Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's Hot & What's Not?

 A friend asked me to babysit her blog while she’s on vacation, and I agreed. Right? What’s not to love? It’s like house sitting for your rich relatives. Swimming in their pool, eating your way through their pantry and watching Pay-Per-View. I’m going to do the Risky Business dance in nothing but my underwear all over her blog.

I told her I’d do a blog on What’s Hot and What’s Not. So I’m asking you, what’s hot and what’s not? Why ask you? Because I hate research.

I know what I think is hot and what’s not. Hot is kissing. Hot is lacing or twining of fingers. Hot is a hero worshipping the heroine, putting her on a pedestal and if it’s an erotic I guess he can tie her up.

I was on a chapter mate’s blog the other day, and for her the deal breaker was flaring nostrils in love scenes. Not hot, she reported. I’m not a fan of flaring nostrils. I’ve never written about them. I’ve never seen these flaring nostrils in my limited lovin’ experience, but it’s not a deal breaker for me.

I read a book where the heroine licked the hero’s zipper. And I apologize for the graphic image, but it was not an erotic. First of all zipper-licking sounds unsanitary and potentially dangerous. It should come with a disclaimer to not try this at home.

What’s hot to you? What’s not?
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Kasey said...

Hot: When the hero whispers into the heroine’s ear. Like if they’re in a crowded room and he whispers something really naughty. That’s hot.

Kelli Scott said...

That's a good one. Naughty whispering, sending tingling shards of blinding wickedness through her brain stem. I like it.

Virginia said...

Making Luv is so hot with the right person


Laura Kaye said...

I chuckled about the zipper licking. Too funny.

Hmm. Hot: Hair tugging (this goes for the heroine, too, if the hero has long/longish hair). Neck kissing, licking, biting, especially if the hero's standing behind the heroine. During sex, a vocal hero, so overcome with pleasure and the heroine's beauty that he can't hold back his thoughts. Geez, could go on and on! But I'll stop! ;)

Not hot: bad euphemisms--most recent one I saw was describing a vagina as a mouth. So not hot. Also, descriptions of the hero's penis nudging/ramming/pounding into the heroine's uterus. Ouch! LOL

LuAnn said...

I agree with the others: it's the whispers!

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Sherry Gloag said...

If it's written the right, one 'look across the room' can set light to the scene.

Kelli Scott said...

Oh, yeah, hair tugging, nipping, love (or lust) at first glance. All good. Pounding, and ramming - can be bad.