Sunday, February 13, 2011

Branded by his Lips

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       A first kiss--what does it say? How can you know a person from the brush of mouth against mouth?
      A kiss can be an unwelcome caress-- offensive, sloppy, brutal, an indication of poor hygiene--or an exquisite experience introducing desire. It is usually the first intimacy between a couple and if it goes wrong, may well be the last.
      In Breed True, my western erotic romance featuring Grady Hawks and his reluctant bride, Julie Rossiter,  Grady plans his first kiss carefully and reluctant bride or not, his combination of steely determination and tender concern begins to pierce Julie's defenses.
            The kiss this time was different from the morning brush of lips. His mouth descended on hers before she could turn her head and rebuff him. Julie shuddered and closed her eyes, avoiding the sight of the man who held her.
            "Open your eyes," he coaxed. When she blinked up into the dark face hovering above hers, he explained softly, "I want you to know who's kissing you."
            This time when his mouth descended, the rough, dry caress was accompanied by the tip of his tongue lightly tracing the seam she held tightly closed.
            When her lips remained shut he shifted his hand to her chin, and she felt the brush of his rough thumb before he used it to tug on her lower lip. She clenched her teeth, but he caressed the soft inner lining of her mouth before his head blotted out the light, and his tongue touched where his thumb had been.
            Julie gasped and tried to back away, only to find that his other hand held the back of her head as he gained entrance. He tasted her, and by necessity, she him. Grady Hawks tasted like coffee.
            He discovered her mouth, leisurely exploring her teeth, rubbing her tongue with his, and invading her in a way that aroused her senses. Catching her bottom lip between his, he sucked on it before he lifted his head and stared down at her, studying her face out of those gray eyes that didn't match his bronze skin and high cheekbones. "One more," he muttered and took her mouth again.

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Virginia said...

I love reading western romances so I will be looking for this one. Awesome kiss.


Gem Sivad said...

Virginia, Julie like that kiss too, even if she didn't want to. :)

Hope you'll look for more of my Eclipse, Texas western romance series. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Valentine's Day!


desitheblonde said...

wow i love these kind i read them in one night like all ways they are good when hey have more than one

Gem Sivad said...

Oh, that's good news. If you like one of my Eclipse,Texas westerns, you might like more. :O

Thanks for stopping by,