Saturday, February 12, 2011


I wrote SINGLE STATUS while living in England during a dreary winter. I sat in my second floor flat looking out on the River Humber which flowed to the North Sea and wrote a story of a hot Caribbean Island and equally hot romance. The heroine was a gutsy divorcee who was a start-up engineer in a power plant. There was nothing about B.J. Sutherland that I could relate to personally except her desire to prove herself. I had to rely on my long-suffering husband to fill me in on all the necessary work-related facts.
When we came back to the States, I decided to join the digital publishing world and this manuscript was one of my first submissions. In less than a week, I had a letter from the editor asking me to send the complete as she was snowbound in her office in a winter storm and wanted to finish the story. A few days later, she offered a contract. I've always felt part of this book's appeal had to do with the contrast of torrid tropical images and a Minnesota snow storm. But I don't look a gift horse in the mouth!

Here's what the book is about:
B.J. is a woman with a mission--to show that she can handle a start-up engineer's job as well as any man. Then maybe she can prove to her ex that she is not the helpless wife he left for another woman. Dana is a man grieving the deaths of his wife and young son in a terrorist plane crash. Through a mix-up at stateside headquarters, they are forced to share a villa in the single status job in St. Croix. B.J. is the scapegoat when things go wrong at work and Dana becomes her reluctant defender when he is not defending himself against her unjust conclusions about him. Despite their attempts to prove otherwise, the powerful attraction between them grows. B.J. is blamed for a bad accident at the plant and her job is on the line. When Dana is almost killed trying to find the real culprit, will B.J. finally admit that the love they have found together is the most important thing of all?

SINGLE STATUS will be released as an ebook and print with this cover by Whimsical Publications later this year. It is currently available as an ebook at Fictionwise with another cover. See my website for more info.


Elie said...

A girl with something to prove. sounds great.


Linda Swift said...

Sorry, readers. My book cover didn't get included here. I'm still trying to figure out how to send it. Some of us weren't born with a mouse in our hand. So watch for the cover of SINGLE STATUS later. Thanks for your patience and sympathy. Linda, the technically challenged.

Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

Loved the blurb. Sounds great! :)

Jean P said...

Enjoyed the blurb sounds like a great story.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Linda Swift said...

Thank you, Elie, Lisa, and Jean for your nice comments. I hope you'll check out the ebook now and/or watch for the print coming later this year. Happy Valnetine's Day. Linda

Kasey said...

I like the title of this book. It's something I can relate to! Best of luck to you moving forward. Oh yeah...Happy V- Day!

Linda Swift said...

Thanks, Kasey, for your good wishes. The title fell into my lap, a free gift. My husband was on a Single Status job in St. Croix and the words really fit this plot. Liinda