Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are All First Kisses Sparks and Fireworks?

Ah, the first kiss between characters. It can be splendidly portrayed with a graphically written picture that leaves the reader no doubt as to where that kiss is leading or as simple as a quick peck on the cheek. Both can be equally important. In my current release, “Arms of an Angel”, the main character (sensual and wealthy yet still hurting Claire Orion) has gone out to indulge herself with an extravagant meal at an upscale restaurant…it is to be her last meal before she takes her own life. A mix up in last names places her at the table of a gentleman who ends up being her earthly angel. When the dinner is over, he offers her a ride home - which she accepts. She tries to lure him into joining her for coffee at her place – which he does not. He does, however, sense he will never see her again and Claire is concerned he somehow knows what she’s about to do. The following, along with that all-important first kiss, is what ensues:

“I have this overwhelming feeling that I’ll never see you again once you get out.” His brows were drawn down, his face concerned.

Claire was sure he could hear the loud thud of her heart. She felt the need to throw him off.
“Let me have your phone.” She held out her hand and he produced it with out question. She stared at it for a moment then keyed in her number. “There.” She handed it back.

“Thank you.” He smiled, rubbing the phone between his fingers as if it was her hand. “We’ll have that coffee… and sooner than you think.

“Would we have had coffee, Dr. O’Bryan?” she asked, kissing his cheek and bolting from the car before he had time to recover.

When she waved and smiled mischievously from the lobby doorway he shook his head and laughed. The thought of her would not easily be shaken, he was sure of that.

“You’re home early, Ms. Orion,” Garrett heard the doorman saying to her as he pushed the button that rolled down the window. “And alone! You ruffled somebody’s feathers again, girl?”

Claire started to respond but was cut off by Garrett’s voice calling her name. She turned toward him and he was struck momentarily silent by her beauty. Uncertain of his intent, she walked back to the car and looked through the open window.

“Change your mind?” she teased. “No, I suppose Morgan’s Falls still has you bound. What then?”
“Sunday brunch? 10:00ish? And we’ll have that coffee then. Scouts honor.” He held up two fingers.

“Wouldn’t you know. Friday night and I get stuck with a parent whipped boy scout.” She laughed, letting him know she was still teasing. “Make it 10:30 and I’ll accept with expectation.”

Garrett nodded. “Claire,” he called as she began to back away. “You are a woman of your word, right?” When she didn’t respond he added, “You seem as though you would be.”

Claire breathed in and held it for a moment as she looked into the distance. The night had not gone as she’d planned. Now she was being asked for her word. Yes, she was a woman of her word…most of the time, and especially when pressed. Why was he asking? Did he inherently know? If she said yes, under the circumstances, was she bound by her word? Yes, she supposed she was. At last she nodded. “My yes is yes. I’ll be waiting and watching. 10:30 sharp on Sunday morning.”

Garrett smiled. “Thank you.”

“You may change your mind. You don’t really know me.” She pushed away from the car with a laugh.

He shook his head. No, he didn’t know her at all. He’d lived enough of life, however, to believe their paths must have crossed that evening for a definite reason. He wondered if he’d ever find out why.

“You losin’ your touch, Miss?” Garrett heard the doorman teasing her again.

“Nah, Charlie. I got lucky in a different way tonight.” She elbowed the older gentleman. “I found me an angel. What was his name? Clarence maybe? Oh listen… I think I hear a bell ringing.”

He heard the doorman chuckle as Claire disappeared behind the heavy wood and beveled glass doors of the grand building.

“Not an angel with these thoughts!” he whispered as he drove away.

My first kiss from my future husband was shared over a cup of hot chocolate after a very cold walk. It was maybe just a little better than a peck on the cheek, though, since we were sitting in front of his mother’s fireplace…I’m pretty sure we’d have just had coffee!!! (Please tell me you caught that in the excerpt?!!!). It was nice even though it didn't make my toes curl or lights shoot through the sky and, since I ended up marrying the guy, I'd definitely say it was just as important. Want to share a bit about your first kiss from your special someone??? I know I’d love to hear about it…


LuAnn said...

I've had first kisses that were definitely duds!

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Kerri said...

Our first kiss was as he dropped me off at my dorm and as I was walking away to go in he grabbed my hand and pulled me back to him saying, "You aren't getting away that easily." and kissed me.

mysticmother said...

I've been married fifteen years and I can't believe I can't remember our first kiss. I must be going senile lol. I'm going to have to chew on that awhile and see if I can bring the moment back. It seems like we've been together forever, thinking back to the beginning feels kind of strange.