Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to create a fabulous first kiss by Cindy Jacks

The first kiss in a romance or erotic romance is just as important as a first kiss in real life. It can be a sudden and surprising, slow and sweet, or crazy and frenzied—but one thing is for sure, it’s gotta be hot. The characters have to build up chemistry leading to the big moment. Readers should be dying for them to kiss by the time they do. Easy to say, much harder to do, but during the four years that I’ve been a published author, I’ve learned a thing or two about sexual chemistry.

Just as in real life, the hero and heroine have to notice things about each other that makes them all warm and tingly inside. Could be the timbre of his voice, his natural scent, the swagger in his walk—preferably it’s all these things and more. Men tend to be more visual so when writing from the male perspective, I focus more on what the hero sees about my heroine that he likes, but it never hurts to throw in smell, touch, taste, and sound either.

Which brings me to my next point: when my characters finally kiss for the first time, I make sure to describe the experience in a way to stimulate all five senses and usually from the heroine’s perspective because—let’s face it—my audience is usually female (written by a woman, for women, YAY!). So as I’m writing, I ask myself questions like this: What does his skin smell like? How does his body chemistry work with his cologne? What does he taste like? The chocolate cake he had for dessert or the scotch he sipped after dinner? What does it feel like to touch him? Did he shave that day or is he a little scratchy? Does his body heat radiate through is clothing? Is he wearing a shirt? LOL, okay—y’all get the picture.

Once I’m finished with the first kiss, I re-read it. Is it long enough? Is there enough build up? Does it turn me on? If so, then I know I’ve done a good job. Having written lots and lots of first kisses, it’s easy to get jaded and go through the motions, but taking the time to put the characters in the right situation with the proper chemistry and rich, full descriptions makes all the difference to me…and to the reader. A clumsy first kiss on the page is no more seductive than it is in real life. And to me, it’s all about seducing the reader.

In Love Game, available now at Ellora’s Cave, I worked with my editor to make the first kiss as hot as possible. Hope you agree!

First Kiss from Love Game:

Alejandro settled the check and we took a leisurely stroll through the evening neighborhood. A different energy than in the harsh light of day sparked the neighborhood to life. Colorful signs for the surrounding restaurants and lounges promised a variety of entertainment. Young people laughed. Older couples walked hand in hand. I almost reversed my decision to call it an early night.
You sure I can’t convince you to stay? Come dancing with me,” Alejandro murmured.
He stopped next to my car and leaned against it. He ran his hand the length of my hair then brushed my cheek. My voice caught in my throat. I dropped his intense, searching stare and studied the ground. The tide of his breath suddenly close to my ear shortened my own breathing to a shallow pant.
I don’t want you to go,” he whispered.
I don’t want to, but I have to. I have to get home.”
Just one more hour. There’s a lot we could do in an hour.”
That’s what I’m afraid of.”
Don’t be.”
The palm of his hand tilted my face toward his. My heartbeat fluttered, half in expectation and half with apprehension, but I made no move to evade his full mouth as it approached mine. The instant our lips touched, I knew defeat loomed on the horizon. My mind went blank, unable to object any longer. The aroma of his skin filled my nostrils. Every short breath I could manage pulled his scent into my lungs. The world narrowed to only the sensation of his mouth on mine, the heat of his skin, the silky feel of his hair clutched in my fingers. I clung to the urgency of the kiss.
Lost in his embrace, I had no idea how long we stood, connected to each other. Thoughts whirled around my brain, I rode a wave of enticement and lust. When his mouth retreated, I gasped for air. The hustle and bustle around us returned to me in stages. First the sounds, then the sights, then the solid nature of reality. I shook my head to clear it.
Why did you do that?” I asked.
So you could enjoy being tempted. ¿Te vas o te quedes?” he asked, my face cupped in his sizable hands.
Me voy,” I said without thinking about it, then caught myself. “I mean I’m going.”
No, it’s good you replied in Spanish. See, I’m good for you. I’m teaching you.”
I know.” I extricated myself from his embrace. “But I can’t stay.”
As you wish, preciosa.”
He kissed my hand and walked me to the driver’s side. “Next Saturday. The usual place, the usual time?”
But I didn’t answer. Instead, I hurried into the car lest I decide to steal another kiss or abandon my resolve altogether.

Cindy Jacks
Fiction for the bad girl in every woman


Greta said...

I love how you create your first kiss in your writing. I never really thought about the process. Definitely food for thought...(

Virginia said...

I like slow deep kisses


perisquire30 said...

Ooo, Cindy that was a HAWT first kiss! Definitely creates anticipation for the next one (as all good first kisses should)!

~Roni Lynne

Mindi said...

Hey Cindy,
Thanks for the inf. When I create my first kiss I really think about it and imagine how passionate i can make it without making it so sensual yet.

heavy hedonist said...

Nice info, good points made. I agree, all senses should be engaged. They are in real life, right? Or else, it Ain't No Kiss!