Saturday, October 29, 2011

Man Candy: The Alternate Treat This Holiday

I am enjoying all of the pictures of traditional Halloween candy I see posted here, but I sort of lean towards the man-candy on all of the beautiful, sexy covers posted. Mmmhmmm....I'm curious: if you choose snacks in the grocery store because they look good enough to eat, do you choose your reading materials because the covers look good enough ;)

To read some steamy excerpts and meet the hot men -- Dr. Travis Bredelow and Logan Davenport (that's Lord Davenport to you, by the way ;) from Unstrung and Bending Tyme, respectively, please visit my website!

Enjoy the man-candy, and Happy Halloween :)


Making Love from Payne...because, sometimes...Love Hurts

Unstrung Available from Pink Petal Books

Bending Tyme Available from Total-E-Bound


Jean P said...

Yes I have chosen books by the cover more than a few times.
Read the excerpts over on your website, wow, pretty steamy!
Have a Happy Halloween!

Maria-Claire Payne said...

Hi, Jean! Yes, romance novel covers truly get at that "a picture is worth a 1000 words" idea, huh? ;)


Na said...

I know we shouldn't a book by its cover but I can't help that the cover is the first thing that I notice. And then I read the blurb and if that hooks me, then I read it.