Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thank You and A Poem In Honor of Valentine's Day

I don't know what time this party officially ends, but I'd like to thank the Administrators for putting this jamming party together and give a big THANK YOU to all of the participants for coming to such a great party. This is my first time participating in an event like this and have truly enjoyed myself. I would definitely LOVE to be a part of something of this nature again in the future. I'd also like to wish everyone HAPPY VALENTINE'S Day. I pray it is all you wished for and more and I'd like to leave you with this poem in honor of the occasion.


The journey begins as we join in unison

On this Earthly plane
Tongue, lips, mouths, body and soul

Intertwining, interweaving; our mission: sexual intercourse 

I'll climb atop the Good Ship Lollipop

And orbit through the galaxy, slowly, leisurely

We'll first take a spin around planet Mercury 

Before moving on to planet Venus, known for love and beauty

We'll confirm all the myths, while creating a new kind of love

That will leave an indelible mark of passion requiring further space 

As we journey on to Mars, the red planet

We'll pause and make love in the red clay thus adding to it the 
color of red love

Our next stop is Jupiter, where we'll have four times the space

To bounce, spin, gyrate, before sliding and glide our way to our 
next destination

On Saturn, we'll let its rapid rotation take us on a joyous ride

Towards Uranus where we'll be its only visitors since Voyager 2 on 
January 24, 1986

And do things that'll cause NASA to pause and take a second look

We'll continue to allow Saturn's rapid rotation to spin us around 
Neptune and Pluto

And as we're escalated to our highest level of ecstasy

Before slowly beginning our descent 

Allowing the fuel that propels the Good Ship Lollipop

To be sucked down to the last tasteful drop

Muscles contracting and love releases its sweet nectar

As we return to our final destination on this earthly plane.


Maria said...

Thanks for the poem! Lovely


Elie said...

Love this one. Thanks for sharing your poem.

Virginia said...

What a lovely poem, thanks so much.


Vanessa A. Johnson said...

Welcome everyone :)