Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Sweets!

I openly admit, I have a HUGE sweet tooth. Always have. I get it from my dad. If I am in the same room as something sweet, I absolutely cannot keep my hands away.

Somehow Valentines Day has become a holiday for giving candy...not sure who decided the perfect way to show someone you loved them was to give them some chocolate, but it's perfectly fine by me!! I could sit and eat sugary treats all day, and mix in something salty too just for a contrast. Yeah, a chocolate-covered pretzel will do.

Some of my favs:

Who can live without chocolate and peanut butter combined?? I sure can't!

Nuts, nougat, caramel...need I say more?

Only the red ones are any good.

When you need something minty and refreshing!

These little beans are oh so tasty!! When my mom lived in California, we would visit the factory. So so cool!

You craving something sweet yet????? What are your candy favs????

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Jason said...

Snickers are my fave. I even tried the chocolate with bacon bits and liked it. :)

Faith said...

I like anything chocolate and peanut butter, but one thing I've been wanting to try forever are the Mounds dark chocolate bars with the lime. I can't find them anywhere, and when I do see them in a neighboring town, the box is empty! *pout*

Elie said...

your making me hungry. In the spirit of Valentines day, I am going to say chocolate covered strawberries.

Cate Masters said...

I'm craving chocolate now too. :)
Fun post.
cate.masters at

Virginia said...

I love anything chocolate. I get on candy kicks. Hersery Kisses are what I am into right now.


doxymom said...

Darn it! Now I want chocolate!

My favorite is Reeses or Lindor Truffles.

doxisrcool at

Amy S. said...

Reese's Pieces is my fave. I've been eating the conversation hearts too. I love the holiday peeps too.

Anonymous said...

It all looks really nice! I like chocolate the most :)

luciatea01 (at)

Tess MacKall said...

My downfall will forever be Almond Joy bars. sighhh...want one right now. That creamy rich chocolate and coconut is calling to me. Back later. LOL

heavy hedonist said...

OOh, Swedish fish! Love 'em!
I'll be getting birthday cake pretty soon and that will have to do me-- I've never received candy on V-day, no matter what. Strange, since I've been in one monogamous relationship or other almost constantly since the age of 17..

heavy hedonist said...

Now I think of it, my fave would be something like the chili-chocolate bar I secretly bought yesterday (secret from The DH), or Dark Chocolate Almond Joy.
I've always loved bittersweet, and not just in candy.

Stephanie said...

I so need to try the chocolate and bacon thing one of these days!!

And I have never heard of Mounds with lime! Interesting!!!!


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