Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pet Names

My sweetie, whom I call Sweetsie simply because I thought it would annoy him, calls me Honey Bunny and has as long as I can remember. Sometimes he calls me Kelli Belly when he really wants to annoy me. Now I call the dogs Sweetsie and even random people. I've become that person. The woman who thinks she can get away with calling everyone Dear and Honey because I can't remember their names.

I'm always wanting to discover new pet names for my characters. I've used babe, baby, honey, sweetheart, darling (darlin'), just to name a few.

How about you? What does your Valentine call you? What do you call that special someone? Does the term of endearment make you cringe or make you melt?
Kelli Scott


doxymom said...

Mine just calls me Darling.

doxisrcool at

Nina Pierce said...

My Valentine doesn't have a pet name for me ... but I've all of a sudden started calling my kid's friends "hon". Now mind you, my children are young adults and I've recently let the gray overtake the Clairol "rinse" ... but I do wonder if it gives them the creeps. LOL!

Anonymous said...

He calls me 'kleintje', I think in English you can translate that with 'little one'... It makes me melt, I feel very secure when he says that. I call him 'lieverd', but my dictionary says that the right translation is 'darling', that sounds very feminime to me... Sometimes for fun we call eachother things like my ladybird, buttercup *this also sounds better in Dutch :P*

luciatea01 (at)

Virginia said...

I use hon, or honey and sweety a lot myself


Beth C said...

Oh boy...we have some really silly pet names for each other. I won't tell some of them ... too silly. But priamrily he calls me Bunny and he's Puppy. We have some silly names for our son and cats too. But I love it cause it show the intimacy of the family and freedom to act silly with the ones you love.

Kelli Scott said...

Thanks everyone. And I'm sure everything sounds better in Dutch.

I love little petnames because it does let someone know what kind of mood you're in. Playful. Loving.