Saturday, February 12, 2011

First Kiss and More--Jean and Nick

In The Showboat Affair, Jean Kingston, soon to be free from her unfaithful husband of thirty-three years, meets long-time widower Nick Cameron and realizes for the first time what being in love is all about. They both understand they haven’t time to waste playing young lovers’ games, but Jean doesn’t want to make another mistake.

“Gaylord Ravenal was a scoundrel,” Jean declared as Nick punched rewind on the remote and waited.
            “So what should Magnolia have done? Tossed him overboard?”
            “I don’t suppose she could have done that. There was their daughter Kim to consider.”
            The abrupt click as the tape stopped punctuated her statement and brought home to her, suddenly, that she had been Magnolia to Rand’s Gay.
            Nick retrieved the tape and slipped it back into the case. “Did you stay with your husband because of your daughter?”
            Jean’s head snapped back as if he’d struck her. “Is that any of your business?”
            “No, it’s not. I’m sorry.” He sat down beside her again on the sofa. “I shouldn’t have asked, Jean. I apologize.”
            “So you’ve been alone except for your husband and daughter.”
            “I’ve been alone despite them,” she said. “Neither one of them had room for me in their lives.”
            “I’m sorry.”
            “So am I.” She turned to face him. “Now you know my dirty little secrets.”
            He held out his hand. “Come sit down again.”
            She complied. “I always felt that I made my bed, so to speak.”
            “The decisions we make when we’re young aren’t necessarily the ones that, in retrospect, we’d make again.” He took her hand, and the familiar pleasant shock jolted her again.
            “But you can’t unmake them.’
            “No, but you can learn to accept them and go on from there.” He leaned toward her and cupped her face with one hand. “Jean, I…”
            Impulsively, she covered his hand with her own. Did she draw his lips toward hers, or were they already on their way? She wasn’t sure, but for one long, aching moment, she lost herself in his kiss.
            “I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile,” he murmured.
            “Why? You’re obviously attracted to me, but I’m not sure why.”
            “There’s not always a reason for everything.” His lips brushed hers again and moved to her neck just below one ear. He pulled her closer.
            Dear God, I don’t want him to stop. His arms feel so good…it’s been so long…
            She realized that he was unbuttoning the sea-green silk blouse that matched her eyes, but she made no move to stop him. She heard herself moan as his hands slipped inside. Then from out of nowhere, the memory of another night and other hands intruded on the moment, and she pulled back, shoving him away. “Don’t.”
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Virginia said...

Love the excerpt here, sounds like a really good read.


Jean P said...

This sounds like a really good book, I enjoyed the excerpt.

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LuAnn said...

Finally, a book with a "mature" relationship! I love it!

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Jana Richards said...

Great excerpt. I love a mature couple! Best of luck with your new book, Judy.


mysticmother said...

It's got to be hard to start a new relationship while carrying baggage from the old, but finding true love is risk. I found your excerpt inspiring.

SherryGLoag said...

It is wonderful to read about an 'older' couple, and I enjoyed your excerpt.