Sunday, February 13, 2011

Karma Court Now IN Session!


Karma Court, the space within the afterlife wherein wronged souls rule on Karmic detainees, is now in session!

Hi everyone! In celebration of Play Fling becoming Bestseller For A Day this Valentine's Day, pick up your Free fan extra, Just Desserts, the sentencing of stupid Cupid herself, Millie Match, HERE!

Play Fling might be the HOT, sexy romp reviewers keep calling it, but not all readers adore one of it's characters. Millie Match is stuck in a life sentence matchmaking the impossible. She sucks at it. Royally stinks.

And some would love to throttle her.

One recent day, I asked my Millie why this happens. She let me in on a little scene-- her sentencing.

See for yourself why Millie got what she got. You'll either love her all the more, triumph in the ruling against her, or both. I don't know. But this series of Karma Court shorts promises to be FUN and will reveal far more than we first saw in Play Fling.

Tomorrow is Play Fling's big day and I can't do it alone! Tune in on Facebook and Twitter as I ask you and every reader out there to go score this romp on Kindle for $0.99. If you help out and purchase your copy there, two rebated reads can be yours! That 3 ebooks for $0.99 AND entry into over 12 Amazon gift cards.

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Now, for some real fun! If you had the chance to give the person who wronged you their Karmic dues, how would you 'rule'? Tell us here and your 'ruling' could be picked to be featured in the next Karma Court short, Bitter Sweets!


Greta said...

I LOVE her sentencing. These reads sound like SO much fun. I will definitely check it out tomorrow...thanks for sharing! (

doxymom said...

I love the concept behind these. I couldn't think of any "fun" karmic dues for those who've wronged me but I'll have some coffee and try again. LOL.

Sherry Gloag said...

Poor old Millie, she sounds like my cupid in The Wrong Target out with eTreasures this month; full of good intentions but nothing goes quite as intended. :-)

Deena said...

Your title and cover rock! *giggles* And I gotta say: I. Love. Your. Work!!!!! It's, dare I say, scrumptious!