Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Possible Ghost Story?

You know that feeling you get that you’re being watched?  My second year at college, I had that feeling most of the time.  My roommate and I moved into one of the oldest dormitories on the campus, and we counted ourselves lucky because we got a room on the top floor with a balcony view.  Not too bad for a otherwise cracker-box of a room.
One night, my roommate was still out, but I was getting tired, so I turned off all the lights and locked the door.  About two hours later, my roommate was knocking on the door and I awoke to the brightness of her closet light.  I crawled out of bed and let her in.  She’d forgotten her key.  We both went back to bed, but I had been sure I’d turned off all the lights hours ago.
The next day, I brought up the light incident, and my roommate had this to say, “Oh, the light?  Yeah, it comes on by itself all the time.  I just leave it on all the time now.  I guess our ghost is afraid of the dark.”
We only lived there for a year, but I was always curious about the possibility of having another “roommate” in the room.  It was an old building so it could have been wiring issues, but it’s also possible we weren’t alone.
How about it?  Any possible ghost encounters?
Into the Fire
Months after he stole her affections—then her executive chef position—Shyann and Luke meet again under sizzling circumstances, competing head-to-head on a televised cooking show called Kitchen Twist. Each arrives with a motive: Luke intends to win back Shyann’s heart, even as she wants closure on the not-so-tasty heartbreak he once served up.
Luke knows culinary masterpieces require a delicate touch, but that knowledge is tossed out with the leftovers as he works to show Shyann he’s not such a bad guy. Now he pushes his skills to the limit to win the competition and satisfy a bet.
Can two top chefs resist each other as they move out of the pan and into the fire?
His hands burned with awareness of where they rested. His pulse raced, and her lips were mere inches from his. As if time stopped completely, they stared at each other, and for the life of him, Luke couldn’t seem to remember why he’d come in here. 
            Shyann shook off the haze first. “Let me go. I can get this without you.”
            Against his need and with exaggerated motion, he pulled his hands away. She stumbled and eyed him suspiciously but went back to jumping for a high box.
            Although he appreciated the bounce of her breasts each time she leaped upward, he forced
himself not to stare, gathering some of his ingredients instead. But after watching for a few more seconds, with an irritated grunt, he reached around her, grabbed her target, and handed it to her.
            “I said I didn’t need your help.”
            “Fine, I’ll put it back.”
            His hand touched the box, and she pulled it behind her. The motion caused their bodies to collide again. Her liquid brown eyes blazed up at him, and even as a small voice in the back of his brain screamed he didn’t have time for this, he couldn’t seem to pull away. She looked so damn soft and vulnerable, and all he wanted to do was step out of the way of her win, give it all to her because she deserved it. But first, he wanted to kiss her, a long, hot, turn-their-knees-to-jelly kiss.


Na said...

Thanks for sharing your ghostly encounter. One who is afraid of the dark sounds cute. I have never had one so I resort to stories for that.

Jean P said...

Thanks for telling about your ghostly encounter, how interesting a ghost that is afraid of the dark, you just never know.

Stormy said...

I love turn-their-knees-to-jelly kisses in books and in real life! I can't say that I've ever had a ghostly encounter that I can remember but do the ghost walk every year in our local town with hopes of catching a peak! I think I would probably pee my pants if I actually saw anything, though, LOL.

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

I never had a light go on or off, but one time someone kept unlocking my doors. took me weeks to figure out, by blocking them outside, my daughter was sleepwalking.

Debby said...

I loved the story. Thanks for sharing. Loved everything else about the post.
debby236 at gmail dot com