alive she must pay it forward, accomplish an important deed, thus making her mark in the world. Until she does, her savior is bound to her. Now she has a backyard full of dead bodies and one unwanted houseguest.

Keane Malson kills bad guys to keep the innocent alive, but he’s still a monster. Cursed by a witch moments before an honorable death on the battlefield, he’s lived thousands of years, roaming from place to place with no end in sight. It’s a lonely life…until he meets Holly.

When a wanted man targets Holly, Keane will do anything to protect her, even if it’s the last thing he
ever does. 


Slowly, Keane sat up and ran a hand through his hair. Holly was enchanted by the way the black strands fell back into place. Her fingers literally itched with the need to feel Keane’s hair against her own skin so she stuffed her hands underneath her legs.
Keane slid his legs off the bed and, holding onto the headboard, he stood. Holly edged off the bed as well and prepared to support him. He held out a hand as if to tell her to give him a minute. He took a few steps deeper into the room and turned around.
“Feel better?” Sweet Mary, he looked better. Damn perfect standing at his full height and rubbing his stomach with his hand.
“Much.” He came to stand in front of her. He was close enough for her to wrap her arms around him, but she didn’t. “Don’t let me do that again, okay? I felt human for a few moments drinking that beer, but it’s not worth the pain.”
“Guess you need tighter supervision.” A heat washed over Holly’s cheeks as she glanced up. His eyes were back to the brilliant sky blue, his skin flawlessly pale.

“Yes, Miss Brimmer. That’s exactly what I need.” He grinned, and Holly forgot the rules.

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Shiloh Beck - First Kiss

Shiloh nearly leapt off the sill as his hand touched her knee. It took every ounce of willpower she possessed to remain seated and appear undaunted by the gesture. “I am…much better now…thank you,” she said, becoming more unnerved by the presence of his hand by the minute. Oh, this was not good, not good at all. The longer it remained there, the stronger her impulse to bolt became. Oh, no…

What was it about this man that rattled her so and with so little effort on his part? Sharing the same air with him was enough to send her pulses to the moon—and her mind somewhere else, something new for her. Being this attracted to a man was beyond her realm of experience. She didn’t know what to do with it—or about it. Should she do anything? Should she pretend indifference? And why wasn’t he so deeply affected? It wasn’t fair.

Still confused, she gave him a weak smile, intent on backing up her previous claim with the gesture. She feared it failed miserably. When Micah returned her smile and lifted his hand from her knee, she felt precisely one second of relief before he shook her world again by caressing her face in parting. She stumbled
back against the frame of the window, her lips parting on a startled breath as a lightning bolt shot through her at his touch. Something flickered in his eyes at her reaction—pain, perhaps—and he retracted his hand, balling it into a fist as he turned away from her, preparing to depart.

In an instant, she realized her mistake. Along with it came the knowledge she couldn’t let him go away angry or upset. After everything he and his family had done for her, she owed him that much. She grabbed him by the shirtfront to stop him, and a shock of awareness shot from her hand directly into his heart, just beneath it. She could see it in the gaze he leveled on her then, could hear it in his breath trapped within his lungs, feel it in the missed beat of his heart. But then, all sense abandoned her, and her heart skipped a beat as he held her hand firmly to his chest with one of his own and lifted the other to her head, anchoring it against the window frame. Slowly, his eyes never straying from hers, he leaned across the space separating them. His lips brushed hers, like a whisper, before he withdrew, tilted his head to the side, and advanced again. This time the kiss was fuller, penetrating her every defense, both physical and emotional, but still not long enough for her. He retreated once again after a fraction of time and hovered before her, scarcely an inch away. Watching her. Waiting.

Her heart beating a frantic tempo now, Shiloh abandoned all of her reservations and her good sense to swoop in for a more vigorous kiss. So vigorous, in fact, she knocked him off his perch through the open window. Only quick reflexes honed to perfection at the Institute prevented her from tumbling after him.
Bracing herself against the sill, she leaned out the window as far as she was able and watched his descent from the slanted roof to the ground below. She lost sight of him the moment he slid beyond the reach of the light from her window. But then she heard him land with a thud —and a howl—on the ground in front of the back porch when he failed to catch himself on the roof edge. She clasped a hand over her mouth to silence her reaction and waited. When he didn’t rouse right away, panic shot through her and she leaned out another few inches.

“Micah? Are you okay?”

“Fine,” he answered after a few moments, appearing beyond the overhang of the roof as if to prove it to her. “Nothing hurt but what’s left of my pride.”

