Saturday, February 12, 2011

First Kiss

Was your first kiss was a flop, and you don’t remember it, or it was hotter than the sun and you’ll never forget it. Either way, the first kiss for a woman/girl is always scary and nerve-racking. How could it not be?

First, you’re scared half out of your mind you’ll slobber all over the guy or that his breath stinks so bad it makes you want to gag. Last but not least, you don’t know how he is going to kiss you. Is it going to be a quick little peck or a long drawn out tongue thing?

In four book of my Running In Fear Series: Cupid’s Venom, the heroine, Cecil, experiences her first kiss at the age of twenty-one. How can she not remember her first kiss after being tortured for six years as a guinea pig for crazed scientists? Not to mention it’s by one of most well known Masters in the area, Tug. Who doesn’t want to kiss an all-alpha male whose whole purpose is to make your body burn with pleasure? I know I sure would!

This Valentine’s Day, how will your first kiss of the day be? Filled with passion or maybe just a teaser to get things started? Are you going to make him or her to want more? Is your kiss even going to be placed on the lips? There are many places one can kiss that will drive your partner crazy. What are you going to choose?

Trinity Blacio


Miranda @ My Eclectic Bookshelf said...

hmm, now I have to think about the first kiss for Vday.

trinity said...

I know what you mean so many choices, but fun ones. :)

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Trinity,

What a memorable set up for a first kiss! your book sounds intriguing

maggietoussaint at darientel dot net

trinity said...

Thank you Maggie there are many avenues a first kiss can happen. It could be an innocent friend saying thank you to a night of passion.


booklover0226 said...

I plan the first kiss to be a teaser...we'll se what happens next!

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

trinity said...

Hmm see me I've been teasing all day already. Husband is getting his Valentine's tonight since he has to work on Monday.

heidi330 said...

Well you see the first kiss for Vday will come from my 4 yr old son so it will be a warm loving smooch, that always makes me smile and him laugh...He always gets the first kiss of the day from Mommy and Daddy. If we forget you would think someone took his favorite toy. After his then Mommy and Daddy can say good morning to each other.

Cindy L said...

My first kiss will definitely be from my boys. I wake them up for school with kisses every morning!


Clare Austin said...

My first kiss every day comes with a cappuccino. The man who delivers is my hero for life. I can't imagine it being better than that!
Clare Austin