Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brethren Beginnings~Rise of the Brethren, Deena Remiel

Brethren Beginnings is a free online serial that answers your questions about the origins of the Brethren and tells the compelling stories leading up to Trinity, A Brethren Novel. There are 12 installments at this point. Here is Number 1 and 2 for your enjoyment. For more, head over to...

Number 1

Time is eternal, no beginning and no end. And yet as humans we are on a constant mission to find when IT all began, how we came to be, and why we are here. We must have a purpose to this life, so many of us suggest. Some of us have found grand, solid purposes to our lives, while others continue to ponder, wallowing in the muck and mire of a horrid life thrust upon them without their consent. And so, while many of us live out our days finding love, building families and careers, others not as fortunate become predators, sniffing out any excuse to snuff out another’s purposeful life.

It was when humans had begun to segregate themselves this way, into people of goodness and people of evil, that the Brethren first surfaced on earth. Their appearance was not one of brilliance, nor was it apocalyptic. There were no meteor showers that day. There was no eclipse of the sun. No major earthquakes or other natural disasters were pointed to, heralding the coming of the Brethren.

They simply manifested. There was a new awareness of being, of having hands to touch with, a mouth to speak with, eyes to see, and ears to hear, all new, independent and tangible features; yet each was dependent on another to absorb information and paint a complete picture of the world around them.

For all Brethren, there was, too, an immediate understanding of their purpose, and an acknowledgement that here was now their home, to protect, to heal, and to fight for.

Number 2

They had known of each other, the Brethren did. Before manifesting, before becoming individuals here on earth, they had an awareness of each other, working in concert as a collective against evil. But evil was still gaining ground and threatening to put a stranglehold on the entire human race. Each one of the Brethren had agreed to this angelic mission and its terms for reasons all their own. And in time, each of their stories shall unfold.

There were nine angels in all, three Protectors, three Warriors, and three Saviors. Each triad had their own powers and orders, and none could cross over without severe penalty, and possible banishment. Protectors were adept at spinning spells, weaving magic, and creating talismans for the safety and protection of the human race. Warriors had brawn and analytical minds for warfare, and used blessed swords as their weapon of choice. And Saviors were meant to heal those with severe injuries and those who held the hand of death far too prematurely. There was just one caveat. They had to be called upon through a desperate plea or a prayer to engage in their angelic duties.

Their mission would span eternity, and it was likely they would see many a war against their foe. Satan had been able to plant his seed deep within the hearts of humans eons ago, and even had time to hijack a wayward Brethren along the way. Evil, it’s a tricky bugger to eradicate, but would be dealt with nonetheless, one demon or possessed human at a time.
The first task was to assimilate into society. Some Brethren turned their abilities into careers, while others carefully cloaked their identities in creative ways. Their lives were singular and without attachments beyond their work. A solitary life was preferred given the dangerous nature of their mission. Spread out across the world, they could be called together at a moment’s notice by their boss, E.L., whose beginnings to this day are shrouded in mystery.
Gabriel, a Protector, was the first to settle in.

©Deena Remiel, 2010.


doxymom said...

Sounds like a really interesting world. Excellent synopsis.

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Virginia said...

I am going to go check this out.


Deena said...

doxymom, thank you so much! :)

Virginia, I hope you enjoy the rest. I having a sneaking suspicion you will. :)

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you've built an imaginitve world! Thanks for sharing it with us. What was your inspiration?

Cindy L said...

Deena I have to get caught up on Beginnings!


Deena said...

Thanks Stephanie! First of all, Sherrilyn Kenyon is my inspiration for world-building. Angels came to me while I was looking out my library's floor to ceiling window at the Superstition Mountains reaching up to the Arizona sky. :)

desitheblonde said...

wow they can be every were and if you believe i n them they will come to you more

Maria said...

Definitely want to read more about these Brethren!


Deena said...

Cindy, they're waiting for you... I hear them calling... ;-)

Deena said...

Desitheblonde, all you have to do is be desperate and whisper a prayer for help. They'll show up. ;-)

Deena said...

Maria, if you like you can subscribe to their website and when I post the next installment, you'll know about it! Cassiel is next on the docket. He's a young one in immortality terms. He's a joker but kind-hearted. His installments will be refreshingly lighter than Gabriel's and Nathanael's. :)