Relief coursed through her at his statement, and she allowed herself the laugh she’d literally held back before. Her mirth was cut short, however, by his next words.

“Hey, Shiloh! We’ve got to stop falling for each other like this.”

His laughter followed her as she ducked back into the room. She could still hear it even after she closed the window, though not as well. Oh, Lord. She rested against the cool pane of glass and touched her still-tingling lips with shaky fingers. Was she? Falling for him? Was that what this crazy-mad feeling inside of her was?

The question plagued her long into the night.

Sloane Wolf by Margay Leah Justice
Available at Amazon and Muse It Up Publishing

Excerpt: Hard to Resist (Adult Excerpt/Contemporary Romance)

TITLE: Hard to Resist
AUTHOR: Stephanie Morris
GENRE/THEME: Contemporary African American Romance
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books
EXCERPT RATING: Adult content (sexual in nature)

The moment Nataleigh Brown laid eyes on Keelan Robinson three words came to mind—tall, gorgeous and egotistical! She had never met a man more insufferable in her entire life. But then Keelan gave her a closer look of the man beneath his cocky exterior.

Keelan might have been born into money but he chose to live in a low-income neighborhood amongst the inner-city kids he taught and urged to make something of their lives. Keelan was too handsome for his own good, had his pick of women…but he chose to pursue Nataleigh.

Nataleigh wasn’t fooled. Keelan wasn’t a man she could get involved with no matter how good he could kiss. She learned a long time ago that good things didn’t happen to a person like her. Nataleigh didn’t bother to dream that a man like Keelan could be the one for her because she didn’t believe in dreams anymore. But then again, she’d never met a man like Keelan…


She boldly pressed her front against his back, forcing him to acknowledge her and the sizzling attraction between them. As if he could ignore it. That quick, he grew hard and stiff with wanting her, his erection pressing insistently against the fly of his khaki’s.

“Look at me, Keelan.”

He dropped his head, knowing what would happen the second he did. Her light, unexpected touch caused him to jerk. He closed his eyes when her hands slid down his arms toward his hands. She coaxed him into releasing the dishes.

“Look at me, Keelan.”

When he didn’t obey her command, she lifted his arm high enough for her to duck underneath and squeeze herself between him and the counter until they were aligned from chests to thighs, forcing him to acknowledge her and their undeniable attraction.

Her fiery determination turned him on and he knew he had to do something fast or he’d succumb and take her passionately until neither of them could move. Just as he attempted to take a much needed step away from her, she grabbed his shirt and held him in place.

She rose up on her toes, placing her mouth inches below his. “I want you so badly, Keelan, I ache with it.” She lowered her lashes and nipped lightly at his jaw, then used her soft tongue to soothe the love bite. “Stop treating me like a fragile piece of glass. I won’t break. I’m a big girl. I know what I want.”

Bracing his hands on either side of her hips on the counter to keep from touching her, he shuddered and groaned, holding fast to his dwindling resolve. “Nataleigh—”
“Don’t tell me no.” The plea was filled with a wealth of emotion as her lips traveled up to his ear. “I want the closeness and intimacy of making love with you. My desire for you is so strong it consumes me.”

He squeezed his eyes shut as he battled between right and wrong. The words she’d just spoken were so honest, saying so much about her feelings for him. She wanted him and she was allowing her emotions and passions to run wild and free.

Seemingly taking his silence as agreement, she tugged his shirt from the waistband of his pants, shoved it up and over his head and tossed it to the floor at their feet. She flattened her palms on his bare chest and her breathing deepened as she stroked his taut, heated flesh and trailed her fingers down to his hard abdomen. Arousal surged though his bloodstream and arrowed straight to his groin. His erection pulsed against the fly of his khaki pants.

Bolder still, she dragged her tongue along the shell of his ear, then dipped inside. “I’m wet with the thought of having you deep inside of me, Keelan,” she whispered huskily.

Her thigh lifted high along his thigh so that she cold rub herself against his erection.

“Touch me and you’ll see for yourself.”

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My Dancin' With the Devil fantasy series is a fun, action packed series based on a heroine who will touch every emotion you have. The series includes three books following the antics of Astra Q Phelps. Astra is a Tweener, part angel and part devil, and, aside from running her demon exterminating business, she helps the Big Guy and the Celestial Army beat back the dark world. She generally gets the job done, but sometimes it ain't pretty! And to complicate things for Astra, she finds herself strangely attracted to the consummate bad boy. Royal Devil Dialle is gorgeous and incredibly sexy, but Astra's just never sure whose side he's on!

