Sunday, February 13, 2011

More first kisses and more passion

Yes, Drake, the pirate, protagonist of To Seduce A Soulmate, is not much into this soul mate stuff, so Martin, the devil, has a hell of a time to convince him they are in fact connected, have been since the beginning of time by a fate that ties them together, beyond any reasonable or rational explanation. And it’s no easy task to convince a skeptic, particularly one as good looking as Drake, with his dark-pirate air and long raven black hair hanging down to his shoulders, a prize for any woman, so why should a man succeed since the handsome pirate doesn’t even seem interested? In fact, Drake establishes rules to keep a distance with the blond Irish devil, but who knows…the rules may be more for his own protection than to maintain Martin at bay. Either way, the pirate slips, yes, he does and here’s how he does it:

By now, the crowd had thinned out considerably and Drake was able to notice some of the security team. The building would remain open until very late that night to give everyone the time either to mingle more or to wear off the alcoholic effects before driving home.
Following his gaze, Martin’s lips curved in a snarl. “I hope no one’s coming after us.”
Stepping into the elevator, Drake shrugged. “If they do, they might catch something not very…businesslike.”
“Nothing like some hot sex to perk up their drab routines.” The devil grinned, getting inside as well.
Drake hardly waited for the elevator doors to close before trapping Martin against the metallic wall, his palm straying to the interested crotch while his mouth attacked the devil’s, finally free to give in to his greatest craving.
Anticipating his move, the blond Irish reacted viciously, his tongue striking out to clash against Drake’s fiery muscle to start a silent battle, each trying to gain an advantage while their cocks became harder as the pressure increased spasmodically.
The pirate was too taken by Martin’s intoxicating taste filling his senses to notice much else besides the wet tongue invading his space, slithering like a seductive snake, sweeping his palate with repeated strokes, trying to reach his throat and wanting to take possession of everything. Drake responded fiercely, rubbing the muscles together, grazing the edge of the devil’s pointy teeth, drinking from him as if he were man dying of thirst until he could not breathe anything but Martin.
“Does this mean you changed your mind, Pirate, and I can finally touch you?”

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But will this kiss be Drake’s undoing? Or is it just an accidental slip, a mistake caused by the unbearable tension Martin provokes with his mere presence?

Laura Tolomei


Virginia said...

Do we all have soul mates out there.


Laura Tolomei aka Lalla Gatta said...

According to Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, yes, we all have soul mates out there because the world initially was inhabited by a sort of double creature with four arms, four legs, two noses, etc., until the jealous gods decided to divide them in half and scatter the pieces all over earth. That's the reason we have a missing half, but also the reason it's not so easy to find it.
In any case, it's all explained in To Seduce A Soulmate.