Sunday, October 30, 2011

Like Werewolves?

This series is about a werewolf pack that is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here, they have become rich off the local humans and developed an empire that draws the attention of a rival pack on the east coast of the United States. A turf war develops, and the Kyron pack leader is captured. The pack members scatter. They soon realize that they’ll need help from outside if they wish to overcome the threat to their lands. How these wolves find help — and fall in love — is the focus of these stories.

Although each of these books can be read as stand alone novels, I realize that many fans like to read a series in order. I have placed the books in proper reading order below:


Desperate to escape her controlling family, Chloe Bradford scrambles up to the housetop of her Texas home on Christmas Eve. There she discovers a sexy stranger cloaked in shadow. He convinces her to shed her good-girl image and give into her most secret desires. The man’s low, miracle, or some figment of her imagination? When he tries to leave, she follows him, eager to learn his identity.

Zach can’t stop thinking about Chloe, or their reunion on the roof. His wolf-half urges him to reveal his identity and claim her, but he doesn’t dare. For both their sakes, he must remain in the shadows until he can control his inner beast’s bursts of rage. After a decade he thought he could handle his curse, but Chloe’s presence causes his control to slip. As the moon-rages become more frequent, he knows he’s slipping toward the insanity that claims many of his kind. Only Chloe can save him, but will she want to after he reveals his identity and the reason he broke her heart over a decade ago?


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First, Gwen’s psychic abilities make her an outsider among the werewolves. Then they make her a slave. Forced to use her power to help a deranged werewolf seek vengeance, she gives up on her dream of ever being accepted and loved. That is, until Nico and Tony are thrown into her cell. Her attraction to the Kyron Pack brothers is immediate and overwhelming. As she submits to the physical attraction, old wounds heal and her powers strengthen. The brothers think she can save them, but to do so would require more than just physical intimacy, and reveal a secret too dark and horrifying to share.

When Nico and Tony use their lust to help their battered mate, buried memories rise to the surface, and jealousy threatens to destroy the fragile wolf in their care. As each of them bonds to Gwen, they begin to withdraw from each other. Now they must heal their inner scars and forgive the past if they ever hope save Gwen and escape the Boardwalk alive.


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Debby said...

This sounds like an exciting series. I will need to check it out. Thanks for giving the order. I do like to read in order.?
debby236 at gmail dot com

Na said...

Your vampire stories sounds good and so does this werewolf series. I'll have to keep both books in mind.