Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Karma Court Ruling: sponge baths...

Tomorrow is a very BIG day for my Stupid Cupid series. You probably already know, but just in case, here's the scoop:

Play Fling is only $0.99 tomorrow for the IBC's new program, "Bestseller For A Day!" #WooHoo

To celebrate and to thank all the fans, I released Karma Court Short #1, Just Desserts. Get your FREEBIE here then come back and play!

The game is: Tell us who wronged you, name changed to protect the guilty, and then 'rule' on their Karmic retribution.

Here's mine:

My crazy nutbag of an ex, to this day, ELEVEN years after our break-up, tries to contact me. He calls my sisters, emails them, I'm sure Googles his butt off. He lies and says someone has died who hasn't. He send links to articles. He's scary.

So, for my ruling:

I hereby sentence Nutbag to giving an old dude (sorry old dudes) a spongebath for every last time he even thought I would ever want to hear from him again. He shall be seen by the old dudes as a Centerfold in a skimpy nurse costume.

*bang bang* (I'm starting to love this gavel.)

So, did I rule too harshly? Too lightly?

MORE importantly, what is your ruling against he/she who wronged YOU!

:}Amber Scott
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Faith said...

LMAO @ nutbag! I think we all have one of those!

Jason said...

I signed up for your newsletter. :)

Poor nutbag. :(

Amber Scott Books said...

@Faith, We do, don't we? Eeek. Will they all get sponge bath duty?

@Jason, Awesome! Thank you!

doxymom said...

My nutbag went through my stepmom's trash looking for my address and pestered everyone I knew AFTER he married some woman! He tried to find me for years but I didn't answer because he said he'd axe me.

I sentence him to cleaning up all of the zoo cages in the San Diego Zoo with his bare hands for a year.

His wife? I sentence her to winning the lottery and a kind chippendale dancer. If she's still alive she deserves that.

Amber Scott Books said...

@doxymom, O.M.G. I adore your punishment and reward!!!! And, holy cow what a stalker!
You might be in the lead because you just seriously wowed the judges.