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Astra Q Phelps is a Tweener, which means she's part angel and part devil. She vaporizes devils and demons for a living. When Astra gets the call from the big Him to aid the good side in a battle between two rival devil courts, she finds herself battling not only the forces of evil but her own nature as she rubs up against the sexiest, most infuriatingly enticing devil prince and discovers he brings out her devil in the most delicious ways.
But Astra's problems don't end with a worrying jolt to her sexual nervous system. She is also discovering that she doesn't really know herself all that well as she begins to uncover magic powers that she didn't know she possessed. She might be entangled in a prophecy that links her to her delicious devil prince in more ways than one. Add to this spicy mix a few yummy secrets she learns about her longtime partner and friend, Emo, and you have a tantalizing stew of problems to solve, and only one small Tweener to unravel them all.

"...laugh out loud dialogue and a devilishly fast paced plot keep the pages flying."
Romantic Times Magazine, January 2009

'Tween a Devil and His Hard Place

Astra Q Phelps and her Royal Devil, Prince Dialle, must navigate a demon uprising that is rumored to have been instigated by the local Witches' coven. The demons are demanding to be released from service to the Royals so they can have a seat on the Dark Council. When Dialle's father, the king, disappears from his chambers and Astra recognizes the magic signature that's left behind as her parents', she realizes her family has more to do with the unsettling events than she would have hoped. Then a very powerful angel and lifelong friend of the Phelps family tells Astra that her father is under suspicion of being a dark angel and Astra is forced to spy on her own father to try to clear him. It's a whole mess of trouble for one little Tweener to sort through, but Astra Q Phelps is definitely up to the challenge.

"This is one of those series filled with all the good things I want in fiction.
I can't imagine ever getting tired of books like these where the
characters and dialogue make the action come alive for the reader!"
The Romance Studio
'Tween Heart's Fire and Devil's Delight

Astra’s world is flipped upside down when she’s called to a demon nightclub to rescue her magic-phobic sister, Darma. Turns out the event is only a precursor of the weirdness to come. A veil of twisted magic is descending over the Earth and it’s making everybody crazy. Humans are killing humans, magic users are killing other magic users, dark worlders are attacking humans at an alarming rate and madness is rolling over everyone in waves. When the guardian angels start succumbing to a rare disease called Devil’s Plague, Astra decides a visit to the prophet is in order. But before Astra can get her arms around it all, she finds herself facing the biggest challenge she’s ever had to face—being surrogate parent to a baby dragon. No way!
It’s a whole lot of stuff for one little Tweener to manage. But Astra Q Phelps is definitely up to the challenge.

The Devil You Know

Astra Q. Phelps is turning twenty-five in a few months and she’s starting to feel the effects of her Settling, the time when a half angel, half devil Tweener decides whether to embrace her dark nature or her light.

The delectable Dialle, king of the Royal devils, really needs Astra’s help in Hell to deal with an insurrection. But Astra’s Settling pretty much has her thinking of only one thing—S.E.X.!

Sex with Dialle, sex with her yummy partner Emo, sex with a molten-hot dragon slayer she meets along the way, and sex with assorted other randy Royals cavorting among the fires of Hell. It’s a constant struggle just to keep her mind and body pure so she can concentrate on the business at hand, but Astra Q Phelps is definitely up for the challenge. And Good versus Evil has never been this much fun!

'Tween Hopeful and Hopeless

You can have a taste of the series before you buy! Sam has written a short free read with all the wonderful characters from the series and even a few new ones! Download information below.
Blurb: What do you do when a bunch of dark world types steal magic from the Hopeful souls in Saint Peter’s kingdom to capture the Heavenly Gates and infiltrate the Big House? Astra Q Phelps does what she always does—kicks ass, blows shit up and prays!
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Magic, Adventure, Love on the Run (young adult)
"Ms. Cheever writes with class, humor and lots of fun
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Interview With Shiloh Beck from Sloane Wolf

Here is an interview empath Shiloh Beck did with author Kay Dee Royal:

KDR ~ Welcome Shiloh Beck, star of Sloane Wolf, a paranormal romance story. First let me say I’ve read your story and think Margay did an excellent creative job with it. I’m sure you feel the same about it…hopefully she got all the details right.

Please tell us a bit about your abilities.

I wish I could. Sometimes, I don’t understand them myself. All I know for sure is I can sense what others are feeling. Whatever they feel, I feel, to. Sometimes, I can even see the images in their minds – if I let myself. The Institute was trying to teach me how to turn that outward – to reverse the process, so to speak, and inflict certain feelings upon other people – but I don’t like talking about that.

KDR ~ Can you explain what The Institute is?

