Saturday, October 29, 2011

Now I'm Here....Now I'm There....

Halloween pets. I know. A strange way to open the blog fest. As Jim Morrison sang, 'When You're Strange"...what can I say - I am strange.

So what's your favorite animal for Halloween?

Mine? Hands down a black cat. Why? A couple towns over there's the Black Cat Ball - an adoption drive to give black cats good homes before Halloween. That just sounds like a lot of fun.

Why else? I have a black cat. He's ornery, rambunctious, gets into everything...expects to be fed when he wants, not when you're ready to get up.

But he'a also a quintessential Halloween animal. He lives to cross your path and trip you. Runs roughshod through the house, careening wildly on the hardwood floors. And he sings. Yes, two am...I get the distinct sounds of "Do so la Me oooo" as interpreted by a black cat. The pill.

Now, I want to share a somewhat scary story about this cat.

When the boys want to get frisky, it seems like it is a call of the wild to the cat. He has to be right there watching. I think he was a voyeur in another life. And brother, he will NOT get off the bed. That's his spot and beware, he will use his claws if there are feet - especially under the covers - in his area.

So I'm making sure the house is locked and getting ready to crash. I account for all the animals but him. Seems he's nowhere to be found. I, in turn, freak out. Can't find him. It's also like three nights before Halloween last year. We live in the boonies so yeah, there's creep-os around here that do not nice things to animals, let alone black cats. I'm panicking. I don't want to explain to the youngling how I managed, with the windows and doors shut, to lose the cat.

I go upstairs to hunt again and notice the balcony door is wide open. That's not strange, but the fact that the screen is open is really bad. Oh crud, he got out, he's a climber and a jumper so I am totally screwed. I go out onto the balcony to call him. Naturally there's a fog in the yard and field below. I get the shivers.

"Where are you?"


OMG! I screamed and whirled around. I don't see anything because it's dark. Depending on how you look at it, thankfully the clouds shifted and some moonlight illuminated the balcony. All I see are two glowing green eyes. To say I was freaked out is mild. I knelt down to make sure it was him and not a mountain lion or something on my balcony and POOF! He's gone. The snot.

Buy this time I'm cold. I head into the bedroom and flip on the light.

In the middle of the bed, staring at me, is the cat. Like, what took you so long?

He's a pill and I love him, but man, I hate being scared like that.

What's your scary moment to share? Tell me! I'll beg.

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Na said...

I have no scary encounters but I do like cats for Halloween :) I've seen pets in pretty cute costume as well.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Yeah there are some great pet costumes!