Sunday, October 30, 2011

What a day, what a day

I'm late getting started but oh what fun. Going to start out hot and sexy with a scene from It's Still Tomorrow with what happens when a witch removes the sex block she's had on an unsuspecting man. it is hot and adult.

Blurb: Fired from her job, her apartment firebombed, and her small amount of money dwindling too quickly, Sarah ran. Knowing that the terror would follow, she took the only refuge available to her, an unfinished house she’d inherited. She didn’t know she would also inherit a long legged hunk of good looking man that would set off every buried desire she’d ever had. Her vow to never practice witchcraft again ended when the terror threatened Dem. Her enemies learned that like vicious dogs, they should have let the sleeping witch lie.

Dem’s eyes moved, following her hand up over her face, brushing her hair back from her forehead and then touching his chest. He didn’t think it was her hand on his chest, but he clenched at it when he doubled over. The desire came on him so suddenly, he couldn’t catch his breath for a second, and with such velocity it was painful. With a tight grip on her wrist with one hand, he clutched his crotch with the other, not considering how it would look to her. He couldn’t think straight. He just grabbed her, took her into his arms and down to the bare, rough kitchen floor, clawing at the button and zipper of her pants.
Sara didn’t fight him and in some distant corner of his mind he thought she was afraid to. That didn’t stop him. He didn’t think anything could stop him. He pulled off one shoe and one leg of her pants, jerked his own pants open, and pushed his briefs down only as far as needed to free himself. Driving into her, he forcing his way past the resistance to his invasion with such fury he had to hold her at the shoulders. His fingers clawed into her skin to keep her from sliding away from him with each slam of their bodies. When he exploded, flashing, sparkling lights danced in front of his eyes, and he still pounded into her. He forced his arms under her shoulders to hold her, slamming and slamming until he felt her climax. The flesh surrounding him contracted in pulsating waves. Each wave that hit her, pushing him to explode again, and still he couldn’t think.
He wanted more and more. He pulled from her and went to his knees. The heavy grippers of his shirt popped open with one pull. Buttons flew when he opened her shirt, a hand on each side, ripping it open to expose the soft, creamy skin he had dreamed about kissing and caressing. Only then did he become aware of her pulling on his clothes in as much frenzy. Twisting and turning, clothes dropped in a stumbling struggle to bare themselves, the journey taking them to the bedroom.
They fell on the bed together, him driving into her again with Sara’s legs folding up around him, cocooning him with her arms surrounding him as well. If he could have pushed himself inside of her, he would have, but had to settle for taking her mouth while he thrust, burying his tongue in its sweet depths, pressing his body as close to hers as humanly possible to explode again before falling in exhaustion and rolling beside her.

Larriane AKA Larion Wills, two names one author, thousands of stories

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Na said...

Another witch story that sounds great. I really need to read more. I like the blurb a lot.

Jean P said...

Thanks for the great excerpt. Sounds like a really good story.

Stormy said...

Wow, explosive! I wonder how long she's had him blocked sexually? Thanks for sharing. If the the rest of the story keeps that kind of intensity I have not doubt it's terrific!

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

I promise the story is intense, funny, sexy, suspenseful, and touching all rolled into one.

Debby said...

What a great premise. Sex blocked!!
debby236 at gmail dot com

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

only when he was with her. away from her, he had some problems controlling his reactions,. heh, heh