Sunday, February 13, 2011

First There Were Two... Excerpt from Trinity, by Deena Remiel

Yes, Trinity means three, but first, there were two. And these two budding lovers, Emma and Michael, light up the early morning hours with fireworks when they first kiss. I'd love to share it with you right now. Best to wear sunglasses!

{...I don’t mess around, Emma. Too many lives are at stake. And there are two lives in particular I’ve become very attached to.” He drew her head back ever so gently with one hand and stroked her lips with the other. His eyes consumed her, and the mutual longing could no longer be denied.

Slowly he bent his head down and his lips glanced hers, soft and gentle as a whisper. As they came together, tiny sparks shot off in all directions, and an aura of rainbow colors formed a protective barrier around them. Unaware of anything but how wonderful Michael’s lips felt against hers, Emma leaned aggressively into the kiss. He retaliated by teasing hers open with his tongue. She let out a hungry groan. The urgency of their unexpected desire deepened and they blended into one united entity. Their hearts beat as one, and they breathed for each other as though they did not exist, one without the other. The kiss seemed to last for an eternity, yet in truth it was mere moments.


Gradually, they came apart, lips bruised and swollen from their powerful assault. Energy drained back to its source. Michael’s control had come undone. Emma had no idea what she and her growing powers had done to him. He hadn’t realized until now that helping was a two-way street. Yes, he was protecting her and Hannah, but whether she instinctively knew he needed it or not, she was saving him, and it hurt like hell...}
©Deena Remiel, 2010. All rights reserved.


Virginia said...

This kiss is awesome


Deena said...
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Deena said...

Thanks, Virginia! Glad you enjoyed their first kiss. Their first time is coming up later over at LASR. Hope you join me over there as well. :)

Chicks of Characterization said...

Very Nice! Thanks so much for sharing!


mysticmother said...

Very intense kiss. Nice.