Sunday, October 30, 2011

Evil Reflection

Born on Halloween was one more reason her father told her she was evil.

His round, cherub face was deceptive. He could smile, which he often did for his parishioners, and make you believe in his sweet, gentle and righteous nature. He smiled when the dream began, but it changed into a twisted mask of rage. His hand shot out and fisted in the child’s hair.
“Pray, you child of Satan. Pray for forgiveness and guidance from the path of sin.”
The child sobbed in pain and fear. Her knees were already scabbed and sore from the last session of prayer. She hadn’t known before anymore than she did then what horrible sin she had committed.
“Sara, wake up.”

“Do you know what tomorrow is?”
“What?” she asked, confused by the sudden subject change.
“Tomorrow is—”
“I know what it is!” she retorted, with the cause of her anger coming from much deeper than he would ever know. “It’s my birthday though I doubt you have any intentions of helping me celebrate it.”
Her birthday had never been celebrated, not as a child or as an adult beyond the ‘everyone pitch in and sign a card and provide a cake’ at work. She certainly never brought any attention to it, not after the hell it had always been as a child, a memory that nearly wrung a sob from her. Not only were birthdays never celebrated, she was condemned because hers fell on so unholy a day.
“You were born on Halloween?” he asked sharply.
“Oh, yes, one of the many reasons I had to—” She caught the rest before it was out, the bitterness nearly choking her. While other children were out running happily from door to door, she had been on her knees praying.
“Had to what?”
“Just how strong a witch are you?”
Sara screamed at him. “I am not a witch!” She panted to bring her emotions down and growled out, “I don’t believe in any of that garbage.”

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Stormy said...

Sara sounds like she had a pretty sick/sad upbringing. My dad is a preacher and doesn't particularly like Halloween but he never forbade us from going trick-or-treating and he doesn't fuss at me for taking my kids. It would really have to mess with a kids head to be told she was evil just because of the day she happen to be born on. Thanks for sharing!

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

Thank you too. i applaud your father for being so broad minded. I don't believe Halloween today has much of anything to do with the origins. it's the fun, the costumes the decorating, etc that we celebrate not anything sinister. with all the kids grown I miss the preparation and going out.

Mary Hughes said...

Thanks for this excerpt! Sarah grabbed me immediately. Can you tell us anything about the mysterious hero?

Debby said...

Sarah is very interesting. Great job!!
debby236 at gmail dot com

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

the mystery is the hero or is he villain? Sara doesn't know until well into the story. I will tell you people were all just alittle bit afraid of him.