Saturday, February 12, 2011

Annie and David's First Kiss--NOT Like Alan's and Lenore's!

Finding Papa’s Shining Star continues the love story of Alan and Lenore and begins the uneasy romance between their adopted daughter Annie and David Levinson, a man with a tangled connection to Annie’s past and a threat to her future.

While David makes it clear that he’s interested in Annie and expects her to return the favor, she’s adamant that she wants no part of him. Because her work for Ashley Enterprises brings them in contact on a regular basis, their personal conflict continues.

He took her to the Canon Club, where the live orchestra was better than the food. After dinner, they stayed to dance. Annie hated herself for crying when the music ended at ten with “I’ll Be Seeing You”.

David offered her his handkerchief but made no comment. At the hotel, he walked her to the elevator. “I’d like to come up,” he said when the door opened.

She frowned. “Why?”

“I know you’re smart about the business world, but personally there’s a lot you don’t know about the real one.”

Her face flamed. “It wouldn’t look right. I know that much.”

“Do you care?’

“Of course I care.”

“I don’t. Not really.”

“If you were a gentleman, you’d be more concerned about my reputation than about what you want.”

“Did I say I wanted anything?”

“Well, don’t you?”

The elevator door slid shut, but he pushed the buton again and stepped inside close behind Annie. “I just said I wanted to come up. That’s all.”

Though she’d attended a girls’ school and college, Annie hadn’t lacked for escorts to any function. Still, her experience with members of the opposite sex was limited. She was, she admitted when she came up for air on the sofa in her room, out of her league with a man like David Levinson.

“This is completely improper,” she sputtered. “I don’t even like you.”

“You like what I’m doing.” He sat back, smiling at her disheveled appearance.

“I shouldn’t.” She got up and walked a safe distance across the room. “You might as well know that I’m not planning to give anything away until I’m married.”

“That’s all right. Marry me.”

“You’re insane.”

“Why? Because I asked you to marry me?”

“I don’t even like you,” she repeated in precisely measured syllables.


Kasey said...

I like that last line. They sound like an interesting couple. :0)

joder said...

Opposites attract and I guess this proves it. These two, once they get together, will be combustible I bet.

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SherryGLoag said...

This excerpt promises lots of fireworks between these two. They come across marvelously in this excerpt.