Sunday, October 2, 2011

What Songs Might Be Playing In Our Character’s Ears

For most of us, we have a song or two which really affects us, that even if the words mean something different to you than the way they were intended, touch you in a way you can’t understand. Yet, they define us, continue to rough out the raw edges each time we listen to them. Well, in The Sum of All, there are a lot of rough edges to be smoothed over as the competition is born and played and rules are broken and redefined.

With all of this in mind, we tried to pick those songs for our characters, the ones that would define them, affect them, etc.

Devlin (Fae): Last Man Standing by Trailer Choir

Julian (Sorcerer): Secrets by One Republic, Taking Over Me

Rafe (Vampire): I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin; Highway to the Dangerzone by Kenny Loggins

Marcus (Shifter): Give Me Everything by Pitbull

Mae (Witch): Irreplaceable by Beyonce; I Need A Hero by Bonnie Tyler; Fighter by Christina Aguliera

Es (Witch): Firework by Katy Perry; Glitter In The Air by Pink; Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

We couldn’t get every song on the player, but here are a few!

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The Sum of All Blurb:
When a spell goes wrong and two witches find themselves stuck in a house with a plethora of paranormal creatures, tension rises and sparks ignite. A gauntlet is thrown down, a contest is born, rules are drawn up, and soon, the two women are living out the fantasies they’d never thought to have.

Who will be the best? Will jealousy prevail? Or, will they get their hearts snared by one or two of those Alpha males?

Genres: Paranoramal (Witches, Shifter, Wizard, Fey, Vampire), Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Adult Content Warnings: Explicit Graphic language and Other Situations Some Readers May Find Objectionable: Anal Play, Exhibitionism, Ménage (m/f/m), Homoerotic Sex (female/female and some light male/male), Sex Magic and Bloodlust!
from eXcessica Publishing

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance Ebooks, Smashwords, and many other ebook retailers.

Advanced Reviews:

“Combine Vampire, Fey, Shifter and Sorcerer, add one pissed off witch and her friend, and what do you get? One hell of a hot and steamy adventure. Who wouldn't enjoy a romp with these four hot men? I know I would. The one thing Emma and Kiki did in this very short story is make it complete. Both the characters and the story are unique. Mae is strong, angry, and determined to forget. Es is the friend trying to calm Mae. Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it in spades. Enter Rafe, Marcus, Devlin and Julian. Oh my, the heat and the passion started steaming up my laptop. As a reader, I like story with my erotica. These authors gave me the total package. This story made me tingle in all the right ways like good erotica should. The second thing they did was give it an HEA ending. I loved it!

It is obvious that this collaboration between Ms. Howell and Ms. Hillman is a successful one! The only downside for me was that it was too short. Ladies next time give me more!” ~Mom Cat's Burning 5 of 5 shooting stars!~”

“I'm new to Emma Hillman's work but I'm quite familiar with Kiki Howell's and she certainly knows how to deliver. I was drawn right from the start as this hot explicit tale draws you into the fantasy. Four gorgeous men, two women, and a night that has nothing but pleasure on the agenda, will leave you wishing it was you in their place…in the end making me want this hot little read to go on and on, it's that good.” ~ Jennifer Labelle, Author of the Leather and Pleasure series~


Comment on any post made by Emma and Kiki today about our new release, The Sum of All, and be entered to win a PDF copy of the novella. So easy, now all we have to do is decide how many copies we are going to give away! LOL Make sure you leave us an email address to contact you at.


Kallypso Masters said...

Oh, wow! I did a playlist for my just released Nobody's Angel on my blog the other day, but just posted lots of videos. I love this Playlist thing and will use it next time!

Good luck with your new release, too! I'm going to listen to some of your music, too, to see if it inspires any of my characters.

mnjcarter said...

Nice playlist, although I love Evanescense and Breaking Benjamin, I like the song you picked out for who I think will be my favorite character, (Marcus). I've never heard this song or heard of this singer/band, but I may have to get it after reading the book. Way cool that you can link some songs to books, kinda like the movies. It's a great idea!

Kiki Howell - Author said...

Thanks Kallypso! It doesn't always work depending upon your cover, but you can make the background of the playlist your cover. Look at this one Scroll down a bit to see it.

mnjcarter - I love those two bands, must admit Pitbull is one of my son's songs, but it worked. I am married to a singer/songwriter, and music plays a big part in my creativity :)

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Jen B. said...

I love your music list. It's a great mix!

June M. said...

Oh, I love some of these songs! And such a great variety of them. too!
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

daydrmzzz said...

Oh man I that is hard to do I bet! I think if I had to pick one band that reflected me throughout their music I would say - She Wants Revenge I love them, the are dark, gritty, and a bit mysterious