Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big Fan of First kisses.

I am a big fan of first kisses. It was only this past Monday when I posted on the Whipped Cream blog saying that the first kiss is the most important part of any erotic romance.

Kisses are beautiful. The first kiss marks the beginning of something beautiful. It can be isolated on its own or it can immediately lead to something raunchier it all depends on the situation.

In Getting Physical the first kiss takes a fair while to happen. Terri believes she’s too fat for fit and athletic John and John is completely convinced that he is too much of a string bean to attract a beautiful woman like Terri. However fate conspires to bring them together and when the first kiss happens it surprises both of them!

"Oh, come off it." She shook her head. "I bet you have a whole gaggle of appreciating females lining up to go out with you."

I blushed at the compliment, not quite believing it had fallen from her lips. "I'm afraid not. I'll be at the gym tomorrow evening, on my own, just like I always am." I sighed, sadness filled my heart, and the loneliness of my life hit me all in one hard punch to the gut.

"Well, I might join you then. I have nothing else to do. And maybe, if I persevere with the gym, I might be slim enough to get a date next year."

She was smiling, but I could detect the same kind of loneliness in her eyes as I felt in my soul. "No, don't you dare slim away to nothing! You're beautiful just the way you are."

"Thank you for repeating that often said, but more often disbelieved, piece of political correctness," she replied, stiffly. "But I know that I'm not attractive. Not looking like this."

She shifted away from me and I couldn't bear to think I had upset her, even if I didn't mean to. "Terri." I looked into her eyes, compelling her to look into the depths of mine. "You are beautiful. You're perfect. Your body is soft and sensual. Your curves are so very attractive. When I first saw you, I thought you were the most beautiful women to ever step foot inside the gym. I still believe that."

The words just spilled out of my mouth, and as I replayed them through my mind, I could have kicked myself for inviting the "Thanks, but no thanks" already. When she didn't reply, I lifted my gaze and found her pinning me with hers.

"You have the most kissable lips…" I sighed, and as if I was under some external influence, I leant forward and closed the gap between us. I could feel her breath on my cheek. I waited for her to move, or to voice a rejection, but she didn't and I pressed on.

I drifted closer. My lips brushed hers, barely touching them, but my body was electrified all the same. Every inch of me strained towards her, including my cock. I was so hard, and I wasn't even kissing her yet. I pressed closer, expecting a slap, but her lips moulded to mine. I wrapped my arms around her, bringing her close to me.

I was delighted to feel her fingers embracing my bicep on one side and my shoulder on the other. Her touch signaled her acquiesce, and I stopped worrying and just kissed. It was sheer instinct that pressed my lips harder onto hers. It was my first real kiss, all the other pecks faded into insignificance as I reveled in her gentle touch.

Something changed, suddenly she was pressing harder against me, her tongue slipping between my lips to tango with my own. It was exquisitely strange, and I loved every moment of it. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest. The hard little nipples dug into the flesh covering my ribs as her hands traveled up into my hair and held me to the kiss.

She didn't need to, though. I wouldn't have stopped that kiss for anything. I didn't want to gasp or even breathe; a man could die happy that way. She pulled away first, her hands suddenly dropping to her side. The space between us lengthened.

She yawned, and stretched her hands into the air.

"It's getting late." She remarked, her cheeks flushed and her eyes never even looking my way. "I need to be up for work in the morning."

"Yes, me, too." Suddenly I needed to get away, to think this through. Did this abrupt end to the kissing ecstasy mean she didn't enjoy it?

"I'll see you tomorrow, at the gym, maybe?" I stuttered as I stood up and she led me to the front door.

"Yeah. Well, possibly." she replied.

The door shut. I stood in the freezing air under the cold stars and nearly wept. I walked home in a daze. I went to bed then tossed and turned and wriggled and worried. I relived the kiss a million times and analysed it to hell and back.

Did she fancy me? Was she just feeling vulnerable? Did I force myself on her? Did she not enjoy it? Did she enjoy it too much?

In the end I made a decision, with that decision came sleep.

* * * *

The questions haunted me all night. Did I kiss him? Did he really say he was single and that he was attracted to me? Did I press my advantage? Did he pull away from me? I'd drift off to sleep only to wake up moments later, mulling over the same damn questions.

As I groggily made my way to the front door in the morning I noticed a red envelope lying on the mat. It was too early for the postman, and as I picked it up, I saw it just had my first name written on it. How strange. I wasn't expecting to receive anything at all, as I'd been single for many, many months. Who could possibly have sent me Valentine's card?


If you'd like to be my Valentine please meet me at the gym tonight.


John x

I smiled, my cheeks flushed. I slipped the card into my handbag. It is nice to be proven wrong now and then.”

If you’d like to read about what happens next you can pick up Getting Physical from Xcite books today!

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