Sunday, February 13, 2011

What does a Scot from the 1400's think about Valentine's Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day eve, everybody! Maeve Greyson here. I’m a paranormal romance writer with The Wild Rose Press.  I decided to interview my luscious Scot from my upcoming release BEYOND A HIGHLAND WHISPER. I’ve tried to discover just how he feels about a few of our modern day Valentine’s traditions. Bear in mind, Latharn is a Highlander from the 1400’s, so his answers might be a little…hmm...behind the times, shall we say?
Maeve:  First of all, Latharn, I really appreciate you taking the time to chat today. I know you and Nessa are pretty busy these days. I can’t say why – and don’t you say either – we don’t want to give away any spoilers.
Latharn: *A warm deep chuckle rumbles up from his chest as he crosses his arms & leans back in the chair.* Aye, Maeve. My love and I are QUITE busy. But I’ll do as ye wish and no’ say why. Now what is it ye wished to ask me? Nessa mentioned something about candy and flowers.
Maeve: Well. I realize it’s been somewhat of an adjustment for you. Getting used to this era and everything that’s changed. So I thought I’d ask you how you felt about some of our Valentine’s Day rituals. For instance, are you going to do anything special for Nessa?
Latharn: *Brows knot* Something special? I treat her special every day. Nessa knows how much I love her.
Maeve: Yes. I’m sure she does. But Valentine’s Day is more or less set aside to focus on those feelings. Couples usually celebrate with gifts or a romantic dinner. You know. Make the day memorable for each other.
Latharn: Is that what she meant by flowers and candy? *shaking head with confusion* How can a wee box of chocolate and a handful of flowers that will soon wilt make a day memorable? How about a dagger to wear in her boot while she walks the hills? A well made blade with a jewel-encrusted handle? Now THAT would be a truly fine gift.
Maeve:  *ahem* I’m sure Nessa would be impressed that you were concerned about her safety. And she is an archeologist so, if you manifested one from the 1400’s…she’d probably love it even more. But you don’t think a quiet, romantic dinner –maybe with a bottle of wine and flowers on the table would be really nice too?
Latharn: What is this obsession with dead flowers that women seem to have? I do admit a quiet evening alone with my lovely wife would be nice. It’s no’ been quiet in the castle for some time.
Maeve: Latharn! No spoilers – we talked about that, remember?
Latharn: *wicked grin* Aye, Maeve. I remember. But I will say this before I must leave ye. The gift or the day doesna matter. Ye should treat the one ye love with respect and appreciation every day ye’re blessed with their presence.
Maeve: Well said, Latharn. Thank you for chatting with me today.
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Virginia said...

Very cute interview. I love the Scots outlook on things


Victoria Roberts said...

I'd be curious on Latharn's idea of wooing. Although, I'd take the dagger with the jewel-encrusted handle myself! Medieval weaponry... nice touch, Latharn!

Maeve said...

Latharn is a very sensitive man - even though he's a tad opinionated and most definately an alpha male!



Maeve said...

LOL! Latharn definitely prizes a well-honed blade a lot more then "wilting" flowers. :)

Chicks of Characterization said...

Loved the interview Maeve!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I just can't wait to read this!!!


Maeve said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Andrea! Good luck in the contest. :)

heavy hedonist said...

Clever and well done, your interview-- I like the whole concept of the novel, as I can glean it here.
I also like the dagger as a gift-- better than candy anyday.

Cindy L said...

What a fun interview!! Thanks Maeve!