Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vegan Dark Chocolate Cupcake and Valentine Drink and a Pictish Warrior

Here are two great online recipes for Valentine’s Day
Vegan Dark Chocolate Cupcakes With Frosting
Valentine Drink
Chocolate and liquor
what more could you need except
a Wild Pictish Warrior
and I have one for you in an excerpt from Druid Bride:

Alarms sounded in Tanwen’s head. Sand crunched beneath her feet as she followed Huctia and Gethin across the shore and onto a well-worn path into the forest, where she trod on grass and twigs. Loud grunts and yells assaulted her ears as a charging beast and warriors headed straight toward them. She barely managed to jump out of the way of a raging, sharp tusked boar.

A warrior burst out of the woods with more fierceness than the wild beast. He leapt like a deer. Beneath his short tunic, his long, lean, bare legs raced at the speed of a bird in flight. He pulled to a halt with the flexibility of a leather thong, bent back and then leaned forward to launch a long, black spear. The weapon soared through the air, struck hard, and impaled the beast. The boar’s high-pitched squeal tore through the forest air as it twitched in its death throes.

Tanwen nodded toward the warrior and his prize. “Good throw.”

“My lady.” Danger shone in his alluring grin and the gleam of his eyes. “Do I know you?” Over his tunic, he wore a black cowl that fell to the elbows, leaving his forearms bare but for the blue tattoos of beasts pricked onto his skin in the way of the Picts.

“No.” The air crackled around him with masculine energy. Tanwen’s breath caught in her throat. “I am from the Silure village on Eryri.”

“With the Romans afoot, few druids dwell in Britannia.” He stepped toward her.

Flames of fire licked the inside of her body as her gaze drank in the features of his evenly proportioned face and his hair, thick from lime wash and spiked like a hedgehog’s, with strands ranging from dark brown to a golden hue. A fire ignited in her belly.

Happy Valentine Day,

Cornelia Amiri


Virginia said...

Great excerpt looking forward to reading more.


Karin said...

Thanks for sharing those links. The recipes look good.

mysticmother said...

Great excerpt and recipes too!