Saturday, February 12, 2011

The First Kiss

The first kiss between the hero and heroine can be explosive, with the promise of passion and love. It all depends on the characters and where you're characters are kissing.

For the characters in my book Quick Silver Ranch: Roped And Ready, my heroine, Becca, has just found out that she's at an adult dude ranch and my hero, Tyler, has just agreed to be her partner for all the adult activities for the week she is there. Becca and Tyler have a past together, they were college lovers.

“It will be good between us, Becca.” His lips brushed her cheek. “You know it will be.”

“Tyler, I…”

His mouth touched the corner of hers. Ah, thehell with it. She curved her hand around his neck and drew his mouth to hers. A small groan filled the air when his lips parted, allowing her tongue to explore this familiar and new territory. He still tasted like chocolate; they’d practically lived on it in college.

Yet, his flavor was richer than before, his mouth firmer and his tongue stroked along the roof of her mouth as if he was tasting her, and she wanted more.

Tongues tangled and dueled with each other as the kiss became deeper, more passionate, but there was tenderness in it as well. Her body came alive under his lips. Had it been like this between them before? She didn’t think so. This was hotter, more sensual, more…everything.

Do you have a favorite first kiss? Share with us.

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Isabel said...

*Fans self* There's a reason why chocolate is sooo good. *g*

Elie said...

Hew Haw, sounds like they will have a steamy week.

I can't think of a favorite kiss, but I think one that has been built up, thought about, and come close are the best ones.


Virginia said...

Oh wow this kiss was awesome.

Marie Tuhart said...

Hi Isabel, thanks for stopping by.

Marie Tuhart said...

Hi Elie, thanks for the comment. Thanks for sharing your favorite kiss.

Marie Tuhart said...

Hi Virgina, thanks for the comment. I'm glad you think the kiss was awesome. Check by later, there will be more.

elizabeth noble said...

Whew *fans self*


Marie Tuhart said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by. And it only gets hotter from here (LOL)