Sunday, October 30, 2011

How do you celebrate Halloween?

I’m back! Halloween is tomorrow and I’m running around my house trying to get my traditional tunnel of terror ready for the neighborhood kids.

This year we’re turning my garage into a witch’s hut. We've got scary portraits, a cauldron, severed limbs, rats and mice and friends willing to turn into mummies, witches and zombies.

As night falls I will wait for the children at the entrance to the house and guide them (with only a flashlight) through the hut, explaining the tale of the Witch's curse...then, when they lest expect it...


Lights off and monsters coming out of every corner! Or at least, that’s the plan.

Nonetheless, I know everyone will enjoy it because though Halloween in Spain has become popular only recently, we’ve been doing the haunted tunnel for quite some time and kids beg their parents to come see the witch's house.

Did you know that when I was a child in Spain no one knew what Halloween was about? As a matter a fact, I recall being around twelve years old and going trick or treating with my younger sister around the block. More than one rude and mean neighbor shut the door in our face! And we were only children!

Fortunately, that has changed and now Spanish children and adults celebrate Halloween too and enjoy dressing up as scary monsters and getting scared witless.

How about you, how do you celebrate Halloween?

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Kathryn Merkel said...

I used to really like dressing up for Halloween & handing out candy to the local kids, but that all changed when my little town was deemed "safe" by parents in larger neighboring towns & they started bringing in hundreds of kids & turning them loose on our quiet streets. Not only has it gotten downright expensive to feed the hoards, but many of them are dropped off & left to their own destructive devices. So now, I hide behind my drawn blinds with the porch light off & read a book.

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Debby said...

Halloween was so much fun when my kids went out. I always took them and my hubby stayed home and gave out the candy. Now my youngest is in college and we are alone. So we give out candy and that is about it.
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Na said...

It's very routine in my family. We give out candies and have some pumpkins out. We like to watch scary movies as well with our own treats.

Jean P said...

Just staying home and giving out candy this year, not much happening this year. I enjoy seeing the little kids and their costumes.