Sunday, February 13, 2011

Romance novels and men

Over the years and about 500 romance books later, and writing 3 novels myself I have come to the conclusion that men, all men should at least read one romance novel in there lifetime. So many men have issues in the romance department and could learn so many different tools on how to treat a woman or even act on an impulse just from reading a book or a fantasy story about love.
My husband who has never really been a reader (and is married to a writer) had always had issues about reading anything. Yes I can get him to read something on ESPN, but never a book and never the paper. So one night, me being the awesome writer and wife that I am, I decided to write a short love story for him. It was a not just any love story but a sweet story about a chance encounter and a deep love scene between them (the characters were me and him). I will never forget the look on his face when he finished the five page romance story about us. He looked up at me and smiled, a sweet shy smile. Then said, "I had no idea you could write like that, let alone write something like that that pertains to me and you. Wow!" Then i received the sweetest most gentle kiss I have ever got from him. Better then on our wedding day. From that moment on he reads everything I write and always, always kisses me passionately after he reads a sex scene.
After my little experiment I feel that ever man should read a romance novel, and reach that level in themselves that they never thought they had. Who knows it might spark some interest hidden within themselves for reading that they never though they had. Sex and romance is all around us so to get a man that never reads to begin reading because of the classy scene, who knows how many men we could help!

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