Saturday, February 12, 2011

FIrst Kiss Written...and Re-written

At the moment I have five published manuscripts and every one of them is a type of romance. My most recent work is erotic and involves much kissing between the main characters. However, I'd have to say my favorite first kiss from one of my stories was the first to be published. In my paranormal romance, They Call Me Death, Alexia Williams is a human soldier for the Combined Human States (CHS) and Andor Olavson is an adviser to the Alpha of the shape shifter country the Federal Nation of Therianthropes (FNT). They are an unlikely couple because of their many genetic differences and because of the scars of their pasts. Getting them into the same room was a chore by itself, getting them to kiss...well let's just say it didn't even happen until page 143 (print book). It took me a few days to decide if I even wanted them to become intimate. I'd started writing TCMD as an urban fantasy and had no urge to add romance into the mix. However, the characters got away from me and before I knew it they were in each others' arms. They seemed to know best, and here is how it was, re-written:

From They Call Me Death:
     He wrapped his arms around my waist slowly, giving me time to push him away, but I didn’t. Instead, I unfolded my arms and laid my hands on his biceps. This was what I wanted. We’d been sleeping together for days, but he was always the perfect gentleman. He would hold me through the night but never anything else, and my body was aching for his.
     “Alexia, I’ve wanted to kiss you from our first meeting, but I know what you think of my kind.”
     “You are unlike any shifter I’ve ever known, Andor.”
     His smile broadened.
     “Is that permission?” he asked, eyebrows raised.
     I began to say yes, but the word was lost in his mouth as he placed it against my own. He moved his lips gently but firmly against mine as he licked my lips into opening. I closed my eyes and gave in, allowing him to invade my mouth and knock down the many barriers I’d built around myself. With a kiss, I suddenly didn’t give a damn about his DNA or anything else. I fell into his warmth and was lost in passion, completely caught up in his arms. After a few seconds, the kiss began to deepen and he started to move his hands all over me. My hands took on a life of their own as they ran up his arms, over his shoulders and down his back. I loved the feel of hard muscles beneath his shirt, and ached to feel bare skin.

-Missy Jane
*Make reading a guilty pleasure...*


Elie said...

Sounds exciting. I love stories with a paranormal flair. Thanks for sharing.


Virginia said...

This does sound really good. Although I am not into dark paranormals but light ones are great.


Cynnara Tregarth said...

I like paranormals, but I hadn't read this one. It's definitely on my buy list now. I like things that are different and a bit dark, especially when things change from day to day with ups and downs!

Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

Really loved this excerpt! :)

Jean P said...

Enjoyed the excerpt, I like reading paranormals, putting this one on my list.

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Amy S. said...

Sounds great! I actually have this on my tbr list!

Missy Jane said...

Thank you, ladies, for reading my post! I really appreciate the comments. I love reading and writing paranormal, though TCMD is a little on the dark side. Be sure to read the prologue and prequel. Both links are listed. And, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

Kasey said...

Great title! Happy V-Day!

Di said...

love reading excerpts to get a sense of the story.

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Missy Jane said...

Kasey and Di, thank you!
Good luck to all of you on the great prizes being given away.

mysticmother said...

Don't characters always have minds of their own? They take you where you least expect, but those are usually the best rides. You don't have to worry about what happens next. They already know.

Missy Jane said...

Lol, mysticmother, that's very true. Laurell K Hamilton once mentioned that she hadn't written a character into the next book because he wasn't talking to her at the time. I write like that too. My characters know what happens before I do ;-)

Joyce said...

This book sounds really interesting. I usually go for the more paranormal bent on my romances.

Missy Jane said...

Me too, Joyce. Thanks for stopping by with a comment!