Sunday, February 13, 2011

All I Want 4 Valentine's Is...

  • A shower by myself so I can shave my man-freaky-hairy legs.
  • Chocolates. Oodles and oodles of milk chocolates with vanilla, coconut, strawberry and other delightful centers. #yumyumyumyum
  • To NOT get embarrassed tomorrow. What if no one shows up for Bestseller For A Day? Eek!
  • Cuddles.
  • Good news at the doctor. #phew
  • Kisses from my babies. *smmooooocchhhsss*
  • Dinner, cooked by someone other than me, or if by me, to have it NOT be burned.

When it comes down to it, I already have what I most wish for. I hope very much that you do, too. Be it a lover or a friend, I hope you will have an amazing day feeling cherished.

Reading Play Fling. (Hey, I have to try, right?)

Soooo, what do YOU want for Valentine's Day??? If you comment to tell me, I'll enter you to win 2 FREE Ebooks!
:}Amber Scott


Virginia said...

Chocolates or a nice dinner out would be great


Anonymous said...

I also want cuddles, a LOT of them :) What I want the most is to see my boyfriend, we both have been very busy, so I want some time together..

Anonymous said...

Oops, email :P

luciatea01 (at)

doxymom said...

Someone else to make dinner for me? LOL. No, it's not going to happen.

How about a nice long soak in the jaccuzi downstairs, a good book to read, and the kids playing nicely so I can? That's all doable.

I hope you do get good news at the doctor!

doxisrcool at

erica and christy said...

Oh my gosh, a shower with no interruptions (and no time deadline) would be great - maybe that's what I'll ask for!!