I’m not sure what, exactly, The Institute is. To me, it’s the place where I grew up, the place that kept me from my family. It’s the place where others like me are brought to cultivate our “gifts,” so we can learn how to live in the outside world with people who aren’t gifted. Funny thing is, none of us are allowed out into the outside world, so we never truly learn to adapt.

KDR ~ Tell us about Micah Stone. He seems a bit egotistical…or should I say, somewhat bossy.

You can say whatever you like because you’re right – on both points. Micah is somewhat bossy, but I guess he has good reason to be with a family like his. Someone has to keep his siblings in check and since he’s the oldest…let’s just say he takes that whole “leader of the pack” thing a bit too literal sometimes. As for egotistical, yes, I suppose he is, but have you seen him? I mean, really, the guy has good reason – but don’t tell him I said that. He’s hard enough to deal with as it is!

KDR ~ Can you give us a brief description of Sloane’s family?

I can try! Should I start from the top? Damon and Dara are just the most wonderful people you’d ever want to meet. Kind, caring, and very close to their children – all of their children. Aunt Reba…I don’t really know a lot about her, but she’s kind of intimidating. I wouldn’t want to cross her. You already know about Micah. So on to Cam. He’s a bit of a hothead, but when it comes right down to it, you couldn’t ask for a better person to have your back. Raven is the best – everything you’d want in your best girl friend. I can’t think of adequate enough words to describe her. Loyal, intense, beautiful? Yeah, those all fit, but she’s so much more. Grayson is the quiet one so when he speaks, you really listen. He’s wise beyond his years and just as fierce and loyal as his brothers. Another good one to have at your back in a crisis. And then there’s Ava, my little darling. Yeah, she can be a pain and is so eager to grow up and be a part of things, she often gets herself into a whole lot of trouble, but she really is a good kid. I think that covers them all.

KDR ~ So what was it like meeting Micah for the first time?

Hmm, it was…interesting. I mean, he’s so good looking, you kind of feel like he can’t possibly be real. So when we first met, I have a feeling I wasn’t very coherent! And he noticed, which made it more embarrassing. I think I stared a lot, too. Ugh. But then he turned on the arrogant attitude, so it kind of broke the spell a little.

KDR ~ What attracted you to the Massachusetts area?

It’s home. I’ve always lived in the state and, really, with the changing seasons and all, why would I want to live anywhere else?

KDR ~ I loved the ending of this book, but there’s more to your story, Shiloh. Would you give us a little heads up on what we can expect next?

You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I’ve heard how eager you are to know more! Let’s just say that, ever since I ended up in the hospital after the confrontation with Jon, I’ve been having a lot of strange dreams. But the thing is…they’re not my dreams. They’re someone else’s.

KDR ~ So tell us Shiloh, how is it to work with Margay? Did she do a good job of telling your story as it happened OR was she attempting to embellish it all?

Sometimes it’s scary how close she gets to the truth of things. I’ve tried my best to keep it to myself – sometimes knowledge is dangerous, you know – but she has a way of pulling it out of you. She’s relentless. She won’t stop until she gets to the bottom of things and that kind of makes me worry where this might all lead. I know the Institute isn’t done with me – the Enforcer is still alive, after all, so I know he’ll be back – and I don’t think I’ve seen the end of the black wolf, either. He’s connected to me in some mysterious, familiar way, and I know Margay won’t stop until she knows everything. I just hope she knows what she’s in for. It’s not wise to tangle with the Institute. And embellish? Oh, no. I think she downplayed it.

KDR ~ Where can we find Margay Leah Justice ~ we know where ever she is, you’ll be lurking nearby. Please give us Margay’s links & buy pages.

Well, aren’t you the little detective! Are you taking lessons from Margay? I suppose I’ll have to be on my guard with you, too. I’ll add you to the list with Raven, Ava and Margay!

Oh, okay, here are some of her favorite haunts (see I know about her, too):

Quickie Quiz
Getting to know … Shiloh Beck ~ star of Sloane Wolf

2 Things you do to relax:
Relax, what’s that? Okay, okay! Work out at the gym and read.

Favorite sport to watch:
Not much of a sports person, but maybe, soccer?

Cat or Dog:
Love both, though I’ve never had either one. Do I really have to pick?

Favorite places to write:
In a quiet little corner somewhere.

Place you’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t:
Paris, France

Breakfast drink:

Favorite season ~ why:

Fall – love when the leaves change color. So beautiful!

What are your hobbies /past times:
I don’t really have a lot of time for hobbies, but I do like to read.

