Saturday, October 29, 2011

Let's Go Swinging!

Hey all! You're still here huh? Glad you are!

How would you feel if someone wanted to have sex with your significant other in a public place while you watch and or participate? OOH sounds really saucy hmm? Do you believe there are places like that right here in the good ol’ USA?

Well there are!

In some of the biggest cities in America, people like to show off their kinky sides by attending sex clubs with their spouses. They dress up in sexier garb, put on a little more makeup than usual and go to hotspots not only to enjoy one another but other patrons as well.

Just what do these places look like?

I looked up an article on one place in Florida called Club Hedonism. The place is unmarked with a black door on the same street as a laundrymat, a dollar store and a church in Pompano Beach. Wow, talk about risky and inside the site speaks of its d├ęcor. To read more, click here.

And what about the clientele? Everyday people who work just like you and I, looking for a little bit of adventure in their sex lives. Of course, they go there in disguises, not wanting to be spotted by neighbors or coworkers so you’d never know if any of the people you associate with are participants unless you asked. They might be just as into sex as you, if not more. The article states that 4 million Americans are involved in some kind of partner swapping or swinging arrangement. Unreal.

A lot of these places, like Club Hedo are members only.  In this establishment, a year membership is $100 with an additional fee on each visit. What a business! Obviously, I need to investigate further and open one myself! *snicker*

Places like this exist in many major towns in the country, a lot of them keeping low profiles, with their only advertising being word of mouth and of course, with the outbreak of HIV/AIDS they promote safe sex. However, there are some you can find that do a bit of advertising on sites such as Adult Friend Finder. Let’s just say, if you’re really interested, you’ll definitely take the time to look.

So, how about you? If you’re married, would you like to visit a place like Club Hedo to indulge in your wildest dreams? Get to know people on different levels then have sex with them in some swanky club or a swingers cruise?

There are many setups and if you and your partner are searching for a good time as well as something to add some spark to the sex life, go for it. As long as you discuss it and are both comfortable with it, why hold back?

Next time, I’ll go a little deeper and look at a sex cruise and try finding one of these in my back yard.

Till next time. Ciao!

BL is currently a published writer with Rebel Ink and Naughty Nights Press. Her first two novellas, My Lieutenant and Something Fresh Served Hot will be due out in November. She writes bi weekly for Erotic Diaries with Rawiya and a column twice a month on Blak Rayne Books.

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Blurb: A short story, adopting the theme of the Princess and the Pea from Hans Christen Anderson with an m/m twist. As usual, BL uses snark, creating an entertaining tale about a prince who wants a third for him and his king. Will his highness allow his jealous to get the best of him or succumb to his lover’s desires? Nicholai has a method of telling who he deems appropriate. What man will pass this test and be the new drummer in the Wretched Horde?

R Rated Excerpt (Unedited)
That night, Corey and his partner, King Nicholai, the vocalist of the Wretched horde, stayed quiet in their lovely bedroom with deep red walls and intricate crown molding. The floors were made of marble and the only things in the room were the fireplace along with a chest that held underthings that neither bothered to wear.
Nicholai lay with him in their huge four post bed with a black satin canopy. The 300 count sheets were a deep crimson red with black trim. The pillows fluffed just as he’d required since Corey was all about comfort and loved for things close to his body to be soft and sensitive, much like himself.
That couldn’t be misconstrued when it came to his playing or attitude. Corey could kick the ass of anyone that crossed his path. Many misjudged him since they thought his slight frame meant he wasn’t strong and could be whipped easily, including those in his own camp, but Corey of the Wretched could not be defeated unless he was full from the band’s favorite drink. Jagermeister, the official alcohol of all those who were accepted in Metaldom.
The “King of voices” as Nicholai was called, planted a small kiss on his husbands head. “Corey, it is because of you that I searched far and wide for another person to occupy our bed. Still, I do not understand, why you need this when I am of all of what you need.” He stroked his prince’s reddish brown strands that reached the lower proximities of his back.
Corey chuckled and sighed. “My sweet Nicholai. Is it not you who always tells me to enjoy myself?”
“Yes, but with me, love. We have so many of Metaldom’s peasants following us and chanting our names.” He started waiving around his freehand. “They want our songs and melodies, our bodies, our semen in their mouths and asses. We get so much attention from complete strangers. When not on the road entertaining the masses I only want to be with you.”
Corey sat up straight. His blue eyes twinkled as he peered into the greens of his longtime lover. Nicholas had taken him in as his own and rid himself of his old wife since he claimed Corey was all he desired. The young bassist prince took the vocalists’ hand into his, rubbing his knuckles against his own pale skin. Corey kissed his fingertips. “My dearest, Nicholai. It is not out of disrespect but also of love. We need someone to beat our skins for the Wretched do we not?”
The singer nodded. “Yes.”
“And, we also have talked about a third party in our bed before: one that would be willing to give you much pleasure as I do when your hardened muscle invades his love canal, right?”
“Yes, yes, this is true,” he agreed.
“Then my love.” He shook his long flowing hair and moved it away from his line of vision. “We are in agreement. Another warm body in our bed, another sensitive arse for you to fuck, and…one for me too.”
Nicholai’s emerald orbs fixated on his lover. He rubbed his chin hairs that were perfectly cut to his specifications. Again, he bent his head slightly. “Ah, I see…that is what you required. You want to be the top as well as topped!”
“Yes,” the prince beamed. He shifted himself so he could lay upon his lover. “I wish to be in control. I am Corey, bassist extraordinaire, Prince of Metaldom, why should I not be able to have two lovers that I fancy, my Lord.”


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The Once Upon a Twisted Tale anthology looks great. I like twists in fairy tales or twists in general.

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That's a hot, twisted fairy tail! Also told in true storytelling form. Good post.

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