Sunday, February 13, 2011

True Love's First Kiss

There's a reason that little statement has become so much a part of our culture. Whether its in a Disney movie or something like Pretty Woman, we expect so very much of the first kiss between lovers. It might be passionate and powerful, or gentle as the brush of butterfly wings.

I remember when I was in high school, a friend and I were debating the merits of kissing vs hugging. My friend loved kissing, while I was in favor of being hugged. At the time, I couldn't have told you why I flinched from being kissed. With the vantage of time and experience, I now know that there's a level of intimacy in a kiss that is lacking in every other moment of lovemaking. At the age of sixteen, I just wasn't ready for that sort of intimacy.

I'd like to share Blacque's first kiss from the m/m novel Blacque/Bleu, which is available at Loose Id, LLC.

In this book, Blacque is a closeted werewolf who has just agreed to taking on more duties within his pack. Bleu is a vampire who is slowly dying. They've known one another for years, and in one weekend, have crossed that line from friends to lovers.


“Blacque, can I come to you when the sun sets?” For just a moment, the vampire looked uncertain and oddly vulnerable. His eyes remained closed, but one arched brow rose just a bit.

He took a moment to consider Bleu’s request. “First I wanted to say no. This is too dangerous. Not just to me.” He looked away from the vampire. “You need blood.”

The other man swallowed hard. He opened his eyes. “Yes. But that isn’t the only reason I want you.”

The whispered confession brought blood flooding back to his cock, and looking down, he saw that Bleu was reacting the same way.

“This is so bad. So bad for us both.” Blacque rolled over and pinned the vampire onto his back. He looked down for a moment, studying those blue, blue eyes. Carefully he leaned down and pressed his lips to Bleu’s.

He’d never kissed someone before, not like this, and not on his own initiative. He held very still, uncertain of what to do next. The rough tip of Bleu’s tongue slid over his lips, and he automatically responded, opening his mouth and letting Bleu in. He angled his head slightly, feeling the press of lips and the click of teeth. He swept his tongue into the vampire’s mouth, touching, tasting, and finally retreating, stopping to catch Bleu’s lower lip. He nipped and then sucked it between his own lips.

To his delight, Bleu gasped and reached up to cradle his head. The vampire’s response gave him courage, so he continued, tasting Bleu’s jaw, his throat. His ran his lips over rough patches and then smooth. He wondered what had been harsh enough to have scarred the vampire. He didn’t remember those marks being there even six months ago.

Finally Bleu clasped his shoulders and held him away from his body. “It’s nearly time. I don’t want to drop off in the middle of anything.” He grinned. “Can you hold that thought till tonight?”

Blacque rose to kneel next to Bleu’s naked form. As he watched, the vampire’s erection faded, the flush that had suffused his skin beginning to pale.

“Can I come to you tonight, Blacque?”

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Jason said...

I totally loved this book! I can't wait to read the sequel!


Belinda McBride said...

Thanks Jason!

Anonymous said...

Very nice excerpt!

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Chris said...

I, too, am looking forward to the sequel on this one!

Belinda McBride said...

I've got a couple other projects to work on before hitting April and Dane's story, but I've got a pretty solid idea of where its going. :)