Excerpt: KNIGHT OF RUNES by Ruth A. Casie - PG 13

Rebeka eyed Logan. He couldn’t be more different from his brother, she thought, noting his open, friendly face. Still he had the hard look of a warrior. She watched him stand and turn in the direction of the trees—almost as if he were looking for something.
“Get up,” he called out suddenly. “Get up now.” She was on her feet in a moment, but even as she wondered what was happening, a band of men attacked from the forest. It wasn’t an act, she realized in shock as she caught sight of their sharp knives. Fantasy blended with reality, and she instinctively threw off her cloak and reached for her staff.
She’d allowed herself to get too self-absorbed. She should have heard their approach. At once, she saw her mistake, but quickly got back into the moment. She was not in optimum condition but she could hold her own. The others wouldn’t need to concern themselves about her.
She hiked up what was left of her skirt and stood next to Doward, not for protection, but as a partner. Logan stood several yards away wielding his sword, fighting off attackers as he tried to reach her and the tinker. Logan’s face was in a snarl, his lips drawn back, his teeth clenched. His body was tight yet flexible as he gripped his sword firmly, executing each swing with precision.
Rebeka took a deep breath and the music played inside her head. The strong rapid beat of the rock music unlocked that secret place inside her. She heard and saw nothing. She perceived and felt everything. She was focused, ready and totally committed.
Three men attacked her and Doward. They must have expected them to be easy prey. Rebeka took full advantage to rid herself of her pent-up frustrations where it would do the most damage. She showed no mercy.
An attacker came at her with a staff. She stepped to the side and his strike hit empty air. She brought the end of her staff up, jabbing him under his rib cage. He tried to regain his breath, and she turned her back toward him, stepped back and wound up like a spring while she tucked her staff under her arm. As she uncoiled, she leveled her staff and swung in a full arc, smashing her attacker in the face. He went down. She swiftly spun around, raised her staff and caught another intruder in the temple, rendering him helpless.
Logan dispatched his last attacker and turned to Doward and Rebeka just as she smashed another man in the temple. He smiled, let out a war cry and joined her in the battle. He didn’t want to miss any of the fun.
“For Honor!” She heard Arik’s answer to Logan’s war cry ring through the forest and sensed more than saw him arrive. She didn’t have time to look.
She and Logan, with Doward between them, stood back to back staving off the attackers. Five surrounded them now. Holding her staff in two hands across her body, she moved in a quick succession of strikes. She spun into position and caught the attacker in the throat. Windmilling her staff to put it in position, she turned to the other side and, with a low level swing brought him down at his knees. She flipped over the next man who tried to skewer her with a knife and smashed him in the groin. Another attacker took his place. She parried and quickly found her opening, cleanly leveling her weapon across his neck. He fell gasping for breath. She spun to meet the next threat and came face to face with Arik.
Briefly, the music in her head skipped a beat. An eerie silence blanketed the battle. She heard her own breathing and the echo of her heartbeat in her ears. Everything stopped as she registered the desire in his eyes. Not now, she told herself. His penetrating desire burned her to a cinder. Not now. Fighting for control, she tore her eyes away from him before she lost all concentration, feeling a sense of loss. Not now. She willed the thought of him away, and pulled her eyes from his. Time resumed its normal pace.
In the heat of the fight, she winced in pain, blood trickling down her leg from her makeshift bandage. Holding her staff with both hands, she brought the end up and smashed the attacker in the eye, sending him to the ground. She twisted the staff behind her and put it in position for the next assault. Arik stood perfectly still. The attacker behind him moved closer.
She didn’t think he saw the man behind him ready to strike and didn’t wait to find out. She planted her staff solidly on the ground and vaulted high, tucking her left leg under her for balance. Arik reversed his grip on the sword and jabbed it behind him pinning the man on the spot as she threw her right leg out, kicking the enemy squarely in the temple with her heel. Arik pulled his sword out of the attacker’s chest, the man twice dead. There was no time to stop as the remaining maurders advanced. Arik fought as a man possessed, Rebeka alongside him.
Finally, the attackers lay dead at their feet.
Rebeka closed her eyes and waited for the last of the music to fade. The adrenaline spent, her thigh throbbing, she limped over to Doward.
“Who is this woman?” Arik’s voice drifted over to her. Rebeka looked up. He spoke to Logan who was cleaning a blade.
“I’d be careful taking a walk with her. She does have a way with her walking staff.” Logan laughed. He turned serious. “These men weren’t from our area,” he said, his voice casual. Arik nodded.
“Arik.” Rebeka stood a bare twelve inches from him. “They were cunning. They chose an area where we would have to split up. They must have taken the bridge apart to force us to separate. But they didn’t show the same degree of expertise in their fighting. These were not skilled fighters and they gained nothing. They were clumsy and…well, lazy. They didn’t fight with purpose. And look at their wrists.” She pointed to the outstretched arm of a dead attacker. “Each carries a mark on the inside of their right wrist, a T.” She drew the symbol in the loose dirt with her staff as she spoke.
She stopped. The men were unnaturally quiet and motionless. Their stare chilled her to the bone.
“Woman, had you waited for your proper escort this would have been avoided. Do you know how you risked the lives of my men?” His words were measured and precise.
“What?” Rebeka looked at him, astounded. “I did no such—”
“Silence.” His muscles rippled and tensed, making him look more frightening. Like a fly caught on paper, his cold stare pinned her to the spot. “Know your place, woman, and show respect. I did not give you permission to address me or my men.” He spoke in a controlled tone, but though he never raised his voice, every muscle shouted.
“What do you mean?” She wasn’t intimidated, she wasn’t cowering, and she definitely let him know it. She took a firm step toward him, setting herself scant inches in front of him. She met his stare, her violet eyes on fire. “I just saved your ass!” She saw the flare of his nostril and glint in his eye. She heard someone’s quick intake of breath. She caught them all off guard. A brief smirk lit her face. 
                 by Ruth A. Casie

