Sunday, February 13, 2011


My research assistant, Guillermo surprised me for V-Day with tickets to see Rock of Ages in the big city with dinner after. I'm very excited to see a Broadwayesque production. I usually treat myself to the CD so I can relive the experience over and over again in the privacy of my automobile. Picture me rockin out and singing at the top of my lungs.

I'm thrilled to get away from small town life for a few hours and see how the other half lives. I'd be just as happy to snuggle at home watching a romantic movie and sipping hot chocolate.

What are your plans?

Kelli Scott


Darkreader said...

My hubby has to work all weekend and on V-day - but he gave me a velvet heart box of chocolates! Can't get it wrong with chocolates, and I know he'll give me something else on V-day!
I'm making him a sugar free cake and bought him a DVD he has been wanting!

Happy Valentine's Day!

doxymom said...

Sounds like fun.

My hubby has to work too, and the kids have no school. I'll be making cookies and watching cartoons all day. Not romantic, but fun.

doxisrcool at

Cate Masters said...

My birthday was yesterday, so dinner out covers both usually, lol. Hope you have a blast!

Kelli Scott said...

Okay, I'm back and did have a blast. We rocked out to the CD all the way home today.

My Sweetie is also working Monday. That's why we celebrated today. I'll be working too. Writing. Blogging. Grocery shopping. Everyone have fun whatever you do.