Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello and Welcome to the World of Author Vanessa A. Johnson

Good morning all. I'm Vanessa A Johnson, author of ebook Sacrifices In The Name of Love. I'm from Louisiana, just west of The Big Easy. As we approach Valentine's Day, with the theme of love in the air, I'd like to give you a small excerpt from my book, Sacrifices In The Name of Love, which is the moment my characters Trey Martin and Tessa Phillips share their first kiss.
"When the only thing separating us was our warm, quick, panting breaths of hot air, our gazes remained locked together. We stared deep into each other‟s eyes. My entire insides burned with desire. Trey‟s stare set my soul on fire, a fire that only he could squelch.
Bolts of electricity burst throughout my body from the nearness of him. I couldn‟t contain my desire any longer. I leaned my face toward his, shut my eyes and opened my hot, trembling lips to invite in Trey‟s equally hot quivering tongue. Our lips locked in a slow dance as we methodically sucked, twirled, and toyed and explored each other‟s mouths.
I felt like I was floating on a cloud and peacefully drifting toward the heavens."

Now, as my book title suggests, what sacrifices have you made under the guise of love. Better yet, what is one thing you have done, be it childish, foolish, stupid, etc., under the guise of love. Now don't be shy, spill it! If you haven't made any sacrifices, then tell me about your first kiss...the real one, not the one on the side of the face...the one where you exchanged DNAs...

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I'm also giving away a pdf of Sacrifices In The Name of Love. I'll choose a name from the posters on this post on Monday, Valentines Day and notify the winner by email. So please, include your email addresses in your comments on this post. :)


Virginia said...

I guess you can say I kind of stalked a guy in the name of love. I really cared a lot for this guy and I would follow him all over town and I would wait for him in town. We did date for a while but it never went any where. I guess it was just one sided. He broke my heart.


mysticmother said...

I always said I'd never get married, never let a man have control over my life. I'd witnessed some horrible things in the name of marriage. I didn't want any man to have that kind of power over me. When I met my husband, I reluctantly sacrificed my freedom and independance. Though it was a close call. I was too freaked out by marriage to get married in a church with a lot of family, so we had a justice of the peace preside and when he was late, I took it as an omen that it wasn't meant to be. My now husband of fifteen years swore if he had to he'd hunt the man down and drag him to the ceremony. Luckily, the man showed up on his own. lol.

SherryGLoag said...

mysticmother, your dh sounds like quite a catch and well worth the 'sacrifice'

Vanessa A. Johnson said...

Virginia, so sorry for that broken heart. Have you met Mr. Right yet? Mysticmother, I'm sure he's the lucky one for showing up and getting such a great catch (you :), right Sherry. The things we've done and will still do under the guise of love....and thinking back, was it really love or infatuation.

amaebi said...

I don't think I remember my first "real" kiss. I can only say that I had little sense of self-preservation at the relevant time!


Vanessa A. Johnson said...

SherryGLoag, please email me your contact information to You have been chosen as the winner of my PDF of Sacrifices In The Name of Love for visiting and commenting on my blog post furing the Valentine's Day Blog Party here at Goddess Fish Promotions. Congratulations. I look forward to getting the book to you and hearing your thoughts as well.