A New Year To Be the Best Me I Can Be

Happy New Year. As I sit and ponder what I'd like to talk about, I've read many people write about their new year resolutions. I haven't made any new year resolutions. As a matter of fact, I haven't made resolutions in a number of years. Why? Because I've often fallen short to carry through on accomplishing many of them. For years, I resolved to lose weight as many of you have and for years, instead of losing weight, I'd end up gaining some. In 2008, I gave in and had gastric bypass surgery. It was a tough decision I had to make if I wanted to have a better quality and quantity of life.

Now, instead of making a resolution to lose weight, now I've opted to take one day at a time and to do the best I can with each day in order to be the best I can be for myself, my husband, my children and my grandchildren.

One thing I'd like to do is make a bucket list. There are so many things I'd like to do, to accomplish before my number is up. I'd love to be on somebody's best seller list with my writing, I'd love to visit New York for Christmas/New Year to watch the ball drop, I'd love to take a honeymoon with my husband. We're about to celebrate our 34th anniversary on July 18th and never took a honeymoon all those years ago. I'd love to take the Amtrak up the East Coast and make stops along the way. I'd love to visit Hawaii, I'd love to take a 10-14 day cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise line. These are just some of the things that would be on my bucket list.

Have you made any new year resolutions or made a resolution not to make any particular resolution?
What have you decided to do to be the best that you can be? Do you have a bucket list? What's on Yours?

Excerpt: The Price of Passion (PG13/Contemporary Roman​ce)

The Price of Passion is the first book in a series titled The Morning After. This series deals with what happens when a couple experiences unexpected consequences after a night of passion.

I hope you enjoy the first book.

TITLE: The Price of Passion
SERIES: The Morning After
AUTHOR: Stephanie Morris
GENRE/THEME: Contemporary Interracial Romance
PUBLISHER: Sugar and Spice Press

Sierra Walker has never met a rancher as charismatic as Kaden Stasso. After an unexpected night of passion, she was now expecting a very special Christmas delivery. But if Sierra gives in to the formidable dad-to-be marriage proposal of convenience only, she knows she'll only be getting herself back into a position she vowed to be in again.

Kaden Stasso won't concede to anything less than marrying the woman who carries his child, for it is deeply engrained in his culture to take care of his own. But this marriage was to be in name only. Yet, neither he nor Sierra could refute the strong connection between them. No matter how much he or Sierra wants to deny it, they both start to realize that the price of passion might be higher than either of them expected.

Like Kaden himself, like his own mother had been.

To him, this issue was not debatable.

Sierra carried his baby. She would be his wife. And his child would share his name.

They’d be together on holidays, like a real family was. Kaden would be there on Christmas morning.

Maybe because he had so few good memories of his own Christmases, the thought made him very happy.

Yes, he’d be present for every event of his daughter’s or son’s life—the birth, school events, doctor’s appointments, everything. Just as it should be.

Leah had robbed him of parenthood once; he refused to let it happen again.

There was no room for negotiation.

The fact that Sierra was every bit as manipulative as Leah didn’t matter right now. No child of his would be a bastard, wear the label and be talked about. Not if Kaden had anything to say about it.

“We don’t even know each other,” she complained.

“It’ll happen.”

