Sunday, February 13, 2011

What’s love? Part 2

A second excursus into the world of feelings we simply refer to as love.

Let’s continue on the roller coaster of the hormonal tempest, the electric current tensing the muscles, the adrenaline coursing in the bloodstream, the pounding heart, the knotted stomach, sleepless nights, the emotional upheaval, the burning desire to be always with that one person, a raging fire consuming the very soul until nothing remains but the one we want. As I said, it seems limiting to just call it love so in my books I always described to the context, not merely used the word, which sometimes is completely missing from my pages. But here are some more examples.

Bloody Passion

To my extreme satisfaction, the fiery night didn’t turn out to be an isolated episode, rather the beginning of a new sensual experience. So far, none of the men I’d been with had become steady lovers, only occasional shadows in my sexual affairs. The reason I thought rested mostly with the way they perceived these meetings. To them, they meant nothing beyond a mere physical release inside an available hole, their only preoccupation beginning and ending with the momentary pleasure of pumping either my mouth or butt until there wasn’t a single drop left to spare. The hunter, instead, moved sensually in and out, not merely focused on coming, but on having fun, too. And he treated me like an active participant, not just a hole to fill for a moment’s pleasure.
Undoubtedly, this only added to his already strong power of attraction. I found it increasingly hard to keep away from him for very long spans of time, going to his cabin with futile excuses, hoping I’d find him alone. Not always was I lucky though.

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In the long days that followed, the prince worked hard to pretend Vayu did not exist. For days at a time, he thought he succeeded, but it was enough to glimpse the handsome stranger in a hallway, his elegant body bending toward a rapt listener, to have his mind fly away in a sexual fantasy. During official circumstances, he did his best to be at the farthest end from temptation, resisting the urge to look where his heart most wanted. Yet, when he eventually gave in to temptation, and he always did, the prince always met the green gaze, mocking him for the wasted effort. The sight usually drove him crazy, so he would quickly turn his head, angry with the stranger, but mostly with himself. More difficult was stilling his painfully throbbing heart hammering furiously inside his stomach and cock.
Unable to stop his physical reactions, every night he had to fill his body with hungry cocks that drilled him into oblivion. A succession of different lovers shoved roughly their stiff sex inside Mitra’s ass, pumping hard and fast, sometimes even hurting him.
But his mind, undeceived, never wavered from its obsession.

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To Seduce A Soulmate

As the devil had predicted, Channel Eight began immediate production of AP’s commercial spot, after acquiring Drake’s precious insights, and work progressed smoothly along the usual tracks of a fulfilling relationship between a client and his most trusted supplier…at least on the surface. In reality, the project meant more to the pirate on a deeply personal level, measuring his growing fixation with Martin, the first thought on waking and the last before falling asleep. And to think I hardly see him anymore, he could not help wondering on the irony of the situation. Since their cheeseburger conversation, the Irishman had had a change of attitude, limiting his contacts to a couple of brief phone calls, devoid of any personal touch. Never again did he refer to private matters or breach a topic not strictly related to their business connection, acting instead like a true professional to the point of being cold. I guess I asked for it, Drake mused more than once after hanging up, forced to admire Martin’s determination in spite of the consequences. Not that it helped any, the pirate soon realized, feeling as unsettled by the formal distance as by the earlier intimacy—if not more—which made him wonder whether he had imagined everything. But no, he could not have mistaken it all, not after the devil had bared his soul in an uncommonly significant exchange over a much more trivial hamburger, his powerful words still echoing in the pirate’s mind as if spoken only minutes before.
Too bad weeks had passed since then, an endless time for Drake’s tastes and he could not help feeling left out in the cold, acutely missing the initial closeness in spite of his resolve that Martin was not, could not be an important part of his life. And by the gods, why can’t it be so? the pirate wondered frustrated, sterile rationalizations alone unable to assuage the hunger or pure lust for what his body craved desperately against and beyond his better judgment. Yes, the simple truth of the matter was that he missed the handsome devil terribly, longing for the laughing and mocking green gaze, and could not wait to see him again.
“They’re here.”

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Laura Tolomei


Sherry Gloag said...

:-) that's the delight of the romance genre. There are som many different faces to love and romance authors explore them all.

Laura Tolomei aka Lalla Gatta said...

Yeah, bu I believe like Woody Allen, whatever works is always the right solution to a ménage regardless of numbers and genders LOL