Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kissing Games

Well, it was really the Scottish Games, but that first kiss between Cait and Jake whet their appetites for the hot interlude to follow that night!

I’ll start with the backstory, the story’s backstory, which is the opening scene in Celtic Rhythm and in real life was the inspiration for the story. I was at the Scottish Games watching a band play—wait, I admit, I was watching one certain drummer. Long red hair flowing free, he wore a flowing white shirt and kilt as he marched around the room playing his drum in the audience. As he approached the stage he saw a young boy watching with wide eyes. The drummer set the drum down in the grass before the boy and handed him the sticks.

Yup, you’ve got it, my heart was lost at that moment. “He needs a story,” I decided, and Celtic Rhythm was born. Sad to say everything that followed that scene in the novella was fantasy, but oh, what a fantasy! Older woman, younger man, passion so hot they can’t wait to get a room...what more do we need?

Their first kiss came in the vendor booth where Cait sold clothing. Sitting alone with her eyes closed, she fantasized she lived in the Highlands and was waiting for her man to appear. To her surprise, Jake walks in. I have to keep the excerpt very brief, to keep it clean:

He toyed with her braid, pulling it forward over her shoulder, running his fingers down the long plait. When the back of his hand brushed over her nipple, it tightened, all of her senses focused on his touch. She imagined him stroking the blonde tip of her braid over her naked breast and gasped at the heat that shot through her. Say something, she chided. “I, uh, enjoyed y-your music.”

“Did you now?” he asked, reaching for her neck. He slid his thumb over her pulse point. “I like the rhythm you’re keeping.”

He leaned down and stole her breath as his lips pressed against hers. Her moan sounded distant to her ears. She grabbed the front of his shirt in both hands, stretched up to increase the contact with his mouth and sucked in his lower lip. She wanted more, much more, than just his kiss. Her tongue slipped between his lips to find his, to dance deep within his mouth.

Celtic Rhythm is in the Ellora’s Cavemen Flavors of Ecstasy anthology. You can read the full excerpt at my website, and find buy links: Turn on some Celtic music while you read, to get the full experience!

Have you ever seen a man do something so sweet or romantic you thought he should be in a romance novel? Come on, you know you’ve thought about it...


Kasey said...

Nice excerpt! I like how she stutters a bit. Men can do that to us.

Sherry Gloag said...

What a lovely story about the drummer and the boy. Great inspiration.

Chicks of Characterization said...

Sounds great! Thanks so much for sharing!!!


Jean P said...

Enjoyed the excerpt and the story about the drummer and the boy.

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Ari Thatcher said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!