Reaching up, she grasped his wrists and tried to shove him away. In her eyes, he saw fear. A softer part of him wanted to ease up, tell her that everything would be okay, that he wasn’t the monster she thought him to be. He’d fought against her discomfort concerning men, of him, on their night. And he’d won. But he wasn’t about to do it again.

She was no different than any other woman.

A few months ago, she’d made her bed and invited him to lie in it. He planned to do just that.

“You don’t even approve of me,” she protested.

“Who cares?”

Her eyes drifted closed and her breaths came in uneven, small bursts. “I care.”

“We had a night together where we got along,” he said, recalling her sensual reaction to his touch and the slide of satin as he’d removed her clothing from her body.

He’d cupped her breasts in his hands, relished in their fullness and their response as her nipples beaded, begging for his caress. Even now, his body reacted just to the memory of her low moans. “We approved of each other just fine then.”

“Don’t remind me.”

Oh, but he wanted to. He’d been good enough for her that night, even if that wasn’t the case now.

“You have to see that this is a ridiculous idea.”

“You have to see that it isn’t.” His hold tightened once more on her shoulders. “What sort of mother would intentionally subject her child to being a bastard?”

“A bastard?” she parroted, disbelievingly. “This is the twenty-first century, Kaden.”

“Not in this town.” Even when he’d been young, when several single women had been having children, he’d been teased.

“You’re being archaic.”

“You’re na├»ve,” he retorted. “We’re in a small town and people will gossip. You’ve heard about my past with Leah. I heard about your pregnancy at the pharmacy. Think about it.” Kaden spent his entire childhood battling the label of not being wanted, getting into more trouble than he knew what to do with.

His mother had been called down to the principal’s office as many times as Kaden had. By the time he’d finished school, he’d been suspended at least two dozen times. He wouldn’t have been looked down on or taunted if he’d had a father.

“It’s more complex than that. I can’t get married again.”

“Why is that?”

Her hazel eyes clouded. She opened her mouth to respond, then closed it again. She had secrets, he saw, and he wanted every one of them discovered.

“It’s just not possible.”

“Not good enough—not good enough for me, not good enough for the child we made.”

He didn’t like the idea of being tied down again anymore than Sierra did. He’d promised himself he’d never let another woman finagle him, but he was prepared to forfeit his sanity for his own flesh and blood. Sierra had no choice but to do the same.

He threaded his fingers into her hair, then said, “This isn’t about you and me anymore.”

Her hazel eyes were wide, revealing, alluring. It had been her eyes that first fascinated him, making him want to know her better. They’d sparkled when she laughed, then later, they’d darkened with a passion that matched his.

“I’ve already sworn not to shut you out. Isn’t that good enough?”

“No.” He shook his head. “Every child deserves a father, no matter how you feel about the man you’re pregnant by.”

She sighed. “You’re out of your mind.”

“Possibly.” Despite the statements Leah had launched at him, breaking his heart, he had loved baby Jacob with his entire being, which was still in shambles from losing her. The loss of one baby who meant everything to him strengthened his determination not to lose another, especially one that was truly part of him. “But I’m willing to let you choose the date.”

“You can’t force me to marry you.”

Removing one hand from her hair, he cupped her chin, caressing the soft skin, his thumb brushing the side of her throat and resting where her pulse raced. “Would it be such a terrible thing?” he asked, softly, inquisitively.

Doesn't everyone want to be treated like a Goddess?

Hi everyone!

Dana Littlejohn here to bring you story that has some Christmas spirit with a dash of modern technology! Christmas Goddess is about a woman who is sick an tired of being sick with the men that have been coming into her life. Finally she decided to just leave them alone for a while. Unfortunately that didn't make her happy either. Luckily she had a best friend that knew her better than anyone else and she made sure Kendra had the best Christmas ever!

Kendra Taylor was single by choice, but unhappy with her predicament. Feeling depressed over her situation she declined going with her friend Monica to an annual Christmas party. Wanting to help Kendra, Monica searched diligently for the perfect gift to lift Kendra’s spirits and usher her into the New Year on a positive note…and she found it!


Christmas Goddess is available now at Secret Cravings Publishing

Dana Littlejohn

The Uncertain List: Excerpt :)

I’m back! A little later than expected but I’m back. My dear Labrador puppy (just turned 7 months yesterday) decided he wanted to take a mud bath. I went against it but he’s a stubborn mule and just threw himself into the dirt. He had his fun but I had mine when I put him into the bath, washed out all the icky mud and then squirted him with some perfume (he hates the stuff).

