Saturday, February 12, 2011

Want a Highlander with that Chocolate Kiss?

If you’re reading this post, you love romance as much as me. Isn’t love grand? Not to sound cliché but in my book nothing beats the good ol’ fashioned heart flutter that romance offers. That time-stopping moment you first lock eyes with him across the room. Those precious moments before your lips first touch. The warm, comfortable nights you order your favorite take-out together, kick back and watch a great movie. Then there’s the exact moment you know you’re in love. Sighs. If I could sell that feeling in a bottle I would.
But I can, sort of. I’ve decided to do so this visit to Goddish Fish Party Pavilion. How so? As you might have already gathered, I want to return to one of my great loves…Scottish Highlanders. Yep, give me a Sexy Scot any day of the week! Seriously, what is it about a well-muscled man in a wee bit o’ plaid cloth? I suppose that depends on how ‘wee’ that scrap of material is! *grins*
Getting back to businessswords and to-die-for crooked grins aside−I’d like to share one of my previous novels with you today. Sylvan Mist (Book III) wrapped up my Highlander Trilogy and is to date one of my favorites. It was a culmination of three previous stories (Can’t forget The King’s Druidess) and allowed me the privilege of reuniting with characters I came to love over the years.
So today I’ll be giving you a taste of Sylvan Mist’s first kiss. If you can find much of a difference between a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and the first kiss with a good looking Highlander…let me know!
"Release me this instant you lout!" Her order came out on a hiss.
William did not release her but bared his straight white teeth in a wolfish grin and pulled her closer. "But you seemed so peaceable a moment ago, lass. In fact, if I didna know better I would have thought you-"
Coira clamped a hand over his mouth, knowing full well he was about to say something appalling. She narrowed her eyes. "Shush."
"Shush?" He pried her hand from his mouth but did not release it. Instead he turned it over, his eyes falling to the glimmering diamond engagement ring on her finger. "Do you love him?"
She hadn't expected the question and he knew it. "Of course I do."
His silver regard returned to her face. Whatever he saw there pleased him. "As a friend."
She frowned. No. Not as a friend, as a fiance. "No, as a man."
Were his lips edging closer?
His hand rose to her face and traced her jaw line. "A man that is a friend."
What did he just say? His forefinger and thumb clutched her chin. She would not be distracted and spoke with a level of calm she didn't feel. "A friend that is a fiance."
Oh lord, that didn't come out right at all.
"So 'tis to be a marriage of convenience." His throaty declaration brought his lips closer.
Coira's eyelids suddenly became very heavy. Her lips throbbed. "Is it not convenient to marry a friend?"
Again, not what she intended to say.
His lips were within an inch of hers, brogue soft. "Aye, 'tis convenient enough, but what of passion?"
Sky here. You should read what comes next. I can still see the way William looked with the towering pines just behind his wide shoulders. He all but said, “I’d love to devour you,” with his eyes. He took my breath away. I still feel the 'I fit perfectly here' way Coira did in William’s strong arms that day. And oh yes, I still recall the warm feel of his lips… oops, did I say that?
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Happy Valentine’s Day! Be back in a bit!


Wendi Zwaduk said...

Great pic and excerpt. My TBR list keeps growing and growing.

Sky Purington said...

Thanks, Wendi! As you can see, I have a soft spot for a man in a kilt. ;)

booklover0226 said...

OH, nice excerpt, indeed. I look forward in reading this series.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

elizabeth.noble19 said...

Wonderful excerpt! That picture doesn't hurt either, it's great.


Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

Lots of sexual tension here. I loved this excerpt! And I love the brogue. ;)

Sky Purington said...

Thanks, Tracey! I really enjoyed writing that scene. :)))

Sky Purington said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! I thought the picture might draw the eye. Certainly has my vote!

Sky Purington said...

Lisa, thanks so much! I thought that excerpt would be perfect to help celebrate Valentine's Day!