Sunday, February 13, 2011

The kiss that lasted three decades

In high school, I was vaguely aware of my future hubby. He had no clue I existed! Understandable, since he was a senior when I was a lowly freshman. After I graduated though, I came on his radar in a hurry. :)  On our first date, he picked me up from my parents’ home, and right away, I knew this was serious stuff. He’d dressed up for me! We had only planned to go to the movies. The first Rocky movie will always be special to me because it started a lifelong romance.
On the way home, I nestled close to him. He looked over to say something while driving, and slammed on the brakes, right in the middle of the road to kiss me. That kiss knocked my socks off. Luckily, no cars were behind us, because it lasted quite awhile.
After three decades, his kisses still have that effect. We celebrated our thirty-third anniversary last fall. Those thirty-three years have brought me such joy, every day is a celebration.

Here’s a short excerpt from my historical Native American romance, Follow the Stars Home, about another love that lasted a lifetime. Follow the Stars Home was a Top Ten Finisher in this year’s PredEd poll too! Woot!

Black Bear stared at her, the fullness in her gaze made his breath flutter like the fireflies. “The moonlight lit your face. You’re more beautiful than ever.” Warmth coursed through his face. He must have enchanted himself with the song. Though he’d thought it many times, he’d never before called her beautiful.
Unable to hold back any longer, he knelt in front of her, and she lifted up to kneel before him. Entwining his fingers through hers, he held them against the scar on his chest where the bone tore through two summers ago. With a voice soft as a trickling stream, he spoke. “I welcomed the pain of becoming a man. Do you know why?”
“Because you wanted to be a great warrior?”
His thumbs caressed the back of her hands. “No. The time of great Sioux warriors is ending. I must learn to be a better hunter. To provide for my family.” A family he wished with all his heart to have with her. His insides lurched when she glanced down.
“Black Bear—”
She tried to slide her hand away, but he held it fast.
“Please let me speak.”
His seriousness silenced her. With a nod, she lifted her gaze to his scar, the mark of his love for her. It spoke of his hopes for their future. From now on, he wanted it to be a reminder of this night.
Soft urgency gave fire to his words, and the fire sparked in his blood. “I know now why you are called Quiet Thunder. I didn’t know I could feel such thunder inside. It overtakes me every night while I try to sleep. In everything I do, I feel your spirit with me. I need to know if you feel the same.” He pressed her hand against his scar so she might feel his heart thudding through his skin. It pulsed with his life’s blood as if to mingle with her own.
When she raised her chin, moonlight illuminated her face, her dark eyes ablaze. “Yes.”

You can read another excerpt, view the trailer and even see who I’d cast as Black Bear and Quiet Thunder on my blog at

I hope you enjoyed it!
Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!
Cate Masters



perisquire30 said...

A Native American romance! Awesome! I can't remember running into too many of those out there.

Great stuff, Cate!

~Roni Lynne

Belinda said...

I hope you guys have many more decades together.
1bmore @ gmail .com

Teresa K. said...


I loved the look into your life with your awesome hubby. Congrats on such a wonderful life together. You have your own romance going and thats beautiful.

I also wanted to tell you I'm Native American and I think the story excerpt is great. I'm Tuscarora of the Six Nations or Haudenausaune. I'm a People of the LongHouse.

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Nina Pierce said...

What a romantic ... stopping the car to kiss you! Happy Valentine's Day to you and hubby, Cait!

doxymom said...

Sigh. So romantic. I like it!

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Miranda Grissom said...

OMG I swoon! That is such a sweet story! Congrats to you and your husband and cheers to many more years!!!

Virginia said...

Loved you story and the excerpt, really want to read this book. A kiss that last decades you are one lucky gal


Annette said...

beautiful cover and Cate's up for some EPIC Awards too--are you going to Williamsburg?

Cate Masters said...

Thanks everyone!
Thanks Annette! I'm excite to go to the EPIC conference next month. Hope to see you there!

Cindy L said...

Hi Cate! It's amazing how many authors at this party have known their hubby was the one from high school! I too married my high school sweetheart.