Anyhow, as promised here is an excerpt from “The Uncertain List”! Remember that I’m giving away a copy. All you have to do is leave a comment, your email and I’ll post the name of the winner tomorrow at my blog.

See you in a bit!




Tristan slammed the car door shut and paused to look at the small town around him. An assortment of shops and apartment buildings lined the street. Through almost every window he could see Christmas decorations. Trees adorned in all manner of styles, from the most simple with plastic stars to the most embellished with gold and silver balls, matching tinsel, and fake snow, graced halls, living rooms, and shop fronts.

He took in a deep breath. A mixture of pine trees, burning wood, and delicious coffee assaulted his senses. His stomach growled, reminding him he hadn't had anything to eat for quite a while. He glanced at the paper in his hand. At the bottom of a row of crossed-out words, a name scribbled in fancy red ink stood out. Amy Donaldson. She was the last mission on his list. Hopefully, he'd be done quickly and be able to get back home for Christmas dinner. A couple strode by him and the smell of warm muffins reached his nostrils. His stomach growled again. Folding the list with Amy's name, he placed it on the inside of his thick winter coat and made up his mind. After all, there was nothing worse than starting a job on an empty stomach.

A bell chimed over his head as he entered the coffee house named Sugar, Ginger, and Spice. A delicious waft of ginger cookies and sugary sweets reached him, corroborating the shop's apt name. The only thing missing, from his point of view, was the touch of spice.

However, the remedy to that appeared in the form of a stunning coffee-serving clerk. He took in her looks as he strolled over to the counter. Compared to him, she wasn't very tall; her head would barely reach over his chin. Her short brown hair was fashioned in a cute pixie haircut with long, side-swept bangs, which highlighted her high cheekbones and large brown eyes. She wasn't too thin, but more on the plump side, just like he liked his women. There was nothing like holding on to a woman's ample hips in the throes of passion.

"What can I get you, sir?"

He was pleased to discover she had a sweet voice, too. Most likely, she participated in a choir or had done so when she was a child. He raised his eyes from her pretty face to stare at the billboard above. The little place certainly had a large assortment of cakes, muffins, cookies, coffees, and hot chocolates.

"What do you recommend, ummm..." He lowered his gaze to read the square tag placed over her heart. "Amy."

He looked up at her face again and was shocked to see the sign hovering on her forehead. How could he have missed it before? The black question mark with a sparkling white snowflake acting as a dot danced over her forehead like a luminous beacon. He must have been too distracted with her appearance to notice she was the last person on his list.

"If I may advise?"

Amy's sweet voice broke his thoughts. He realized he must have been foolishly staring at her for a few seconds and his cheeks warmed in embarrassment. Perhaps sensing his discomfort, Amy plowed on.

"The coffee with white chocolate tastes particularly good if you pair it with the vanilla cupcake."

She smiled at him, a pearly white smile full of innocence. How could this little fairy be on the Uncertain List? She clearly belonged to the Nice List. There must have been some sort of mistake.

"I'll give that a try, then."

"Will you be at a table or is it a takeout order?" she asked automatically.

Tristan regarded the place. The coffee house was not too full: a couple sat at a table, a group of girls chatted at another, and an elderly man read in an armchair. On a whim, he decided he would stay awhile.

"I'll have the order here."

"That will be six fifty, please."

He handed her the money and walked away to sit down at one of the empty tables near the window. He regarded the store more calmly. In a corner, there were a few worn-out couches, inviting people to bring a book and relax while enjoying their drinks. The rest of the room was furnished with round wooden tables and chairs made out of the same material. Each table held a small Christmas ornament with the day's menu. Tinsel and banners wishing everyone happy holidays decorated the walls. The windows were sprayed with fake snow to form the words Merry Christmas. Soft Christmas jazz music played through some speakers. Tristan smiled cheerfully. He was comfortable and at ease in the little coffee shop. It was almost like being home.

"Here you go, sir."

Amy bent over the table and placed his order. Her breast brushed against his arm and like a magnet to metal, his eyes were drawn to her exposed cleavage. His mouth watered. How could he have missed noticing such fine attributes before? His eyes lifted as the girl straightened up. With a smile and a knowing wink, she pointed at his coffee. She turned around and walked back to the counter, her hips swaying in an indecent manner that caused his cock to swell. He finally tore his eyes off her when he could no longer see her generous bottom. His stomach roared, reminding him he was hungry, and he switched his attention to the steaming cup before him. That's when he caught sight of the napkin next to his coffee. She had scribbled her name and her phone number on the paper. He looked up at Amy again and she smiled devilishly. Perhaps his job wasn't going to be as easy as he had thought.